Hezbollah, Syrian Army And Lebanese Army Crushing ISIS At Syrian-Lebanese Border


Hezbollah, Syrian Army And Lebanese Army Crushing ISIS At Syrian-Lebanese Border

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On Friday, Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured the Dhalil al-Fakhuriah heights, the al-Hamam valley, the Dhuhur al-Khishin heights, Srj al-al-Quamea’a, the Marties valley and the al-Fakhuriah valley in the Western Qalamoun region at the Syrian-Lebanese border, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The SAA and Hezbollah also captured Qurnat Tim al-Mal in the southern part of Western Qalamoun. Qurnat Tim al-Mal oversees the ISIS-held al-Shahut crossing on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news TV channel claimed that 13 fighters from Hezbollah were killed by ISIS fighters on August 24. However, these claims were not confirmed by Hezbollah.

From its side, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) captured Talat al-Adam and Dalil Um al-Gama’a in Jurod Ras Balbak. Moreover, LAF artillery destroyed dozens of ISIS positions and vehicles in Martbaiah valley including two VBIEDs.

The LAF is now preparing to launch the 4th and final phase of its anti-ISIS operation. Meanwhile, no new information about the ongoing negotiation between Hezbollah and ISIS was released.



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    “CRUSHING ISIS”, I like the sound of that.
    The Syrian – Lebanese border will soon be free of Daesh trash.
    This must be a local group because they are trying to broker a deal.
    Maybe a good idea to send a few survivors to Idlib province to cause some mayhem. :D

  • Helen4Yemen

    Syrian army, Lebanese army, Yemeni army, Saudi army,
    Iranian army, Iraqi army, Jordanian army, Turkish army,
    Moroccan army, Tunisia army, Libyan army,
    Algerian army, Omani army …combined should focus on
    the alien predatory colonial setters on the land of
    Palestine. Amazing how they seem not to notice their
    worst nightmare just sitting and enjoying Muslims killing
    other Muslims.

  • Justin

    Amazing accuracy!