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JUNE 2021

Hezbollah Suicide-Ships May Target Israeli Assets, Former Rear-Admiral Warns

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

Rear Admiral (Retired) Professor Shaul Chorev has warned The Jerusalem Post that Israel’s Navy should start preparing its forces for a possible conflict on the open waters with Hezbollah, a militant group based in Lebanon. Chorev warns the rogue terrorist group is about to unleash missiles and suicide ships targeting Israeli strategic assets on the Mediterranean Sea.

“Hezbollah will not need to equip themselves with ships like Israel, but we must assume they will use asymmetric warfare to challenge Israeli technology like land-to-sea missiles or suicide ships like you see in Yemen,” said Chorev, a former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations; Commanding Officer of the Haifa Naval Base and Commanding Officer of an Israeli Naval Flotilla, at the geostrategy conference jointly organized by Haifa University’s Research Center for Maritime Policy & Strategy (HMS) and the Chaikin Chair for Geostrategy.

Hezbollah Suicide-Ships May Target Israeli Assets, Former Rear-Admiral Warns

Chorev explains while it is not in Hezbollah’s interest to start a conflict with Israel, “when you look at their strategy, it is clear that they will target Israeli strategic assets.”

“The next war with Hezbollah could see a focus on the sea,” he added.

Chorev’s warning comes after the Israeli Navy and the Air Force’s air defense corps conducted successful tests of the Iron Dome system mounted on the rear of a Sa’ar 5 corvette warships. The Israel government recognizes that 90% of the country’s imports arrive by sea, and it would be prudent to start preparations in defending shipping lanes against enemy incursions.

Other Senior naval officers tell The Post that Iran is behind the rapid armament of Hezbollah, who will ultimately wage war against Israel on other battlefields, such as the Mediterranean Sea.

“Israeli strategic assets. Senior naval officers have told The Post that Hezbollah is a “clear and major enemy,” which continues to grow in terms of battlefield experience and their arsenal of advanced weaponry from Iran, and which has expanded its presence in the eastern Mediterranean due to the civil war in Syria.”

“Iran – which supports the Assad regime in Syria – participates in the war alongside Russia and has exploited the situation in order to upgrade its status in the region to almost that of a regional superpower,” Chorev wrote in a note.

Iran “is on the verge of reaching the Mediterranean, including the use of Syrian ports by the Iranian navy,” he added.

“Iranian ports in the Eastern Mediterranean are a real risk for Israel,” Chorev stated, stressing that US and Russia must be persuaded to stop the Iranian navy from gaining a foothold in Syria.

Hezbollah Suicide-Ships May Target Israeli Assets, Former Rear-Admiral Warns

Further, Chorev believes a maritime war between Israel and Lebanon is highly possible on the Mediterranean Sea. The trigger for the conflict could be a resource war in the heavily dispute waters that covers a triangle of 800sq km (shown above), which is rich in natural resources like gas and oil. Chorev warns since Hezbollah is headquartered in Lebanon and tensions between both countries are rising. The two enemy states are due for an upcoming clash on the Mediterranean.

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>>Chorev stated, stressing that US and Russia must be persuaded to stop the Iranian navy from gaining a foothold in Syria.<<

What Iranian navy? Their impressive collection of old ships from the days of the Shah? I'd worry more about their anti-ship missiles then their old frigates.


You don’t need much tech to make small remote controlled subs that can take out gas platforms operating on top of the Leviathan gas field.


Frigates old or new are easy targets for advanced missiles. The Dutch Navy would also be very vulnerable.


Hezbollah like Iran are Shia . Shia consider taking your own life sinful . Suicide bombers etc. is strictly a Sunni mode of action , that would be Hamas down in Gaza .

Samuel Boas

That may be true and nowadays that does apply to the Shia. But it was Iran and the Shia who started with the suicide attacks, during the lebanon wars in particular.


Suicide bombing is a ‘poor mans’ Air Force that requires far more courage.


true courage is suicide without killing someone else


No claim to be all knowing , but I’ve never heard of any Shia suicide attacks .
Saudi Wahhabi’s started the suicide attacks back in Afghanistan taking out Sufi and Shia mosques .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There is no evidence to find only evidence of MOSSAD attacks on western nations in the region in the 80’s. First rule of thumb look at who benefits the most then you will have your culprit.

Real Anti-Racist Action

No, you are referring to an incident where a Shia was suppose to park a truck beside a military occupying force.
The day he drove up to it, over the night a military fence had been put up. He rammed through the fence and then the military solders in the guard towers started firing… Obviously the truck went off and boom.
He did die, but he was not suppose to die. He was suppose to be back home eating with his family that night.
Their was no deliberate plan for him to loose his life at all.
He was suppose to park the truck, walk away, then press the button from like a block away.
And the tactic was not started by anyone in the ME. Even in the Americas suicide bombers were used by different sides in the 1700 and 1800’s.
Ill give you two examples. Colonel Travis at the Alamo in Texas in the early 1800’s requested a volunteer, and a Tennessean Militia member steeped forward to leap at their stored gunpowder with the woman and children inside and to kill as many invading Mexicans as possible as the last official act of the Alamo’s resistance against the Empire.
The Mexican army at the time was famous for torture and rape.
Look it up on Wikipedia. Read the fascinating history.

Also the British sent a ship in the Revolutionary war with fanatics loyal to the crown, and their family members were well paid. Their job was a suicide bombing of the levies holding the water. The ship was filled with rigged explosives. Had they succeeded they would have flooded the city and hundreds would have died. The ship sunk while mere meters from achieving its suicide goal.
They made a movie about it a few years back. Watch the special features and the historian will talk about it.

The movie is called:
“Beyond the Mask”


one of the first documented suicide attacks was done by Samson

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree.

Graeme Rymill

The events depicted in the movie Beyond the Mask never actually happened!

“This film is a historical fiction. Like Ben Hur, the course of the plot follows characters who could have existed and just didn’t make it into the history books”

Was the 1983 bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut an accidental suicide? Probably not as that same day, just 10 minutes later, there was a second suicide bombing of a French Army barracks in Beirut.

James R

Firstly, all Muslims consider suicide sinful,Hezbollah have conducted dozens of suicide attacks in their history. Might be worth doing some research and avoid making total ass of yourself.


As I said to Samuel , I know of no Shia suicide bombings , maybe rather than another put down , you could give an example , as you apparently know of “dozens” .

chris chuba

Hezbollah doesn’t do suicide attacks, true they might use remote controlled speedboats or drones if attacked but that’s another matter. Is Iran currently blocked from Lebanese ports, why wouldn’t Iran have access to Lebanese ports through international waters?


“Hezbollah Suicide-Ships May Target Israeli Assets, Former Rear-Admiral Warns”

One can only hope and I look forward to the day when those Psychopathic Ashkenazi Jews get their comeuppance.

It is long overdue


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I have been boycotting Israeli goods for many years now.


That’s what I like to hears, as, so have I

Real Anti-Racist Action

As have I


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Then don’t try to steal Lebanon’s offshore gas and oil reserves if you’re really worried about their retaliation. So far Hezbollah only defended against Israeli aggression and did not start a war.

It’s all fear mongering. Porting of a few Iranian ships so away from their mainland cannot possibly pose any kind of threat for Israel, close to it’s mainland and within the reach of it’s airforce.

That being said, we all know another war between Israel and it’s neighbours is inevitable because Israel is not capable of “not stealing” others’ things. The question is, how dare Israel’s unfortunate neighbours stand against it’s actions and have the audacity of defending their rights?

Real Anti-Racist Action

We both know that Zionist-Jews want to do the same thing to Lebanese that Zionist-Jews did to indigenous Germanic tribes.
They just repeat the same strategy over and over again.


Interpretation of this Zio doubler speak: Israel is planning to steal Lebanon
‘s mineral (gas/oil) resources off the Lebanese coast in the Mediterranean Sea.
They would like to steal these Lebanese minerals with no opposition. Therefore
they use their resources in the Western establishment media to demonize Lebanon’s Hezbollah
in order to deceive the world in believing that Israel has the high. moral ground as
they invade and steal resources.

leon mc pilibin

Another zionist liar,,,Hezbollah doesnt do suicide,instead they use rockets to blow up israhelli ships as they did before.This zionist scumbag is just spreading warmongering bullshit to justify another sneaky attack on Lebanon by the land hungry satanic zionists.

Real Anti-Racist Action

They are not ‘SUICIDE’ as no human would be aboard them.
They are UWB (Unmanned Water Boats) just like in Yemen. They are remote controlled just like a smart bomb.
The word “suicide” is Zionist psychological warfare used to demonize the Goyim.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This article must have been meant as a comedy piece as everything so incredibly ridiculous and ludicrous, do they think anyone really buys there Bullshit other than the US. Still laugh at the Iron Dome and it’s success as it is based on theoretical intercepts and not actual ones, waste of money on expensive garbage.

Great bit of funny laughs anymore I will piss my pants,lol.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are right about the Iron Dome. To me I assume it has like a 25% success rate. And this is against Palestinian fireworks and not real military grade missiles.
However, I do believe that the future of Photon-defense (Laser) is going to be highly effective and will shock people in coming wars.
While Israel does not have any active laser defenses, obviously they are working to steal the technology from Americans and Chinese and Germans as we speak.
The big war to save Lebanon and liberate Syrian territory occupied by Zionist must take place before Israel has dozens of Laser batteries operational.
As I do believe this would eliminate over 70% of all Iranian missiles.
Once Israel achieve laser defenses, then Irans current missile arsenal will be rendered useless by my estimates.
It is a war against time. Also, Lebanon and Syria and Iran must cooperate together to invent their own laser defenses. If Israel gets them, but the resistance fails to. Then Israel will launch a war and Israel will be the victors and the others will go into the trash heaps of history.
The future is already here, the US has a number of active laser defenses now.
Photons operate at the speed of light (obviously) and old weapons will be collectors items and antiques


It only takes one missile hitting a target accurately to be successful. Then again, there will be the whole new line of hyper speed maneuvering missiles, which will complicate things further. If an effective, reliable and fast tracking/locking system can be developed, they might have something. But lets not forget about EW. An effective system could render such technology as useless as a compromised AEGIS system. A laser system would be best suited to killing sats/ICBMs…which could be useful in a conflict. Hard to detect cruise/stealth missiles, not so much. The laser system will only be as good as the detection and guidance/locking system.


This is usual nonsense that comes from an illegal regime to get more western aid.

James R

Why are you posting this wretched Israeli propaganda? Every ZH piece you repost is dripping in evil, despicable manure. Disgusting.


Yes, ZH is well known for taking a kernel of truth and embedding it with a pack of oft repeated lies. Syrian ‘civil war’, Russian ‘annexation’ of Crimea, Russian ‘attacks’ on Ukraine, ISIS was formed by Islamic fanatics…are among it’s favorites. Still, it’s good to know what these A-holes are trying to pass off as ‘common knowledge’…whether it’s a pack of lies or not. But yeah, you’re right, ZH is a propaganda rag.


I think the admiral is in a budget war.

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