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Hezbollah Secretary General: We Will Not Allow Israel To Change Rules Of Engagements

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Hezbollah Secretary General: We Will Not Allow Israel To Change Rules Of Engagements

Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah as seen on al-Manar TV during a speech on the fifteenth anniversary the 2006 July War with Israel.

Hezbollah will not allow Israel to change the rules of engagements with Lebanon, the group’s Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah said on August 7.

The Lebanese leader made the statement during a televised speech on the fifteenth anniversary the 2006 July War with Israel. The leader said that the balance of deterrence with Israel is the most significant achievements of the 33-day war.

Nasrallah described the August 5 Israeli airstrikes on South Lebanon as a “dangerous development.” The strikes were a response to a rocket attack that was launched from South Lebanon on August 4.

Hezbollah responded to the Israeli airstrikes by launching at least 19 rockets at the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms on August 6.

“Yesterday, we chose to strike an open area and during the day. Then our retaliation was fully-considered. We issued a statement in which we claimed responsibility for the operation, and we have the courage to announce our responsibility for any resisting action against the Israeli enemy,” Nasrallah said during his speech.

The leader went on to stress that Hezbollah is determined to maintain the rules of engagement which Israel have been attempting to change.

“Any strike in the future will be retaliated for in an appropriate way. We won’t throw away the achievements which were secured by blood,” Nasrallah said. “To Israeli commanders I say: Don’t miscalculate by estimating that we are busy with our internal issues, no matter how these issues are pressuring. To us, it’s our responsibility to defend our people so don’t bet on livelihood pressures on the Lebanese people.”

Israel responded to Hezbollah rocket attack with few artillery strikes. Despite some threats from Israeli officials, the Israeli military chose to avoid any further escalation.

Nasrallah’s threats will likely force Israel to limit its reaction to any future attacks from Lebanon. A full-blown war with Hezbollah will be as much costly for Israel, as for Lebanon.


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any action of the zionists against the resistance in their strategy going on “the war between the wars” will mean zionists will be pretty much being forced into a war if they dont stop it which means the zionists are pretty much powerless these days and they get slapped around repeatedly the moment they miscalculate and on top they can forget having any interests anywhere south of iran even the red sea will be closed to them soon enough

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G2 Man

The unique position of Hezbollah amongst historical global national resistance movements must be looked at in the context of Zionist usurpation of Palestine with western backing. Hezbollah was born in battle after the Zionists in 1982 invaded Lebanon, occupied Shia majority peaceful southern farmlands and tried to annex Litani headwaters. The Zionist occupation forces committed the most shameful atrocities against the Shia population based on the Nazi tactics they have implemented with western support against the unarmed and largely docile Palestinians.

Hezbollah is a different breed of warriors, they are tough self-reliant united Shia with backers in the wider Shia diaspora of 400 million, led by Iran, the only one and true regional superpower. The Zionists needlessly continued the occupation of Shia heartland in Lebanon alienating the population and unleashing Shia fury and thus Hezbollah was born in battle as Sheikh Naim Qassem, its deputy leader and shrewd tactician, has so eloquently described in his book HEZBOLLAH : The Story from Within.

Hezbollah expelled the Zionists from Lebanon and established a firm code of deterrence and established very strong credibility is 2006 after thoroughly defeating the Zionists in every engagement. Hezbollah’s strength lies in its unparalleled ability to wage 5th generation kinetic asymmetrical warfare that basically degrades its enemies and imposes a very high cost. As we saw last week the Zionists, used to killing unarmed Palestinians and stealing their lands, are simply not used to fighting a very disciplined and well armed force capable of inflicting mortal body blows. Hezbollah has set the path of future resistance in the region. HEZBOLLAH IS TRULY BORN IN BATTLE and has no equal.


it is fortunate for the zionists that they are slowly but surely getting used to the new situation because if they didnt than they would not have survived this and a war with hezbollah would have put an end to the zionist usurper entity and the unfortunate thing for them is that they are rapidly declining and the resistance is rapidly rising in return

Last edited 1 year ago by farbat
Jim Allen

Nasrallah doesn’t make threat’s. Warning’s issued based on statement’s of fact, reinforced by year’s of action’s matching the warning’s isn’t a threat. Any more than the militia being labeled a terrorist organization, that has never committed a terrorist act make Hezbollah terrorist’s. The militia has a long, and proven record of being exactly what it appears to be. A legitimate defensive military force, and a growing political leader, that act’s in it’s country’s interest’s, and strong ally to it’s neighbor’s. The “threat” is Israel to itself by it’s own treacherous self.

Peter Wallace

Where is Iron Dyin and his bravado stories of chasing children. Came back to the new format and found he couldn’t block anyone and couldn’t handle the comments directed his way and bolted like a gutless rat .. What a brave war hero he was / is. As Tom Sawyer says he is probably hiding in a rat hole.

Peter Wallace

Here is another lying piece of gutter garbage crawled out from under his rock again. No one believes a LIAR jens. Make up lies to fit your agenda so why not crawl back under your rock like a good rock spider . Better still get squashed like a pimple and expose the puss that you are. LIAR and Paid TROLL..

Arch Bungle

English, m**therfuck*r! Do you speak it?


Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
Peter Wallace

No way. Only when he forgets he is supposed to Danish.

Arch Bungle

Haven’t seen him in months. I think it finally sunk in that he and his handler tzatz weren’t making any progress in their propaganda campaign here on S.F.


Tzatz is alive and well. He found a new forum over at Mintpress News. T’Was getting a tad too hot for him here

Arch Bungle

No matter. He’ll be dead soon. One can’t talk that much garbage and still live long …

Arch Bungle

“and the alternative more open “new” Al Jazeera. ”

Are you on Drugs?

You mean the “new” CIA controlled, obvious propaganda mouthpiece Aljazeera?

That is what “open” means to you?

What a tool of Anglo-Zionist imperialism you are!

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Hezbollah is in a league of its own. The Zionist child killer Diaper Force is sh1t scared of even its name as we saw last week.

Arch Bungle

“Despite some threats from Israeli officials, the Israeli military chose to avoid any further escalation.”

The Syrian government should learn from the example set by Hezbollah:

– Accept violence without retaliation, and the Jew will continue striking. – Strike back without fear, and the Jew will learn peace through fear.

A simple lesson, learned quickly by those with some wisdom.

Ovens just not for pizza only

Turning on the ovens also sends a message to the Jew :)


I agree with all except this: “A simple lesson, learned quickly by those with some wisdom.” IDF have no wisdom, only fear of The Hezb. Thats why they learned.

Arch Bungle

Are you a bot, or just naturally retarded?


the muslim gay speaks again. nobody cares about those piece of trash followers of that gay pedophile mahoshit. as long as you blow to pieces killing other muslim faggots/maggots everything is fine you vermin…

Arch Bungle

Well, the IDF certainly care. When Nasrallah speaks, the jews shit their diapers.

Now, if he was gay, the jews should love him even more, since most of their men are faggots anyway.

(and the rest are paedophiles)

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
Arch Bungle

Wtf are you even babbling about?

L du Plessis

Israel is more afraid of human losses than Hizbollah.

Arch Bungle

If Hezbollah did not protect their own they would not make such expert use of tunnels and camouflage.

Like the typical jew, you lie with every word you say.

Christian J. Chuba

I find Nasrallah to be reasonable but what are the rules of engagement when Hamas fires at Israel from southern Lebanon? 1. do nothing as long as all of the rockets are intercepted or cause no damage, 2. Will Hez. respond if Israel strikes those specific locations without their standard escalation of inventing imaginary factories and depots?

I am totally opposed to the IAF’s absurd claim that they have a right to ‘preemptive’ self-defense but it’s not reasonable to expect no response from rocket attacks.

Arch Bungle

So you are a bot.

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