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Hezbollah Says Second Iranian Fuel Shipment Meant For Lebanon Has Arrived In Syrian Port

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Hezbollah Says Second Iranian Fuel Shipment Meant For Lebanon Has Arrived In Syrian Port

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On September 24, Hezbollah announced that a second Iranian tanker carrying fuel meant for Lebanon had arrived in the Syrian port of Banias.

The fuel shipment will be unloaded in Banias port then transported via land to Lebanon in order to avoid any pressure from the US. Washington maintains strict sanctions on Iran.

Hezbollah decided to import fuel from Iran last August to help ease a fuel crisis that effected all of Lebanon. The crisis begin when the Central Bank announced that it will not be able to finance any more fuel shipments.

The first Iranian fuel shipment arrived in Banias port on September 12. The shipment was then transported to Lebanon on two batches on September 16 and 17. The shipment was distributed by al-Amana, a US-sanctioned company that belongs to Hezbollah.

The Lebanese group provided fuel from the first shipment to governmental hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, municipalities that handle the task of pumping water, fire brigades and the Red Cross.

In a recent speech, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that the group could import more fuel from Iran if the crisis in Lebanon continues.

The US responded to Hezbollah move by launching its own initiative to support Lebanon by providing gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan. Both will, however, pass though Syria. Washington will be forced to ease sanctions on Damascus.


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“Washington will be forced to ease sanctions on Damascus.”

The amerotards understand they are increasingly becoming irrelevant in the Middle East and throughout Eurasian.

Their petrodollar ponzi scheme is nearing it’s demise. Their disgusting saudi & zionist allies have been exposed as terrorist degenerates.

Last edited 1 month ago by block
Dennis Kovac

Thank you

Assad Defeated Zionists

The maricon Zionist puppets must be sheeting so hard they got rectal prolapse.

jens holm

Another illusion from there folund under own bedblankets with left hands.

Dennis Kovac

I am missing account ” Zion=Evil”. Any information about him… I followed him and all his words become “true” now after 2-3 years


Oh I can tell you what happened to him. When I sneaked my way into Iran i first slit the throat of every IRGC guard standing between me and that nutless monkey that calls himself “Zion=EVIL.”

Then, I finally found that motherfucker hidden deep inside a missle bunker, I proceeded to film how I snapped of his dick and jammed it into his ass while cutting his heart out and eating it. I did all of this with literally one hand, so I could pleasure myself with the other. Now I’m on the way to his family, I’m sure they will enjoy the footage. Most moral army on earth, BITCH.

Zionism = Evil

Keep on wanking my diaper wearing friend, whilst we keep on shitting in your mouth 💩🇮🇱💩


A new container of fresh diapers is on the way. Some of their inbred military clowns had flashbacks of 2006.

Arch Bungle

Hey, that sounds like you Zionism=Evil … Welcome back!


you getting excited brah into james bond movie. Settle down…….middle eastern nigger like you can’t do much. Yous an Iraqi jew (remember)?….. Get real, you couldn’t walk past a gate sentry in Tehran at a local gubment building.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson

Hollywood US army, Bollywood Hindoo army and IDF all have the same wetdreams. Your sh1tty state is dying. The Yanks are officially a second rate power. They abandoned their allies in Afghanistan ‘cos they lost against 6th century AK47 wielding tribesmen. Now they are in the process of abandoning Israel – They are desperate to get Iran to sign JCPOA and Bennett was fellating Biden two weeks ago in Washington begging to not re-instate JCPOA and to attack Iran. Israel still cannot attack Iran on its own after threatening for 20 years to do so. It seems Israel will be defeated by the Hezb alone LoL, no Iranians needed. Long live Nasrallah, the next King of Jerusalem

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome

Make no mistakes, we will engage Hezbollah sooner or later in a war that will end Lebanon as you know it. Call us cowards, call us in any names you want. But when over 100,000 IDF troops will enter Lebanon with thousands of army pieces like tanks, AFV, jets and ships – we will see what remains of their country.

Seeing thousands of Shia Lebanese houses blowing up to the skies due to their own rockets will be on hell of a sight. Every Shia mother F that has ever worked against us from Lebanon will get what he deserves, that’s a promise.


What happened in 2006? Hezbollah basically had the same military power as Hamas does today, and they still embarrassed you fools. Your IAF general said himself, in order to beat Hezbollah we must use ground invasions, you guy can’t rely on your Air Force against Hezbollah, you guys failed in 06. What’s going to happen when you guys use ground invasions? You punks will die on Lebanese soil.

Your IDF is all made up of people who were forced to join when they turned 18. How much do you think actually want to be in the military? Hezbollah on the other hand is all fighters who wanted to fight, not forced too. Most of your IDF now has no battle experience, you’re going up against an army who’s been in multiple wars and NEVER lost.

Since you want to bring up Shias, remember Imam Ali AS in the battle of Khaybar? We Shias have been kicking your asses as under dogs since day one

jens holm

The destructions was in Lebanon only in 2006.


Typical European shithead thinking. IDF bombed civilian targets out of spite. If you think that Israel killed civilians as a victory, you are an idiot ‘cos.IDF LOST in 2006 by EVERY academic military analyst account. They even got over 100 Merkavas disabled or outright destroyed, many of them by a SINGLE Hezb operative LoL. They could’nt penetrate more than 6 km into South Lebanon – they were slaughtered by Hezb ground forces and caught with their pants down deep in Leb territory trying to make a photo Opp. at the Litani river to show the world they were at the Litani. The Hezb never used its advanced missiles. Today it has thousands more missiles and many of those are high precision Fuel Air explosive capable. It can take out Blocks of buildings at a time. The iron Dome was useless (35% max efficiency despite the hype) against Hamas’ shitty firecrackers in May.They were shamed like NEVER before by a militia of only 2000 men maximum in 2006 and by hamas and PIJ in may this year. Today the Hezb is a multifold more powerful with mixed symmetrical (conventional) and asymmetrical capabilities because of their Syrian involvement. There are over 100 000 PMUs in Syria waiting. Taliban has shown how a primitive militia can defeat a Superpower and the Hezb is 100x better equipped than Taliban….you need to get your head outta your ass before shooting your mouth off. the only way Israel has a far-off chance, is if they Nuke the whole of Lebanon BEFORE Iran wipes out TelAviv – an impossible scenario, even if the US attacks Iran on behalf of Israel. The death of israel will come at the supersonic tip of a nuclear armed Sunburn missile – Iran bought several from Russia a long time ago and handed 3-6 batteries to the Hezb. There will never be an Israeli ground Assault unless they can nuke their enemies for sure. Israel is already history, its a just question of How Soon.

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome

First, in 2006 only 10K soldiers invaded Lebanon to destroy Hezbollah which was a mistake, because another 30K reserves were waiting at the border to enter and the order never came which was one of Olmert’s mistakes in the Winograd Commission. Had we entered Lebanon with a 40K force, and had more time than just one month, you would have seen other results.

Second, we hardly hit civilian houses that helped Hezbollah with rockets because we didn’t want to have tens of thousands of dead Shia Lebanese, but why should we care for their lives today if israelis are killed by Hezbollah’s rockets? we won’t. We will unleash hell on them that would make 2006 look like a kid’s play.

Third, and that’s to Jnoub, you Shias are only good at terrorism and spread chaos anywhere you go across the ME. You are a cancer and we will deal wih you the proper way. That being said, there are many good Shias out there who don’t want a war with us and they are not my enemy. But the ones who do seek to hurt us – will get to meet Allah in a war the world will never forget. The IDF’s motivation will always be higher you know why? because we fight for our country and to protect our families from scumbags like you. If you shoot rockets on our cities, then expect the same thing happening to you only hundreds times more. Bring all the PMU’s you want to an open battle, they would just die faster with some of the new weapons we have stored for them. Then you will learn that when Israel really goes mad – you die by the tens of thousands and not even the U.N will stop us from destroying Hezbollah or their supporters in the south. Payback for all the dead Israelis in 2006 will be sweet.

BTW, Nasrallah’s ass will be the first one to get to hell and he knows that.
Also, the comment to Dennis was not mine.


Edit: Just kidding, the comment to Dennis was MINE. We will gather every jew on earth on the border to Lebanon, then we will ensue a genocidal massacre the world has never seen before. But since I’m a one man army, I wont need them. I will mow down all those fucking Shia with my two M60s, they don’t call me the jew Rambo for nothing.
We will fucking obliterate Nasrallah and parade his remains in Teheran and then nuke the whole world, this fucking anti-semtic world.


I wonder how long your nuclear reactors will last in the next war, or maybe how long Israel will last after they get destroyed by Hezbollah

Arch Bungle

>We will gather every jew on earth

Most of the Jews will not join your stupid euroslavic colonial crusade.

Certainly these American Jews will not join you:



Arch Bungle

> We will fucking obliterate Nasrallah and parade his remains in Teheran and then nuke the whole world, this fucking anti-semtic world.

You are not semites. The Palestinians are.

You will be hanging on the Yanqui helicopters as they evacuate the last of you from Tel Aviv, after Hezbollah and Hamas take charge of Jerusalem.


In the 2006 war, Israel had to call in it’s whole reserve. They had so many troops called in, that they started lacking weapons, food and munitions. This was all against a 2000 strong Nasr Brigade. All of Hezbollah special force brigades were stationed in Beirut. That being said, Israel had to do all that for 1 Brigade.
In the last war Hezbollah defended their land, in the next war Hezbollah will conquer land.

Us Shias have being persecuted since day one. Where ever we are, there’s people trying to kills us for our beliefs. We don’t start terrorism, we end it. Soon enough all your wahabi terrorist will be dead along with the Zionist regime.

“The IDF’s motivation will always be higher you know why?” That’s funny, where was your motivation in 2006? Your PM and America wanted to negotiate to end the war after 11 days into the war: https://youtu.be/1RPuBJvaax4
By July 18th, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a political decision: he would deploy the full might of the IDF to defeat Hezbollah at the same time that his top aides signaled Israel’s willingness to accept a ceasefire and the deployment of an international force. Olmert determined that Israel should not tip its hand–it would accept the deployment of a United Nations force, but only as a last resort.

Like I said before, Shias, especially in Lebanon have been always persecuted, our motivation is our anger, Israel and the west have fed you Jews that you guys are victims, deep down inside you guys will always be little bitches, that’s why Hamas made fool of you guys in May, you little bitches


I swear to God, when the full might of the IDF will fall down on your and Hezbollah heads, you will beg for a ceasefire but we won’t stop. You have only seen a small % of our firepower, you and the rest of your proxies will get what you deserve when there will be no more limits and anyone of you becomes a target.

“In the 2006 war, Israel had to call in it’s whole reserve” – wrong, our reserve force is well over 650,000 troops and sooner or later you will taste our anger, let’s see who has the bigger motivation.

Bitches you can call to your mullahs, you Farsi kalb, if the U.S won’t end you then we will.


Israel always says that this war will be our last, but I got a question for you. If Israel can take us, why don’t they? Hezbollah is basically the only force in the region capable of inflicting damage to Israel, so why won’t Israel take out its only threat in the region? You guys still have PTSD of 2006 I’m guessing.

Don’t even bring up the US army, they don’t scare us. We are capable of hitting them as well. America’s military is built by high school dropouts, most of those idiots weren’t able to write an analysis on To Kill A Mockingbird in high school. Just like the IDF, they have no discipline when it comes to real battle. Both the US & Israeli military think they’re the best because they shooting targets, Hezbollah shoots at actual people, unlike you guys. Your soldiers will freeze up and run from battle, just search up IDF soldiers crying in May when Hamas shot rockets into Israel.

There’s a reason why Israel and America haven’t declared on Hezbollah&Iran.

And I’m not Farsi, I’m from south Lebanon, my name is south for south Lebanon.

Arch Bungle

>First, in 2006 only 10K soldiers invaded Lebanon to destroy Hezbollah which was a mistake, because another 30K reserves were waiting at the border to enter

It wasn’t a mistake.

It was lucky for you, Jew.

Because instead of 10K zionists being defeated you would have had 30K embarrassed.

Hezbollah booted out all who came and would have booted out 10 times that number.

The Jews cut their losses and ran.


no the destruction was all over the zionist usurper entity just a few months ago so explain to me how an entity as highly armed yet who still cant defeat little gaza is supposed to win anything other than a contest in being the greatest loser

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

That is what you don’t get, you Iranian low IQ terrorist. We can destroy Gaza a thousand times if we want to, but the U.S and the U.N always stop us when more than 100 Gazans mother F terrorists are killed. If it was up to me, I would have flatten that entire strip to the ground and forced all of them to move to Egypt. If we grow balls and ready to face sanctions fro mthe world, then your Gazans can be destroyed in 2 days like Russia has done in Grozny. Say thanks are leaders show mercy and cowardness.

Arch Bungle

>but the U.S and the U.N always stop us when more than 100 Gazans mother F terrorists are killed

Stop lying, Jews. Nobody stopped you. The entire Anglo-Zionist world stood by and watched.

You stopped because you couldn’t handle the bombs from Hamas.

And you feared what would come next if you pushed too far …

Arch Bungle

You are uninformed.


The zionist run western media even tried to cover up gantz involvement in their humiliating defeat of 2006. More pathetic zionist lies.



100 000 IDF? You’re a joker.LoL – You tried with 60 000 IDF in 2006 and got your asses handed to you. You avoided entering Gaza in May ‘cos your elite Golani got slaughtered in 2014 in Shuja’iyyah – and that against a weak militia. There aint NO fake Khazar Jews gonna go head to Head against the Hezb or the 150 000 or so PMF/PMU’s in Syria on your border. Your Momma’s ass is gonna be served to every Hezb soldier for breakfast as they mop up all the way to Tel Aviv. I hope you fake Joos can swim


Read my reply to you, it was only 10K so atleast don’t write lies. Israel has enough firepower to send millions of them to hell, the only question is how far we are willing to go.

Arch Bungle

You’re talking about the samson option, that’s all.

You cannot destroy Hamas or Hezbollah without yourself being wiped out.

That is the reality.


hahahaha you are delusional

Arch Bungle

You’ve been saying that for two years now and all I see is the ‘IDF’ playing pacified cuck to Hezbollah.

You couldn’t even destroy Hamas, what can you do to Hezbollah ?


Excellent news indeed, gotta help Lebanon with there crisis however way possible.

L du Plessis


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