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Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia Is Encouraging Israel To Attack Lebanon

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Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia Is Encouraging Israel To Attack Lebanon

On Friday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia of encouraging Israel to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. Nasrallah also said that Saudi Arabia is pressuring Arab countries to ban their citizens from traveling to Lebanon.

“Saudi Arabia is encouraging Israel to strike Lebanon, we are not afraid of this of course … This is not an analyze, I’m talking about information, it is [Saudi Arabia] ready to pay dozens of billions of dollars for this” Nasrallah said during a televised speech .

The Hezbollah leader also said that he is sure that former Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri is detained by the Saudi authorities. Nasrallah stressed that Hariri resignation is unconstitutional because it was done “under pressure”.

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Saudi Arabia called the prime minister on urgent matter without his aide or advisers, and was forced to tender his resignation, and to read the resignation statement written by them,” Nasrallah said.

During his speech, Nasrallah added that Hezbollah “understands the Saudi anger towards Iran, however it does not understand its response”. He went further and said that Saudi Arabia failed in Yemen, Syria and even against Qatar in the current diplomatic crisis between the countries.

Nasrallah advised Saudi Arabia to not try to “punish or eliminate Hezbollah” because this is “impossible”. He added that Saudi Arabia wants to pressure Lebanon only because it can’t pressure Iran directly.

While Nasrallah indicated that the political situation in Lebanon is boiling due to the Saudi interference in the Lebanese internal matters, he stressed many times that an armed conflict with Israel or Saudi Arabia is not near.

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Zainab Ali

kudos to hezbollah and her great leader – this regional power has shown a sterling performance/reputation in syria – the second most feared army after irgc by zio satanic losers


FUCK Saudis and respectively fuck Zionists Israeli


Saudis are trimming their wings themselves.
First Saudis hurt Iran, then Iraq then Syria then Yemen then Qatar and now Lebanon and now who will be next.
This is not enough now Saudis have started operation in their own home country Saudi Arabia by arresting and torturing princes and ministers, freezing and confiscating their wealth and properties.


Yeah, the yapping isnt reflected on the ground, of course, the ISISrael latest exercise is going of, and probably have been on the charts for some time, this ex.. are usually warned in advance, also because of commercial traffic etc, etc.

But an ground assault requires men, a lot of them, and so far, nothing have in fact happened, so why do everybody echoe the bonkers spins we are feed all the time, conspiracy’s, hehe, yeah, why not, but again, its like sitting and watching an kabuki theater, and the noise level is sky high.

What on earth is the Saudi-barbarians thinking, when the barrage of nonsense started, that alone is weird, other then that, Lebanon, again, and forget air superiority, thats an hype, this days, and bombs, what is it with you and bombs, big is better, huh, you haven’t won an single war with aerial bombing, ever, even NK capital witch had some few houses left, after 3 years of firebombing, you lost the war, what they dont tell you, like the ISISraels either dont like to talk about, is how vulnerable and exposed your air crafts are, to make war, in this close geographical region/area, the logistics, to fuel the war machine is becoming exposed, and again, attacked, and plains, have to come down, again, somewhere,in NK they where shoot down in thousands, and you still drool something about air superiority, yeah, ask the Saudi-barbarians on how well is their bombing of Yemen going, huh, do enlighten an infidel like me.

The war will be done on the ground, nuks are out of the question because of way to close geographical and will simply be an ecological suicide, and even Iran, is to close, like NK, take an 100 mile radius and how many people do you get, and what would the consequences of an massive nuclear war turn out to be, and affect whom, are the knuckle dragging 800 pound Gorilla is brain dead.
Tack, nukes, is just an Biggus dickus, aka an bomb, nothing else, but an bomb, I remember they managed to wack an chicken farm some years ago, with an tact nuke, yea, this morons is going to war, ISISrael whom is accustomed to be the “bossman”, now facing Hezb, what are they smoking, to be tripping this hard.
Yeah, I am may go fishing, instead, and awaits the Saudi-barbarians freak show ends, let them yap for an while, or they may get traumas, loosing everything, like shuffling sand with your hands in the desert to build an castle of sands, and now, close to the bottom of the pit, they go bonkers, yeah, this is maybe an “domestic” issue, but to the rest of us, like throwing an granat into an hen house, wait until the snow storm of feathers have calmed down, and the bruising is over.
It may be wise just to plug your ears for an while, its an spectacular cacophony of sound bytes.

Yeah, interesting times.



Saudi Arabia should have to avoid spreading disinformation regarding Lebanon for the best interest of the region.

You can call me Al

The Yanks expect Captain America, the X-men and the other super heroes to save them.

The IIIIVXMYC Billy Bob III regiment, led by Chuck “good ol boy; Monster killer” and encompassing the new transgender singing battalions shall sort everything out. Fear not brave soul, they shall win the battles and the wars – if of course they find the right Country.


I hope that he’s right and that Israel won’t start another war in Lebanon. The Saudis are in no position to do it themselves. Despite all of their saber rattling. They can’t even beat Yemen on their own border with a lot of help. A war on their own against Lebanon is a non starter and their rhetoric just makes them look stupid. Especially if the reports about kidnapping the Lebanese PM and forcing his resignation are true.

The Jew baby rapers have got to be thinking twice about stirring up trouble also. They’re on diplomatic thin ice already with UNSC 2334 extinguishing the Balfour Declaration and San Remo Resolution. And additional UNSC Chapter 6 & 7 resolutions against them in the pipeline with a US president whose been under Jew world order assault from day 1. Who is fighting off Jew attempts to get him out of office and who has back peddled on his previous sucking up to the baby rapers promises.

Carol Davidek-Waller

The missiles the Saudis are whining about (after 2 years of a genocidal war in Yemen) are most likely not from Iran. If history is any guide, Israel doesn’t fight wars. Like the Saudis they hold the other guy’s coat.

Tom Tom

Here’s to hoping they all kill each other and that it doesn’t spread to the U.S., let’s hope the FBI is as incompetent as their leadership is evil and doesn’t pull off their terror attacks in the U.S.

You can call me Al

“and that it doesn’t spread to the U.S” ??? – without the US, it would never have happened !!.

Blimey Tom Tom, switch your self on and get some direction please.

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