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MARCH 2021

Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia Is Encouraging Israel To Attack Lebanon


Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia Is Encouraging Israel To Attack Lebanon

On Friday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia of encouraging Israel to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. Nasrallah also said that Saudi Arabia is pressuring Arab countries to ban their citizens from traveling to Lebanon.

“Saudi Arabia is encouraging Israel to strike Lebanon, we are not afraid of this of course … This is not an analyze, I’m talking about information, it is [Saudi Arabia] ready to pay dozens of billions of dollars for this” Nasrallah said during a televised speech .

The Hezbollah leader also said that he is sure that former Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri is detained by the Saudi authorities. Nasrallah stressed that Hariri resignation is unconstitutional because it was done “under pressure”.

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Saudi Arabia called the prime minister on urgent matter without his aide or advisers, and was forced to tender his resignation, and to read the resignation statement written by them,” Nasrallah said.

During his speech, Nasrallah added that Hezbollah “understands the Saudi anger towards Iran, however it does not understand its response”. He went further and said that Saudi Arabia failed in Yemen, Syria and even against Qatar in the current diplomatic crisis between the countries.

Nasrallah advised Saudi Arabia to not try to “punish or eliminate Hezbollah” because this is “impossible”. He added that Saudi Arabia wants to pressure Lebanon only because it can’t pressure Iran directly.

While Nasrallah indicated that the political situation in Lebanon is boiling due to the Saudi interference in the Lebanese internal matters, he stressed many times that an armed conflict with Israel or Saudi Arabia is not near.



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