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MARCH 2021

Hezbollah Retrieved Body Of Fighter Killed In Syria In 2013


Lebanon’s Hezbollah announced on September 24 that it had retrieved the body of one of his fighters who was killed in Syria more than six years ago.

In a brief statement, Hezbollah identified the fighter as “Ali Hussein Iskandar,” originally from the district of Hermel in the northeastern Lebanese governorate of Baalbek-Hermel. Iskandar was a resident of the town of Bazouriye.

The fighters, who is known by nom de guerre “Ali al-Akbar,” was killed near the Syrian capital, Damascus in November of 2013. He was reportedly taking part in a battle in the Eastern Ghouta region when he lost his life.

Hezbollah Retrieved Body Of Fighter Killed In Syria In 2013

Ali Hussein Iskandar, aka Ali al-Akbar

Hezbollah intervened in Syria to support the Syrian Arab Army in 2012. The group took part in several battles around Damascus, especially in the Set Zaynab town and Eastern Ghouta. Dozens of the group’s fighters were killed.

The Lebanese group is now under immense pressure from other Lebanese parties and Western countries, led by the U.S, to withdraw its fighters from Syria.

A recent report revealed that Hezbollah had already withdrew some of its fighters from Syria. Gebran Bassil, head of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement, also confirmed that the group was close to full withdrawal from the country.




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