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MAY 2021

Hezbollah Releases Video Showcasing Targets For Possible Strike On Israel

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On June 21, Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement released a new video threatening Israel with a retaliation strike on its strategic facilities in the event of a new escalation.

“Today, we can not only hit the city of Tel Aviv but also, if God wills it and with His help, we can hit very precise targets within Tel Aviv and anywhere in occupied Palestine,” Nasrallah can be heard as saying during the video.

The video ends with the following statement:

“Whatever you do to block the way — it’s already over and done with.”

Israel is pretty sensitive towards such threats and uses them to justify the continuing military campaign against Iranian-backed forces. Therefore, it’s expected that Israel could soon conduct airstrikes on what it likes to call Hezbollah and Iranian weapon depots and weapons in Syria


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  1. <> says:

    Come try us you fucking iranian proxy terrorists, shoot one rocket over here. We will show all of you how “scared” we are. 2006 was a kid’s play compared to what we are about to bring on Lebanon. Just remember, the U.N will not stop us this time.

    1. El Mashi says:

      If your 2006 aggression in Lebanon was child’s play, then the game ended with your bloody nose. The Hezbollah will always have the right to retaliate any aggression. Since Israel bombed Beirut, Hezbollah has the legitimate right to bomb Tel Aviv. Its in the Hebrew Bible, an eye for an eye. Expect fireworks. Shalom.

      1. <> says:

        If they are the ones to start the war (like they did in 2006) then we would have all the UN backup this time to finish them for good, that also means the end of Lebanon as a state. Do you compare only 10K IDF troops in 2006 to 100-150K troops we will put now? that won’t be an operation, it will be a war between two states. Goodluck.

        1. LR captain says:

          “then we would have all the UN backup this time” not really true the way you think.
          while the US and Britain will veto any attempt to block the IDF.

          The mere fact that Hezbollah throw 2,000-5,000 missiles knocking out a lot of air fields naval assets road power plants. With in the first few days. The US may agree to Russia’s idea of a truce for a month.

          Resulting in a month tense cease fire, before the IDF regroup and go on an offensive.

          Would there be a war yes, will the IDF move into south Lebanon yes.

          The real question though is will your leadership cutt its losses and a coup takes place or the leadership resumes fighting.

          some times i feel like i should make a road map.

          1. <> says:

            I honestly can’t tell LR, both our political and military leaderships are unpredicted during wartime. Let’s wait and see if something happens after July 1st.

          2. Pork says:

            Israel hasn’t been able to occupy land for over 50 yrs. They’ve been living on that notion for decades…its about to reverse
            This dog, iron yid, thinks he knows…he knows sht, he’s an American, dual citizen who’s belief system is anchored in mythology. He’s a dog, with no teeth, just a bark.

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          Hezbollah spies knew you were attacking them, live. You guys walked into a trap.

          Your command probably knew that hezbollah knew and sent you in anyways.

          Do not underestimate your opponent.

        3. John Wallace says:

          It won’t be like your going out for your nightly bed warmer .

          1. d'Artagnan says:

            Palestinian child with broken arm being tortured by Zionist cowards

          2. <> says:

            Next time he won’t throw stones at israeli cars.

        4. d'Artagnan says:


          Brave Israeli soldiers and Shin Beth thug beating a 7 year old Palestinian child

          1. John Wallace says:

            Certainly very brave when it comes to facing unarmed kids . Israeli prisons are full of kids. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b631645ef156fcff2b345e743a7bec2bc3c8ba480dca5107deea0e91564e0ef.jpg

          2. d'Artagnan says:

            AshkeNAZI worse than Nazis.

          3. <> says:


          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Low life coward, how shameless Zionist kosher pig.

          5. dontlietome says:

            …………one day soon, the wrath of those who died and suffered at your hands will be visited upon you, your screams for mercy will be heard in hell as your family burn before your very eyes……………….and then it will be your turn too burn…………..you fucking cockroach !

          6. <> says:

            Come try me then, you piece of shit.

          7. dontlietome says:

            ……………..damn, the Dog farted again…………….

          8. <> says:

            You don’t even know me you clown, But I don’t need to prove anything especially here on SF. If anyone wanna come and face us in battle please go ahead, it’s been a while since I last put a bullet in someone.

          9. Pork says:

            You’re a trained dog, nothing more. You will be put down.

            I would personally love and invite from you! But you’re a coward.

          10. <> says:

            I only kill under the IDF command, as much as I would love to kill you but I don’t wanna end up in prison. Wanna face me and my unit? come meet us at the battlefield.

          11. Pork says:

            There isn’t going to be a battlefield, son. You were told, it’s over before it starts.

        5. Pork says:

          3 million just in Arab countries, waiting for invite…around the world 20 million will come to kill you pigs. As a human being, I wish you leave with your loved ones and lives intact….otherwise you will be buried where you last stood.
          You’ve been warned, Yid.

          1. <> says:

            We have enough bombs and bullets for everyone, come.

        6. El Mashi says:

          Israel starts all wars. They initiate all aggression.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        insecure Zion lies—hizbollah removed IDF from Lebanese territory; they continue to illegally occupy Golan

    2. Cromwell says:

      You sound scared and hysterical.

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        she is a frightened child—bombastic and insecure…even NATO turkeys threaten Israel w consequences should they annex the Jordan valley…hizbollah alone humiliated the female IDF in 2000/2006—today far more prepared and with more precise rocketry, etc

        1. <> says:

          What are you barking about? piece of shit come here and try us.

          1. Pork says:

            We Are already there, among you! Every crevice and corner, you won’t be able to hide. Not even in the underground secret bunker as large as a city…we know!

          2. <> says:

            I don’t hide, I’m right here. Soon you will see your Hezbollah crying to the world to stop Israel from wiping out Lebanon.

          3. Pork says:

            6 days will be nothing. Less than 6 hours and you’ll be on your knees as your commanders and leadership escape or die running away.

      2. <> says:

        Not at all, I very much expect them to make that mistake.

    3. Lazy Gamer says:

      You were just mentioning a dirty bomb the other day. lol Seems your fears became reality. But instead of a bomb, you get an underground missile. Now what kind of missile needs to be hidden underground? Israel’s planners are now redesigning their plans taking into account the new capabilities of Hezbollah. lol

      1. <> says:

        After we destroyed their tunnels into Israel last year, they lost the ability to do any operation from the underground. They can only do now border incidents which we can foil, but they also won’t do that because they know what it means another war against Israel. Barking on the media is easy and Iran does the same, but doing an action is a different story. Last time they shot an ATGM on Israeli patrol we almost went into a war, I’m sure you remember it:

          1. <> says:

            That’s how you put them in their place, this is not the leftist Europe here.

          2. Paul says:

            You lowlife. You reap what you sow. Your hate will catch up with you. Unlike Europe, that boy isn’t a refugee. It’s his homeland you dog.

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            This PUNK is pure scum. It is good that people can see the real ugly image of Zionist cunts.

          4. <> says:

            A dog you can call to your father, you son of a bitch. This is Israel, we call the shots here.

          5. Pork says:

            Your are the human garbage dump of the world. The world conspired to put you in a small space so you can be easily exterminated. Now you think you’re a power of the world. You’re nothing but lowlife thieves and liars.
            We’ve conquered you many times over for centuries, you’ll bag stab each other when desperate times come, just like your conspiring with Hitler…Ha’avara! Baby bitch,
            we all know, now stfu and dance for us you tight little 2wa.

          6. <> says:

            Come conquer us then, it will be a good lesson for you.

          7. Pork says:

            The Jews used to dump their trash in a square millenia ago. This trash was constantly on fire, it’s where your word for hell comes from as well as the word Jerusalem…it’s where your zionist entity will end.

          8. Paul says:

            Your Father is Satan, but you are too deceived to recognise it. The nation of Israel is no longer physical but spiritual, those who believe in Jesus and have been baptised with the Holy Spirit are now the true sons of Abraham. Your nation is a lie created by wicked hateful men who deceitfully use the name of God and misuse scripture to justify genocide. You will reap what you have sown.

    4. Pork says:

      LMFAO..hey pig. historical facts show israel was saved by UN not once, several times.
      Keep planting the trees you will hide behind! Thenjoy s will be fuel for that , Las burn. Go the fk back home you pos. If your god made u chosen it’s because he chose you to be burned for being the 3vil 2w@s you are.

      1. <> says:

        God has chosen us for the right reasons, keep crying Porky.

  2. chris chuba says:

    What is the point of Nasrallah stirring up trouble for Syria / Iraq, it isn’t like him unless he is hinting that some areas outside of Lebanon are now part of Hezbollah’s red line for retaliatory strikes. Not making any suggestions, just trying to understand.

    1. Lazy Gamer says:

      Could be to dissuade Israel from proceeding with its July operation. At the same time, it is part of an over all flex by Iran. Looking at hindsight now, 911 did not put Israel in a good position in the long term. lol Israel is running out of good moves in the broader picture. Hope it doesnt get desperate for a Samson option. lol

      1. SOF says:

        That’s probably why they didn’t include Dimona, where Israel’s nuclear programs are located in that corner of the desert. If they did Israel would have immediately exercised the Samson option.

        1. d'Artagnan says:

          No one can use nuclear weapons in such a confined space as Occupied Palestine, it would be the ultimate suicide.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        most observers agree–the Israeli paper tigers will threaten but they will not use their nukes to irradiate their entire nation—they have already mutated into feminized soldiers and Tel Aviv homosexuals

        1. <> says:

          What a fool you are, talking like you know us.

          1. dontlietome says:

            …………..THAT’S A NICE PICTURE OF YOU………………………

          2. Paul says:

            You don’t even know yourself

          1. Simon Ndiritu says:

            Strangely, they refer to this disorientation as freedom. Obama tried to promote it to us and we told him it was a ‘non issue’

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            As I wrote earlier, it is part of the Jew agenda to break down societies and most importantly the traditional family unit. That is why they are facing resistance in the Muslim and Orthodox world.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Sayyed Nasrallah is a brilliant tactician and he is spooking the Zionists as Hezbollah now has live real time satellite access to Iranian Noor and they can guide the precision munitions to any target in Occupied Palestine. This is mostly psy-ops and the Zionists are very vulnerable.

      1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

        ” and they can guide the precision munitions to any target in Occupied Palestine”

        Τhen why don’t they do it;;

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Pisrael is a rotten dung beetle and will die on its own accord, and the first priority for the Axis of Resistance is to secure Syria and Iraq and then slowly put pressure on the Zionist cunts, who were boasting just a few months ago about “ejecting Iran from Syria” ROFLMAO. Persians are very calm and strategic thinking people who gave the world chess and polo, one for the brain and the other for the brawn. The Zionist occupation of Palestine is barely 70 years old, or blink of an eye in history.


          1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Thank you for the answer. Yes, I do not disagree with what you say , but my question remains….why Hezbollahhas don’t they do it;;

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            They will in the next war. As I said, based on priorities, the Zionist cowards are in a box, just look at the wider region. Turkey and Iran are the key players and both are now closing ranks. Once Syria is settled then the real fun starts.

          3. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Yes the real fun it hasn’t started yet. ..the great war the newest Trojan War or else the third world war, ιs at the forefront ,at the moment.But there are only two main players. All the others they are just pawns.Have a nice day.

          4. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Let me tell you something…NATO is the new Agamemnon there are many states in his dominion, just like in the Achaean camp, but without Achilles, Troy does not fall. Everything we live now , we have experienced it again. When we say Achaeans, we mean the White Race.

        2. chris chuba says:

          because Nasrallah considers violence a last resort and is not a terrorist who targets civilians as he is portrayed in the western MSM. Also, he knows that the IAF is ruthless and will target Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure in retaliation. Bibi has already threatened to do that.

          1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Nasrallah considers violence a last resort”

            Yes but ….Hezbollah is a military organization and not a ballet school …If you show to your enemy your weakness, he will take advantage of it.

        3. Cromwell says:

          attack and invade Lebanon again and you will see it.

    3. d'Artagnan says:

      Hezbollah is now too well armed for anyone to challenge. Hezbollah is stronger than at any time since its inception in 1982, aided by revolutionary Iran to confront the Zionist occupation of south Lebanon. According to the most recent NATO intelligence report, the mass infusion of precision weaponry gives Hezbollah leverage its significant global network and put more battle tested fighters in its ranks.

      In the ensuing 12 years Hezbollah since its determined and tough fighters humiliated the IDF, the Party of God is estimated to have significantly expanded its stockpile of weapons, including rockets and precision missiles.

      Much of this increase in capability has taken place because of Hezbollah’s role in the Syrian conflict, where the Iran-backed group has its largest deployment outside of Lebanon (between 7,000 to 10,000 fighters) and is fighting alongside pro-Assad forces. According to the CIA, Hezbollah has increased its weapons reserves, better trained its fighters in combined arms operations alongside Russian, Iranian, Armenian and Syria forces and improved its tactical and operational skills during the conflict. Hezbollah has reportedly rotated over 100,000 battle hardened fighters from the Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni combat theaters. This pan-Arab deployment also gives Hezbollah access to a wider pool of recruits for any future conflict.

      1. Cromwell says:

        If not for Hezbollah those IDF gangsters would be drinking beer on the Corniche in Beirut.

  3. Assad must stay says:


  4. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Maybe Hezbollah are thinking about taking down an Israeli warplane.

    1. John Wallace says:

      They are illegally flying over Lebanon so have every right too ..

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Not much these days and the boasting has stopped too :)

        1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

          yes because Hezbollahhas been changed by the Israelis.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Let me tell you guys something without belaboring the point, Hezbollah and the Axis of Resistance has reached the critical mass and is in much stronger position than ever. Iranian Bavar and Khordad SAMS are now deployed in both Syria and border regions. Hezbollah is getting live feeds from Iranian Noor satellite. The Americunt dumbass arseholes are so desperate to get any information about the region is that they are advertising on Netflix sites to recruit spies, you can imagine “quality” of Ameriunt ignorant arseholes information. Now coming back to reality, this is the latest version of Iranian SAM systems on the move. Why do think the Zionist rotten parasites don’t boast of “removing Iran from Syria” anymore, they would be flattened in less than an hour.

      WANTED: SPIES. Desperate CIA turns to online streaming for new recruits as information vacuum grows and threats increase.

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6cb02f8d5c9ba01297ec97b5b5bd4a3faed3ca38e63e2e9ace20e0173082d43d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5add61be987cd96062ffd159196b2abc2412c30b249431095da05de26593f97.jpg

      1. dontlietome says:

        Damn ! I want too believe you, BUT, you are up against a master player, who holds a lot of aces………….and one of them is an air force ! ( And many tactical nukes ).All the arab airforces put together , have less technologically advanced aircraft available. You know, that on a battlefield protected with the most sophisticated AA systems, the side that rules the skies……… controls the outcome. You may tell me that Vietnam proves the thesis wrong, but we know full well, why the USA lost in Vietnam. We both are “old heads”, and it always lifts my spirit to read your comments, but I am deeply pessimistic over the current turn of events, and see the current spat between Egypt and Turkey , being in fact controlled out of Tel Aviv. That hubris filled nest of shit-stains see that situation, regardless of the outcome as a win-win . The worst that can happen is that lots of arabs die in the looming conflict, the outcome being that both sides eventually withdraw to lick their wounds. Israel is then in a perfect position to expand her borders, knowing that no one will or can intervene. Russia will stand aside.Sissi is a Mossad asset, ( since the Muslim Bro’hood is an oriental Freemasonry lodge ). Freemasons and Zionists have been each others willing helpers for generations. Dog ALSO belongs to the Muslim Bro’hood………………. can you see where this is leading ?

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          There will be no conflict between Turkey and Egypt. The Zionists are on the losing edge along with their imploding bankrupt Americunt patsies. These things take a long time and this is just the beginning of the seismic shift in the region.

          1. dontlietome says:

            ………..Amen to that Brother. I would be very interested in your thoughts on the situation in Libya. You may have heard that 2 IL76’s were forced too return to Syria by the Egyptians? Wagner have pulled back all their forces. Is Russia looking too pull out ? Will Haftar regain lost ground, or will the country be divided…………until the next conflict come along ?

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Russia was testing the waters and did not realize, how unpopular Haftar and the Egyptian arseholes are in Libya and the region. It quickly withdrew once Iran openly sided with Turkey. Russia really has no strategic interest in Libya and Turkey will now is too entrenched as Algeria and Iran are backing it. For Russia’s long term influence Syria is the key.

    3. Toni Liu says:

      Yes its good idea to teach those choosen bastard its bad idea to ilegally fly and shoot missile over other country skies, its good start to put some manpad acroos those choosen bastard border and start downing their plane

      1. <> says:

        We will fly wherever and whenever we want, and bomb them too.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          LOL, pays a PUNK in mommy’s basement.

          1. d'Artagnan says:

            Just attention seeking children :D

        2. d'Artagnan says:

          Not much effect of bombing empty buildings or sleeping children in Syria now. Even those ineffectual air raids have stopped as Iranian footprint in Syria is now irreversible as Hezbollah is assembling precision weapons in factories in both Syria and Lebanon.

        3. Cromwell says:

          Thats what Hitler thought,then we destroyed the Luftwaffe bombing Britain.

          1. <> says:

            What does it have to do with WW2? I think we’ve proved it many times in Syria.

        1. d'Artagnan says:

          Israel is a sick and corrupt society that has no future.

      2. Cromwell says:

        Manpads are no good those thugs will be lying at 20,000plus feet,Lebanon needs a fully integrated air defence system.

        1. <> says:

          Like the Syrian S300? Russia knows why it doesn’t give them a greenlight to use it.

        2. Toni Liu says:

          Many times those choosen bastard flow low enough to shoot their missile through lebanon sky, any higher they can be detected easily, thats why manpad enough to down them

  5. cechas vodobenikov says:

    the Israelis/amerikans/turkeys bomb civilians or sand dunes and pretend they are challenging Russia, Syria, Iraq….one must be stupid to believe this —Russia is creating more installations in syria—important Iranian/Syrian installations are underground—if they murder a few farmers or children they claim victory—Israel is a US colony; without the 3$ billion plus received from the US they would collapse into childish feuding amongst the European vs oriental jews—the orthodox entirely reject zionism and mainstream conservatives consider “reform” jews to to heretics

    1. d'Artagnan says:

      So-called Israel is a failed corrupt artificial state like its main bankrupt sponsor, the United States. Israel is a marginalized two bit player that no one takes seriously, it bluff has been called by Hezbollah and Iran repeatedly now. It is on borrowed time and on stolen land. Hezbollah is just taunting it now.

      1. dontlietome says:

        Israel has been slowly but surely taking down the USA and turning it into the JUSA………………that is not the action of a “marginalized two bit player” , but one of brooding hubris filled satanic force, and they have the 3% in their pocket………………now tell me I am wrong ?

    2. dontlietome says:

      I like your positive attitude Cechas, but if the truth be known, Mother Russia is dragging her feet in this theatre. Putin is being seen more and more as a zionist collaborator, and his actions do not speak much of otherwise. I had always believed that he was sharp, shrewd and smarter than an AI, but when he refuses to allow is military to shoot down Israeli aggressors, or bomb Israel for the genocide that they wreak on the Palestinians……………….then my confidence in him is waning. He has refused to draw a line in the sand or even hand out a heft bitch-slap to that abomination Satanyahoo………………and that has too end, and end soon.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Well, even the head of the Russian foreign intelligence service could not hide the fact that Russia has been supporting the Zionist cunts and protecting them in Syria and at the UN.

  6. SOF says:

    This looks like a probing threat, like a probing attack. Israel has a predictable response to threats, so they are putting this out to see what Israel does, or to force it to redo its July plans to account for this latest video.

  7. Me&Myself None says:

    Nothing would make me happier if they could achieve that, but why not keep this information secret, and make use of it at the most opportune moment?

  8. johnny rotten says:

    All colonialism must die, even those who falsely claim to be sent by God.

  9. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    While Hezbollah and Iran complain about the Israeli occupation of Palestine the locals in Daraa, Quneitra and As Suwayda are protesting about Iran and Hezbollah’s occupation of their neighbourhoods.
    Something bad is happening in Darra thanks to Hezbollah’s heavy handed tactics, and I think the Russian backed 5th army corps are in trouble.

    14th june.
    “Clashes in Domeer city in Damascus countryside, after a group splits from Assad’s forces, in a conjunction with an intense flight of warplanes and helicopters.”

    “Mass protests today in Bosra, including by SAA 5th corps members [ex rebels], asking for downfall of Assad and shouting anti Iran/Hezbollah slogans, 5th corps suffered yesterday 34 casualties in biggest IED attack past 2 years [south Syria].”

    The poo is about to hit the fan and the Arab League won’t be able to help Assad this time, and 60,000 well armed and very angry fighters is the last thing Assad needs on his doorstep.
    Everyone’s applauding Iran and Hezbollah for what they’re threatening to do to Israel, but ignoring the fact that at the same time they’re also undoing all the hard work the Arab League did back in 2017.
    Everyone’s forgotten about the Southern Front Alliance but I think there’s going to be a reminder soon.

    1. Cromwell says:

      5th corps ex rebels protesting lol!! thats the mistake Assad made he should have killed all those bastards.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        It was Russia not Assad who incorporated the ex Southern Front Alliance rebels into the SAA at the end of 2017, but Assad did conscript 25,000 ex FSA fighters into the SAA back in august/september 2018, and some of them are now operating in the Air Force intelligence division.
        If Assad loses support in these areas Daraa/Quneitra/as Suwayda he’ll be in big trouble militarily and politically, that’s why the Russian’s have been so involved in the negotiations down here in the south, but sadly it looks like they’ve failed.

  10. Saso Mange says:

    Respect! Resistance was never stronger.

    1. <> says:

      If I catch a Hezbollah or Hamas member in my hands, I will break every bone in their face and body with my fists. I’d fucking smash their heads if I get the chance, I pray to God one of them falls into my hands alive.

      1. Cromwell says:

        Calm down asshole you will do yourself a misschief.

        1. <> says:

          Shut the fuck up, you have no idea what I’m capable of.

      2. Saso Mange says:

        Oh my legs are shaking, you are Rambo on the mission. God help the keyboard ehehe

  11. gustavo says:

    Well, you can see these facilities and much more even with google map. So, what ? words are just words, actions are the important elements.

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