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Hezbollah Releases Footage Of Recent Rocket Attack On Northern Israel

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Hezbollah Releases Footage Of Recent Rocket Attack On Northern Israel

Screen grab from the footage released by the Central Media.

On August 6, Hezbollah’s Central Media released footage of the Lebanese group’s recent rocket attack on northern Israel.

The attack, which was a response to the August 5 Israeli airstrikes on South Lebanon, saw Hezbollah fighter firing at least 19 rocket at northern Israel. According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), ten of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

The Israeli airstrikes were a response to the August 4 rocket attack which was launched from South Lebanon. A major fire broke out near the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Shmona as a result of the attack.

In a statement, Hezbollah said that the rocket attack targeted empty areas on purpose because the recent Israeli airstrikes targeted empty areas only.

The footage released by the Central Media shows an improvised launcher hidden in the back of a mini truck firing Grad 122 mm rockets from a farmland.


The launcher was ambushed on its way back by opponents of Hezbollah in the Druze town of Chwaya. Local supporters of Hezbollah quickly intervened along with the Lebanese military, who took the fighters into custody and seized the launcher.

Within a few hours, Hezbollah fighters were release by the Lebanese military. The rocket launcher was allegedly handed back to the Lebanese group.

The IDF responded to the rocket attack with few artillery strikes. Israeli security official said that Tel Aviv is “preparing additional response options using various means, overt and covert, depending on the developments.”

Israel will not likely escalate further. Any new attack by the IDF on South Lebanon could provoke Hezbollah to launch more strikes. The Lebanese group has already demonstrated its readiness to strike northern Israel.


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"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

Not all the rockets fired.

G2 Man

All the 19 grads fired, the Zionist claims of 10 interception are not credible after analyzing the fires in Northern Occupied Palestine. Local Zionist media and vapor trails of failed Iron Dome indicate a very panicked and disorganized Zionist interception effort by firing over 35 Iron Dome projectiles at a cost of several million US tax dollars. This is a very poor showing by the Zionist military and borders on high level incompetence. Hamas can learn a lot for Hezbollah methodology.


Hezbollah has thousand of bigger rockets if they decide to use them.

Arch Bungle

More like 50 thousand. In addition to anti-ship missile capabilities (which they had in 2006 already.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Resistance Axis rallies behind Hezbollah as Iraqi military and PMU pledge to defend Lebanon. President Raisi meets Hamas leaders and pledges unlimited Iranian support. The Zionistcunts are suffering humiliation against Hezbollah bomb Gaza civilians in frustration.


.. you squatters..!

Rhodium 10

Iron dome only intercepted 50%

G2 Man

Indeed, at cost of millions of dollars and less than 50% odds against a very slow and archaic rocket system with origins in the second world war. It also highlights the sheer bombast of Zionist weaponry that will not stand a chance against modern supersonic or even terrain hugging GPS precision missiles or base bleed artillery. The venerable 122 mm Grad travels a very comfortable speed of around 2,000 feet /sec and is a crude area denial weapon and not intended as a strategic tool. However, the failure of the latest US supplied electronic systems on the Iron Dome failed to even detect the launch and the rockets got through spells serious problems for the Zionists in any real conflict in the future.

Icarus Tanović

Grads are from late 50s.

Icarus Tanović

Actually, sorry was about to say late 40s.

Arch Bungle

Probably worse. Like 95% of the Myth of Israel, a mountain of lies made to fool the goyim.

Ashok Varma

Even India is distancing itself from the Zionist regime after the dud SPICE ordinance sold at exorbitant prices. Zionists are shysters like used car salesmen and their capability does not match the hyped up image in western MSM.

Fog of War

This was a very amateurish response by Hezbollah.

G2 Man

It was message and not a response. This warning got the intended message across as no casualties on any side at this stage.

Arch Bungle

And I suppose the ‘israeli’ dirt-patch bombing exercise was completely mature and professional?

G2 Man

One should not make too much out of this minor Hezbollah message to the Zionists and there is no probability of an escalation as the Zionist military is not geared to fight a protracted costly asymmetrical war with Hezbollah. The Zionists have been trying to take advantage of the economic, political and social meltdown in Lebanon, which they triggered by the Beirut Port blast.

This limited exchange was just a Hezbollah warning that every Zionist aggressive act will be met with a commensurate retaliatory measure. It is also interesting to note that despite the most dense Iron Dome defences in Northern Occupied Palestine almost half of the vintage grads easily evaded it. There is lesson for Hamas as well to hone its tactics. Syria now needs to create a similar deterrent policy against Zionist aggression. Hezbollah has once again proven that its word is gold.


Oh wow they really killed 2 trees and 10 Square meters of dirt. Good job to these goat fuckers.

Arch Bungle

Well, that’s all the zionist goat fuckers are good for anyway.


beautiful thank you

Arch Bungle

Then Hen is more important than the egg.

Arch Bungle

Iron Dome response probably caused more fires than Hezbollah rockets alone.

Double the incendiary power for cheap. Jews are getting dumber by the day.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
Ashok Varma

The western media hyped up the Jews and they are now exposed at big liars and worse than used car salesman. They had high hopes to scam India but failed.


Only an Iranian bot aka Ashok Varma’ can define ‘Jews’…worse than used car salesman. since in the Indian market it is well known that a 2nd car cost more than a new one (since buyers do not have to wait many months for a new car delivery). Sorry, danda-head; you are not a very smart bot – try better next time. and even your English is not an English Indian

Ashok Varma

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi underlined special importance of establishing extensive relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and India during a meeting with Indian Foreign Minister.

Raisi stressed great capacities of Iran and India in economy, trade, and technology fields during his meeting with Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. This is the Indian FM’s fourth visit to Iran is less than two months as India seeks Iranian assistance in dealing with growing regional threats.

He said he will pursue expansion of ties with New Delhi.


Tell that punk Modi rather to stop Ziop1g style massacres of Kashmiris and hand kashmir back to the Kashmiris or after Israel is wiped out, India is next


I’m back again to this site to deliver this warning to all of you.

Hezbollah is playing with fire, one small mistake in which Israeli civilians or soldiers get hurt, and we will unleash fire on Lebanon which will make this country go back to the stone age. Hamas felt it few weeks ago (just using our airforce alone) and now they keep their mouths shut, Nasrallah would be wise never to forget what we can do to him and to all of his puppets in SL and Beirut. And no, it won’t be like in 2006 again be sure of that.

Regarding Iran, I suggest to all of the Iranians here to take Gantz and Bennet very seriously and don’t break the nuclear point, or we will enter a direct war against you with or without the U.S support. Raisi should calm down his rhetoric becuase there is a new man in the PM office, not the traitor Bibi. Garga – if you read this comment, then I hope your regime would back down and also stop hitting our ships, or else we will hit you hard – directy at the heart Tehran. Bennet means business, don’t test him as he can order the IDF to enter a war at any given moment, and he will if you give him a reason.

Bottom line, the IDF is ready for all of you including myself. Don’t start a war against a nuclear state which you will certainly lose. Accept my warning or ignore it – your choice.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

No one cares attention seeking basement dwelling PUNK :)


I don’t usually reply to maggots like you, but since I already came here – bring yourself and your Hezbo friends to an open battlefield instead of hiding behind civilians so we can kill you better. if you choose to hide among them like Hamas then no problem, they will die along with you.

Meanwhile all you cowards do is load some rockets on a pickup truck and shoot into an open field, but don’t forget we can do the same and we can actually aim to wipe you from this earth with some of the most deadly weapons. If you ask me? our response was a mistake. For every rocket fired I would have ordered to wipe out a Lebanese village, but that’s just me. Let’s see when Bennet and Gantz run out of patience, then it will give you a real reason to whine.

Ashok Varma


Icarus Tanović

You to deliver warning to anyone? You must be some kid of a fool.


Hello Iron ArseHole. I’m delivering this warning to you. Please take it to your arsehole leadership in Hellaviv. ZioP1gs are playing with fire. They were too scared to invade gaza. Gazans will invade TelAviv and Piss on all ZioP1gs if they attack and harm ONE Blade of grass in South Lebanon.

LoL – You are a Joke – It took you ZioP1g cowards 15 years to use an airstrike on EMPTY Lebanese soil. We decimated your ground forces, destroyed 100 merkavas and sank 1 ship and crippled another. Your stolen colonial state is going to be taken back by force and you are going back to your ghetto shitholes in Poland.

Icarus Tanović

Which one did you sink? I’m not familiar with that.


Hezballah is hiding in the ground again, just like the rats they are ^^


LoL the IDF were too scared to invade gaza in may 2021. At least they learnt from the humiliating hiding they got in Shuja’iyyah 2014.

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