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Hezbollah Puts Forces On High Alert, Warns Israel From Any Attack On Lebanon

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Hezbollah Puts Forces On High Alert, Warns Israel From Any Attack On Lebanon

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On December 5, Hassan Hoballah, a member of Lebanese Hezbollah’s political bureau, warned Israel from launching any military operation inside Lebanon and stressed that the “resistance” will response to any such aggression.

“The days when Israel could simply attack Lebanon are over, even though the initiative to attack is in Israel’s hands,” the Iranian Press TV quoted Hoballah as saying.

Earlier in December, the Israeli military launched operation “Northern Shield” to destroy cross-border tunnels between Lebanon and Israel. By now, the operation has been conducted inside Israel territory only.

Hoballah revealed that Hezbollah fighters are on “a constant state of alert and surveillance, and are assessing the situation” in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah’s official added that the group’s action will depend on developments in the field.

Hezbollah Puts Forces On High Alert, Warns Israel From Any Attack On Lebanon

A Hezbollah fighter stands at a watch tower at Juroud Arsal, the Syria-Lebanon border. Photo: REUTERS

Israel has been slowly and steadily working to set a foothold for a possible war on Hezbollah in Lebanon since the beginning of year. First, the Middle Eastern country stepped up its military operations in Syria against what it claims are arms shipments to Hezbollah.

Later, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, revealed alleged missile sites of Hezbollah in the heart of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, during his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York. Netanyahu even vowed to act against any threat in Syria or in Lebanon.

Some experts say that Israel appears to be eager to wage a new war on Lebanon not only to send a message to Iran, but also to overcome its internal political crisis.

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  1. 2016usaofzimbabwe says:

    you can almost feel the next dust up a commin/its in the air. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/866d9e60f83378426fdc61a3597c7b16178aecca4e9cd38bf76a48c82be8345b.gif

    1. Hisham Saber says:

      I hope to see Israel blunder. And be taught a most painful lesson. Maybe we will even see the end of the Zionist experiment in Palestine.

      1. D Altom Maxwell says:

        I agree… the Palestine fiasco needs to be addressed. They must join Israel… or leave.

      2. skoch says:

        Funny thing about that, Israel doesn’t blunder. They execute their plans with precision and heavy tolls against it’s enemies. (The butchers, slavers and pedophiles of Islam)

      3. mackykam says:

        The Jews will whip allah’s ass again!

  2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    So what are they waiting for? We know that common sense among the defective DNA, is long been taken a leave of absence, so are they scare shitless to make their farts action?

  3. AJ says:

    IDF will get another bloody nose like 2006 if they make a stupid move to attack Lebanon.

    1. Zaphod Braden says:

      Which is why they are flapping their trap and not attacking …………

    2. Jens Holm says:

      That was no stupid move. But Hesbollah were much better, then they expected. Hard to see progress for Hesbollah there.

  4. Hrky75 says:

    Inability of Israel to find a neighbor they can attack and win for a change borders with insanity…Hint, it’s not Hezbollah – not by a long shot…

    1. You can call me Al says:


      1. Hrky75 says:

        Neah…More like Guatemala…

  5. Benoit Balderacchi says:

    Moscou have condemned Hezbollah action. They understand sequence of events could lead Israel to open a frontal war with Syria and that will be bad for Assad future.

    1. Lena Jones says:

      It would be worse for tel aviv, actually.

    2. Hisham Saber says:

      Israel doesn’t have the means to successfully attack anybody. As we saw in 2006, the IDF are rather pathetic. 75,00 troops and two armored battalions were routed by 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘. Hezbollah special forces and commando units didn’t even take part in 2006. If the did, the battle would have ended up in Israel proper.

      Israel is surrounded by Syria, Lebanon, to a big degree Iraq, and of course Iran. All of whom effectively destroyed ISIS and the conspiracy to oust the Damascus government by the U.S., Britain, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia. These said countries have combat forces that have 7.5 years of combat, real life experience that is extremely valuable. They have ben distilled by now into perhaps the best fighting forces in the world.

      The IDF stands no chance. It would turn into a regional war that would suck in Israel’s allies but even they wouldn’t be able to save her.

      1. A SinnerSavedbytheGraceofGod says:

        Ahhh, but you forget the most important ingredient Hisham. God. You are a fool to make such a stupid comment. Remember the 1967 6 day war? Idiot.

        1. Joe Kerr says:

          2006 is more relevant than 1967. God bless Hezbollah. Moron.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            You should turn around Your microskope.


        2. Hisham Saber says:

          Which God are you referring too, the Gods of the Talmud? Who couldn’t save Israel from a severe beating by Hezbollah, a militia, in 2006, when 4500 Hezbollah regulars routed the mighty (sic) Tshahal -75,000 IDF and two armored battalions. The pathetic IDF’s Golani Brigade nearly got itself isolated, surrounded and annihilated. And your God/s didn’t help when Israel had total air supremacy over Hezbollah. Even the Merkava (Chariot of God) was discontinued after that divine victory by Hezbollah. They nearly sunk Israels naval flagship off the coast of Israel too, using a rudimentary Chinese missile, the C-108. This isn’t 67′ or 73′ anymore.

        3. Hisham Saber says:

          Where was your God in 2000 and 2006, when 4500 Hezbollah regulars routed 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions? The pathetic Godless IDF couldn’t even take and hold small border villages. And Israel has total air superiority. On top of that, Hezbollah had its Elite troops, Special Forces and Commandos stationed north of the Litani Line. Now imagine if they were at the border. Jerusalem would be the capital of Palestine again.

          Speaking of the God of the Jews, well 44 of his ‘ Chariots ‘ , the Merkava Main Battle Tanks, were totally destroyed, and Hezbollah ATGM teams knew exactly where their weak spots are. So not to insult your God, Israel discontinued production of the ‘ Chariot of God ‘ , the mighty Merkava MBT. Israel almost nearly had its Naval Flagship sunk to the bottom of the Medi Sea, as it was hit right off the coast of Israel. Israel effectively could no longer use its navy after that incident. And it was hit using a cheap – to- produce/ duplicate Chinese C-108 anti-ship missile. Wait till China starts giving volumes of anti-air man pads to Arabs of the forces of resistance. Whish whom there are millions, itching for a chance at Israel.

          Look, Israel’s days are winding down. Its coming to a close. Soon Zionism will be history as far as the genocidal entity it has been in the greater Middle East.

        1. Omega says:

          And yours:

          Even more revealing were the comments by Mossad Chief, Meir Degan, and the head of Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, during a meeting with Prime Minister Olmert in the immediate aftermath of the war. Both men pointedly told Olmert “the war was a national catastrophe and Israel suffered a critical blow.”


      2. mackykam says:

        Next war and the Litani river becomes Israel’s new northern border, lol!

        1. Hisham Saber says:

          Ya, just like in 2006 when 4500 Hezbollah regulars routed 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions , right? Next war and Jerusalem will be Palestine’s capital, you Jewish moron. And Israel had total air superiority too. What incompetent fools.

          1. mackykam says:

            Big talk from small qocks hiding behind women, children and UNIFIL.

            HEZBOLLAH DID SO WELL nasrallah hasn’t shown his face much for fear of Israeli attack and the pres of lebanon went crying on TV over what Israel did to lebanon. You may have forgotten, not me!

          2. Hisham Saber says:

            Ya, Hezbollah thoroughly outmatched the IDF and they were outnumbered by astronomical odds. And on top of this, Hezbollah had its Special Forces and Commandos stationed north of the Litani Line. If they would have been at the border, Jerusalem would be Palestine’s capital now.

            Once the Leadership of the pathetic IDF realized that they could make no headway whatsoever against Hezbollah’s highly mobile, very deadly ATGM teams and rocket teams, they knew they were in trouble. Even the decorated Golani Brigade Special Forces got themselves surrounded and came close to annihilation, but the IDF relocated lots of assets and resources to extradite them from their impending doom. Israel , with 75,000 troops and two armored battalions couldn’t even take and hold border villages. Now that’s very pathetic indeed.

            So Israel goes back to doing what Israel does best, bombing civilian neighborhoods, using internationally banned ordinance( white phosphorous, and cluster munitions) like they carpet bombed, without regard for human life, South Beirut.

            So Israel, go back to bombing, occupying, being racist against unarmed Palestinian civilians, because when Israel comes up against real men, they are sissies. The glory days of 67′ and 73′ are over. The ‘ writing is written on the wall’ for Israel, to use a biblical phrase. Its all but over for the Zionist experiment of genocide in the Middle East.

            And now Hezbollah have about 8 years of real life combat experience from war in Syria, so they, like the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Iraqi Hasd Al-Shaabi (PMU’s) and the IRGC Quds Division have been distilled down to perhaps the best fighting forces in the world.

            Not even the U.S., Britain nor France will come to Israels rescue. They cant even prevail against guys riding motorcycles and armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s and a few IED’s in Afghanistan, after 18 years of combat. If the U.S , Britain and France et al come to the region with force of arms, they will be bled dry rather quickly. There are millions waiting for them. And they are angry, determined and want nothing but to get their chance at the Zionists and those who prop them up.

          3. mackykam says:

            try stand up comedy. You’re good at it. stupid arab fantasies, lol!

          4. Omega says:

            Even more revealing were the comments by Mossad Chief, Meir Degan, and the head of Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, during a meeting with Prime Minister Olmert in the immediate aftermath of the war. Both men pointedly told Olmert “the war was a national catastrophe and Israel suffered a critical blow.”


  6. Lena Jones says:

    Stupid article! Israel the coward has been looking for a way to AVOID another war with Hezbollah – been trying, since its humiliating loss to the Hezb in 2006, to find alternative goy ‘armies’ to face off with the Hezb on its behalf, hence: israel’s teat-feeding Al-Nusra and other islamist terrorist groups in Syria, whose first jewy mission was to destroy Syria, and whose second jewy mission once the ‘caliphate’ was established in Syria was to turn west and decapitate Lebanon with Hezbollah in it.

    … And now that ISIS and Al-Nusra are walking the plank in Syria, all israel can do is stick two thumbs up its arsehole and grunt thru stupid articles like this one.

    1. Hisham Saber says:

      Beautifully said. Thanks.

      To use a biblical phrase, ‘ The writing is on the wall’ for Israel.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Next cleaning Hesbollah will be easy. Most of their soldiers only has one leg and are traumatized as well.

      But they might be new participaters at the next paraolympics.

      1. Lena Jones says:

        LOL what a pathetic liar you are! But even IF you were telling the truth from out there in tel fucking aviv, a single one-legged Hezbollah can single-handedly smash up an idf battalion and put the heebeejeebeez in the hearts of the coward jew commanders hiding in their bunkers.

        1. mackykam says:

          so much stupid in a single qunt

          1. Lena Jones says:

            I’d rather be a ‘qunt’ than a jew like you.

          2. mackykam says:

            Ever wonder why victorious Jewish soldiers never phuq arab women? Answer: bestiality forbidden by our bible.

          3. Lena Jones says:

            Ever wonder why Arab women don’t fuck jewish soldiers? Cuz they’re all trannies in diapers.

            Here’s one for you: now follow my instructions really carefully: take one big fat dump and eat it for Palestine lol!

          4. Rakean Jaya says:

            LOL, thank you Lena, absolutely you are the one of the best hasbarat killer here in SF

          5. mackykam says:

            so know we know…arab women are trannies.
            And is that foreplay with your husband…asking him to take one big fat dump, you, and eat it for Palestine lol?

          6. Lena Jones says:

            More intellectual plagiarism from yet another klepto jew.

          7. mackykam says:

            I’d rather be any kind of Jew than a clipped qunt like you.

          8. Lena Jones says:

            My qunt is your oven.

          9. mackykam says:

            clipped qunts have no oven.

          10. Lena Jones says:

            Eunuch jew terrorist fixated on Gentile vaginas cuz jewy terrorist vaginas scare him.

  7. hvaiallverden says:

    Yeah, this is so riddicilous that I have to laugh, and I dont belive an single word of this sherade, its total bollocks and nothing else.
    And to cut it short, L. Jones said it, and I agree, ISISraelis are insane, the Lithuanian sewage rat Mihkalikow is certain staggering rotten, stupid and evil, and this is an desperate atempt to divert the attentions to the criminal charges against Him, so, and as before, what we see isnt verifyable what so ever, Hezb dont need this Tunnels or whatever they are doing, looks more like drilling for water that anything else.
    Military speaking, and what they have shown us so far, makes no sense what so ever, but uses this, since Gaza does this, because of an decade of total blockade, and that narrative is what they twist to be about Lebanon.

    But this kind of nonsense works on the even dumber Wankees, but one thing do I know, its not even an doubt, like the last war agaist Hamas, whom kicked the IDFs out within 3 days, will never come, and they as I, know they will loose, you cant nuke em, because ISISrael is smaler than the county I grew up in, and Lebanon is way to close, they will ineviatable wack them self.
    But, the problem again isnt the Joos, its the NATO ( the North Atlantic Terror Org), and the Village idiot from NY.

    Stupid propaganda, nothing else.


  8. Robert McMaster says:

    Here, Isreali puppy. Nice Zionist puppy. Wanna chew this Hezbollah slipper? Step right over here. That’s it. Where it says “X Marks The Spot”. Oh, bad puppy! Now go sit in your painful corner.

  9. Zaphod Braden says:

    . …. Israel claims
    “Palestinians have no RIGHTS because they have no Nation”,
    and “Palestinians do not exist because they have no nation”
    So by Israeli logic the “holocaust” was OKAY because the Jews HAD NO NATION.

    Israel CLAIMS to be a Democracy.
    But the only way it survives is by outlawing Free Speech (holocost denial)
    and Free Association (BDS).
    Two main foundation blocks of Democracy.
    Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said, “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.”

  10. russ says:

    End the internal political crisis? Put nuttyahoo down.

  11. Joe Kerr says:

    Pissrael learnt its lesson in 2006, and that is that the IDF these days has no chance against Hezzy, particularly with its recent battle experience in Syria (the only thing the IDF is good at now is lobbing tank shells into Gaza). Probably another false flag attack to suck the dumb yanks in before their debt-ridden economy disappears into the ether.

    1. mackykam says:

      your moniker is apt…joker

  12. Domenic Patrone says:

    Israel is getting ready for a surgical strike by air and possibly by submarine with US help. They want top officers, command and control, and the communication network destroyed really. 2-3 weeks perhaps.

    1. Lena Jones says:

      The jews don’t have intelligence on ‘where’ Hezbollah’s command and control is etc. They thought they did know back in 2006 and just look at what happened to them – even the jewy Golani brigade, israel’s ‘best and brightest’, was wiped out by hezb fighters. My advise to the terrorist israelis: either go back to where you came from, or dig a tunnel below your stupid bunkers cuz the hezb is coming to bust your rat holes in tel aviv and “beyond and beyond and beyond”.

      1. mackykam says:

        you’ll be drinking piss in lebanon because there won’t be any water or electricity if Israel is attacked.

        1. Lena Jones says:

          And jew corpses don’t need drinking water so you won’t have that problem lol.

          The whole world is looking forward to the Axis of Resistance pulverizing AGAIN the terrorist invader jew and this time it will be the final and TOTAL wipe out. Good fucking riddance to the synagogue of satan lol!

          1. mackykam says:

            funny how NOBODY has ever been able to totally wipe out the Jews, EVER!

            Allah and his asswipe mohammed are going to suffer another beat down, LOL! By the time the next war will be over arab men in lebanon will have to start phuqing women as there won’t be any sheep left!

          2. Lena Jones says:

            Methinks you love talking sheep-fucking and bestiality cuz that’s what your dick is into and you’re just projecting it onto the Arabs of Lebanon because they kicked your fat assed Golani Brigade too many times to count lol.

            Jews are the weakest in the Levant – soon enough jewish terrorist invaders will be kicked out (yet again!) by the natives or killed by their own greed and stupidity, or else by a missile hitting the Dimona and 50.000 other missiles in 7 days wiping out tel aviv and tel ashit and other illegal jewish terrorist settlements.

            So like, come back to me when your barn-porn brain has been lobotomized by Hezbollah in the next war. And in the meantime, take a vacation: I hear Germany has brothels for deranged jew fur-fucker-scumbags like you – and it’s cheap-cheap too, just like you and your stinky kosher aftershave.

          3. mackykam says:

            difference between a Jew and an arab. I talk sheep phuqing, arabs practice sheep phuqing… when they’re not playing with their batcha boys.

            Know why arabs cut their wives klitts? CAUSE THEY CAN’T satisfy a complete woman. And the German brothels are full of muslim men looking to get phuqed. They eat to get paid. Covers the cost of sheep.

          4. Lena Jones says:

            Another sordid terrorist jew whose face is shit-streaked and tongue piss-pickled.

          5. mackykam says:

            stop projecting.

          6. Lena Jones says:

            Stop breathing.

        2. Omega says:

          Nobody ever attack Israel.

      2. Domenic Patrone says:

        I don’t want to be disrespectful if you are a muslim but I myself am a prophet of the smallest stature, or a psychic, by American terms. No one ever listens, but here it is. Years ago, I predicted that it will take about 200 years for Israel “to get what’s theirs”. Iran and Russia will have already overrun and co-opted Iraq. Now Israel sweats. America is out and doesn’t have a friend in the world at this point. Israel is alone. Iran wants to invade but Russia puts on a sour look and demands restraint while they try and fold Israel into it’s block. Israel’s fails as a friend but tries to save their lives by doing some of what’s asked of it. In the end, Israel falls. But there is some mild benefit for the Palestinians early on in that scenario.

        1. Lena Jones says:

          I’m no muslim and your experience of the ‘future’ of occupied Palestine does not offend me in the slightest. Like you, I too see the end of terrorist israel, but much sooner than your 200 years projection. Thank you.

          1. Domenic Patrone says:

            America would stand hand in hand with Israel if they were attacked. When that attachment is broken ( probably by Israel ) in the end, then the opportunity to strike by others would be present .. sort of ( nuclear arms are a problem ).

  13. Vitex says:

    Judging by the number of hasbara trolls commenting below, the IDF must be planning an attack……..

  14. Ilya says:

    Israel want to affect the only war strategy they know – total genocide, as the other side of ruling over other cultures benevolently is not in their historical nature.

    kamma-vipaka though, and as always they will mistake the effect for the cause, and blame something external to them.

  15. Aen RaBeon says:

    Well, the corruption case badly needs a distraction. Can’t afford a real war so this will do, for now.

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