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Hezbollah Publishes Video Threatening Israel With Pending Reprisal Attack

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Hezbollah Publishes Video Threatening Israel With Pending Reprisal Attack

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Over a month has passed since a Hezbollah fighter was killed in SyriaHezbollah has released a video warning Israel that it will conduct proportionate reprisal attacks for every attack against Hezbollah. Meanwhile, Israel and Hamas have announced a ceasefire with respect to the Gaza strip. This may reflect Israel’s desire to calm the situation on the Gaza front for a while so that it can devote all its military attention to the border with Lebanon as it tries to fend off Hezbollah’s reprisal attack(s).

Speaking on Sunday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed that the group will kill an Israeli soldier for every Hezbollah member killed.

Nasrallah described the action as the most effective means of deterring further Israeli attacks.

“Let the Israelis understand that whenever they kill one of our mujahideen, we will kill one of their soldiers. We are committed to an equation. Our objective is not revenge but punishment and to establish a balance of deterrence.”

Israel has been continuously reinforcing its military presence and activities along the contact line with Lebanon and Syria over the last month in anticipation of a military strike by Hezbollah. Over the last couple of days, Israel has carried out additional strikes against Lebanon although no casualties have been reported, presumably an attempt to avoid increasing the scale of the pending Hezbollah response.

In a new video released by Hezbollah, an armed militant is featured shooting his rifle at a target featuring a Star of David. The clip features a Hebrew voiceover with an Arabic accent reciting a passage from Exodus 21 (24-25)

“Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,  burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.” LINK

The terrorists using our Torah against Israel.

Posted by Meir HaLevi Weinstein on Sunday, August 30, 2020

Last week, Israeli attack helicopters struck observation posts of the Hezbollah along the Lebanon border after shots were fired at Israeli troops operating in the area, the Israeli military announced on Wednesday.

Israel has been bracing for a possible attack by the Lebanese resistance group since an Israeli airstrike killed a Hezbollah fighter in neighbouring Syria last month. Israeli troops have also traded fire in recent weeks with the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza.

The military said no Israeli forces were wounded by the sniper fire, and there were no reports of casualties in Lebanon. Earlier, Israeli troops fired flares and smoke shells along the heavily guarded border. Hezbollah-run Al-Manar TV reported that two homes were damaged by the shelling.

In the aftermath of the incidents the military ordered civilians in nearby communities to shelter and blocked off roads near the border. The restrictions were lifted early Wednesday. The incident took place near the northern Israeli town of Manara.

In a briefing with reporters on Wednesday evening, Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the fighting began when Hezbollah snipers, located between two U.N. peacekeeping positions, opened fire. He accused the militant group of using the U.N. positions for cover, and of deliberately locating its militiamen to draw fire that could have harmed the peacekeepers. “The choice of the location by Hezbollah is not accidental,” he said.

Conricus said the Hezbollah operatives were just a few dozen meters from one of the U.N. positions, though he said visibility was poor and it was impossible to say at this stage whether the peacekeepers were aware of the snipers’ presence.

UNIFIL said it observed flares fired from several Israeli positions along the border and were informed that there had been small arms fire from Lebanon directed against an Israeli patrol in the vicinity of Manara.

UNIFIL’s commander, Maj. Gen. Stefano Del Col urged restraint and asked both sides avoid further provocations. “I call on both parties to fully cooperate with UNIFIL to help determine the facts,” Del Col said.

Lebanon’s Higher Defence Council said it would file a complaint with the U.N. Security Council “over Israel’s aggressions on Lebanon”. Israel also planned to lodge a complaint.

While tensions between Israel and Hamas had escalated over the last couple of weeks, they announced earlier today that an agreement has been reached to implement a ceasefire. The move was foreshadowed last week by Israel’s defence minister.

“We will continue to work to restore complete quiet to our southern region,” Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz said. “In the north, we will not allow Nasrallah, who tried to harm our country but met with an alert and prepared army, we will not let him harm our soldiers or our country.”

Israel considers Hezbollah to be its toughest and most immediate threat. After battling Israel to a stalemate during a month-long war in 2006, Hezbollah is believed to be far stronger today.

At the United Nations, spokesman Stephane Dujarric said on Wednesday of last week that UNIFIL has launched an investigation and called on both parties to fully cooperate with the probe. LINK

Speaking after the sniper fire against Israeli positions last Tuesday night, Nasrallah said that such attacks would not stop until an Israeli soldier is killed and the balance is restored.

“If the resistance fighters carried out 100 operations and have not killed a Zionist soldier, the attacks will continue until the equation is equal again,” he said.

He added his terror group was “in no hurry” to kill a solder: “Your soldiers will eventually appear on the roads,” he said.

Addressing the recent UAE-Israel normalization deal, Nasrallah called it an “act of treason.”

“We condemn all attempts to acknowledge Israel and all forms of normalization with this enemy. We renew our condemnation of the stance of the officials in the UAE. Any such agreement is treason.” LINK


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El libanes

Iron zion start runing hahaha we are coming!!


Mistake, WE are coming for you. Get ready.

alejandro casalegno

Gayzion…….yes, go to Lebanon. like Ansariyah in 1997………..

El libanes

We are always ready, and the ground testifies on it. Dont leave the tanks empty

Ashok Varma

WE need to check with mummy first.

Miri Nature

:D:D:D thought you like a lot adrenaline dude right :D


Israel better get those dummies ready again.


No dummies bro, this time it’s flash and blood IDF guys like me coming for them. Let the show begin, I want to see the Shia bastard that falls into my hands alive.

Ashok Varma

You are getting sillier you chit of delinquent boy. You really need to get out more and make some friends, it is getting tiring reading rants of liars and crazies.


Do you like to be called a Jew c*nt? If yes, go treat your masochism. If not, don’t insult others based on their religion. If you want to fight, go fight. Don’t dirty talk here.

Lucky for you, Hezbollah (which has Sunni, Christian and even godless members not just Shias) is far more honourable than your child-killer armed forces and treat their POWs fairly, more than they should based on Geneva Convention.


Hezbollah bastards deserve no mercy, they all need to die. If they want to test our determination and kill one of our guys then they will pay dearly for it. They can still back down, and no harm will come to them.

alejandro casalegno

They are killing yours twinks for the las 40 years……………


That is not what I said. You have a right to hate Hezbollah and i couldn’t care less (I’d probably hate them if they kicked our butts al the way to separation line) and they probably think the same about Zionists. They kicked your armed forces sorry butts out once, they can do it again despite lacking and air force and navy unlike you. We will know for sure the outcome of a possible war if your army shows enough backbone and starts a ground aggression instead of empty threats and warning because Hezbollah will never start an aggression against you outside the Lebanese frontiers, they only retaliate in at the time of their choosing.

But you use insults based on religions, ethnicity and nationality. If you don’t like the same to be said about your own (or your people’s) religion or ethnicity, it’s best to stop this practice. so far I did my best to separate your religion and ethnicity from your political views (and were do careful that some people here called me jew-lover or whatever, I do not care about them either). We have opposite views in on so many subjects, but so far we did not insult each other. if you value a polite conversation, you will do the same. That is a decision you will have to make.


My apologize Garga, no disrespect to all the Shias and when I write it down here you should know I mean Hezbollah alone so I want to make it clear. Same with Hamas, I don’t hate all Sunnis just the radical ones. 40 years ago we had a good relations with Iran, look how it’s all ruined today. You know I criticize Bibi alot here and for good reasons, one reason is that he doesn’t try to reach a peace deal with the Palis which is good for us and the region and that is what we all need. Also, what do I hear from Iran all day on our media? how much they want to kill us and if you keep saying it enough times eventually we’d believe it. I know it has an agenda, but it has some truth in it too. Replace your regime, we will replace Bibi with a normal leader that wants peace (Yaid Lapid for me), and maybe we can restart something good. But for now, if you send your soldiers to our border what do you expect me to write? “welcome and gooduck killing Israelis”? you say the U.S is at your borders aswell, but putting us at risk won’t make it any better for you. All your IRGC generals working day and night to bring more weapons to Hezbollah, how do you think it will end? a war can be avoided and I hope Hezbollah won’t retaliate because Bibi can and will go to a war as a last exit from his trial.


You said it, you hear it all day “in your own media” that Iran wants to kill you. Any media these days follows the agenda of the leaders very closely.

What we hear and learn right here in Iran, is something totally different. Anything you hear about the Iran attacking Israel/destroying/annihilate it is not true. and is not in Iran’s agenda.

It doesn’t mean we hear rosy things about you, we think that your daily attacks on Palestinians civilians are totally unnecessary, why do you like killing and hurting others so much and these sort of things. What we don’t hear or learn is that we as Iran have a duty to destroy you. The ideal for us is an election or referendum there. I’ll elaborate more if you want to hear it.

Bibi or any other current Israeli politician won’t make peace and whenever they see it’s getting calm, they do something to stir $hit more. It’s all to scare and control your population. Honestly, how many years has passed since the first time he said Iran will have “da bomb” in 6 months? When there is a scary big bad Iran right in the next country (I’m afraid I can’t say your order, because you do not have a defined border, you know that don’t you?) for another matter and did not so much as look at your general direction, it doesn’t seem so scary. So what your leadership does? Starts attacking Syrians and says they attacked bad Iranian forces who are there to kill you all (they are busy with fighting Wahhabi terror groups, do not car about you one bit) and he protects you. Eventually one of these attacks hit close to our forces or hurt one of our guys, so we are bound to react. That reaction becomes a god-given gift for your leadership to remind you that Iran is attacking, go to shelters!

I believe the same is with Hezbollah at north, they showed great restraint so far and avoided retaliation exactly because they know they play into Bibi’s hands if they avenge now, but that’s another matter. I know how it’s to live in constant fear of foreign attack. One believes and accepts anything for the promise of safety. I don’t wish to be in your place. My suggestion as a remote friend to you is to diversify your news sources and hear both sides (that’s what I do, I read your media, our own media and some of others). You understand English very well, why not give 30 minutes of your time and watch Press TV and really listen to what is being said from Iran’s side?


I accept your offer Garga, mind linking me to some article / video from an Iranian news site about what they think of us? maybe that’s exactly what I need to view it more objectively.

Also, a war is not necessary and the Hezbollah fighter that was killed in Syria should not have been there in the first place. I hope they won’t make it any worse because the IDF has alot of forces at the border at the moment and it can erupt into something big. I know our politicians lie, most of them are from the Likud that has been in power since 2009, I can see how my country is going downhill after a decade they rule here. I want a better future Garga believe me, I don’t wake up and say “let’s kill Palestinians for fun today”. No, I truely want a peace deal with them and if you follow my posts that is the one thing I keep saying over and over again.

I want them to have a state as it would be good for them but even better for us, our leaders are afraid of the right wing religious zealots (Rabin was murdered for it), not me I’m secular and I have never supported their agenda for “greater Israel”. I’m happy with what we have, but I am still a reserve soldier and I love my country. If a war comes then I will be there even if I know it’s a dirty political game, my family is the one thing I care the most and I’ll protect them however I can. They live in Northern Israel under the rocket threat.

Let’s keep this discussion even more if you want, again I apologize if you were offended as a Shia Muslim, that was not my intention. I hope Nasrallah calm down his rhetoric and keep the border clam for the sake of all of us. In the end, Jews and Muslims need to live here and I know and accept it, I just don’t want us to give in to the radical islamists and to their threats. I hope Iranians and Israelis get to be free again, we both have our dictators that play us as puppets.


Thanks for keeping an open mind. Just log in to their site or tune in your STB and read or watch at a time of your choosing, the article which you chose. If I send you a link it won’t be unbiased. Or if you kept your mother tongue, al-Alam is the Arabic service of Iran. Whenever you feel like it. I’m sure important issues will be reported on both sides at the same time, though from different points of view.

Mr. Nasrallah is a man of his word but he is also honourable and a true Shia. He’ll never put any civilian (from any side) at harm’s way. So he’ll deliver his promise at a time of his choosing, probably not now that half your army are there and try their best to provoke Hezbollah into an attack. Maybe the pilot who fired the ordnance, maybe his or her CO, or one above. I’m sure their target won’t be an unsuspecting Israeli regular, they could’ve done it ages ago but what is the point of killing one ordinary Israeli soldier who had nothing to do with the death of Hezbollah member?

What should’ve never happened was Israel bombing Syria. Why does it bomb Syria? To get a reaction. A reaction from parties who are busy with many things except Israel. Ask yourself why should you keep attacking Syria or as your leaders claim, Iranian assets, while they are fighting terror groups and not you?

Is Hezbollah fighting you or attacking you from Syria? They can do it perfectly from Lebanese border if they wanted. How about Iran? Except the retaliation after your attack caused some of our men to lose their lives in T4. Iran neither attacked Israel nor threatened to attack it unprovoked.

If you could see, we live together here, Shia. Sunni, Christians and Jews. That is not something you see in an extremist and fanatic society. Many synagogues or churches receive budget from government for their upkeep and maintenance. Maybe you can find Iranian Jews who regularly travel to Israel and ask them (there are special arrangement in place for them, on both sides, they are usually elderly with children emigrated to Israel but they remained in Iran themselves). I know a couple of them and we talk. They’ll give a better picture, much better than thousands of hours watching the TV.


Alright Garga, I’ll check it out and maybe we can discuss some of topics they write there. About Syria, we attack Syria because your generals use their land to transfer weapons to Hezbollah and we mostly attack advanced weapon shipments or rocket storages, if we don’t attack them as you suggest then in the next war (which may or may not come), Hezbollah would be able to target Israeli centers more easily and kill more civilians like they did back in 2006. If you were in our shoes, what would you do? I’ll let you answer. Ofcourse, if the SAA had stopped it on their own then we wouldn’t have to bomb there, but on the contrary they use their AD to cover Iran’s shipments against us. Doing nothing is the worse thing, especially when they already have 150K rockets. Also if you don’t mind to answer, why do you want the nuclear weapons? if you don’t need it against Israel then against whom? maybe Saudi Arabia but it’s highly unlikely. Israel is your target, but it would bring a total distruction upon both countries. Don’t you think?


I’ll answer. but I need to point something out for you. You already decided that we are trying to build nuclear weapons. We are not. We have several reasons not to seek them and proof that we are not:

– We are aware that one nuclear weapon or 10 not only cannot help us, it gives our enemies a justification they so desperately need to use their huge arsenal of hundreds and thousands of such weapons on us. – Another reason is a religious one. Based on our beliefs, we cannot use a weapon that kills enemy’s non-combatants and civilians indiscriminately. We have a religious decree that bans building, buying, stockpiling and using such weapons and it’s not limited to nuclear ones. Chemical and biologic weapons also fall in this category. I remind you when Saddam used chemical weapons on us extensively (sold to him by the US, Germany, France and a few others) we did not hit them back with the same kind of weapons despite all treaties and conventions gave us the right to retaliate in kind. Would your country do that? – It’s close to 2 decades that your politicians, Americans and others shriek that Iran is close to have a bomb in 3 to 6 month. close to 240 months since they started to say it and we still don’t have it because we didn’t want it. – Iran is under the most extensive watching regime related to its nuclear program on earth. We signed and ratified every treaty and accepted the additional protocol related to nuclear program (which no other country did) to create trust. IAEA and other watchdogs observe our every single nuclear facilities, installed cameras and sensors and visit them unannounced and their every single report says that there’s no sign that Iran has a military nuclear program. We even opened some of our military sites unrelated to nuclear program while we shouldn’t have. Still, without presenting any proof or existence of a weapon, we are being accused to pursue nuclear weapons, despite 20 years of warnings from your and American governments.

– I remind you that Iran is under an arms embargo based on bogus claims. We can’t even buy purely defensive weapons so we had to start from scratch and build our own so another 8 years war like the 1980-88 doesn’t happen. The easiest path was to build chemical weapons which we do not. How are we supposed to defend ourself against day and night threats of attacks from the US and Israel? Mind that a US attack on us is not unprecedented.

So, tell me. Does your state willing to do just one of the above? Or you think you are different, you have a right to have nukes and attack everybody and Iran (which hasn’t initiated any attack against any country for centuries) is the aggressor here?


Garga, can you explain this video then? maybe he’s lying maybe not, I’m sure you’ve seen it too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkihrV4cZLE


I saw this, it’s 2-3 years old and I remember it being longer. Well, what can I say? You know this man better than me. He can sell a bridge to anyone if he puts his back into it. He lies as he breathes. But the explanation:

This show was specifically prepared for Trump to bring US out of JCPoA and as a result, prepare way for a US attack on Iran. He succeeded in the first part, but failed at the second. If you want to see there is any truth to his show, look what IAEA did after this. They said any country that has conclusive evidence about this matter please come forward and present the proof, nothing happened and from that day on the IAEI every 3 months confirmed Iran’s adhering to the JCPoA.

There are some errors in translations in the “original Iranian documents”, showing no Iranian was involved in preparing them. For example, the cover of the video is a frame where he shows “our” design of a nuclear device. Let’s forget for a second that this diagram is found in every highschool physics text book and there are thousands version of it in the internet. What gives it away is the Persian words they chose. We never call the core of a device it’s heart. We call it the seed (like a cherry or apricot seed). It’s written “empty space” for vacuum, which has a different meaning and many other errors. In English, spring means a small river and a device made of twisted metal which if you compress, it returns to its original form. In Persian we have 2 separate words for them. Guess which one they used in this diagram? But he cleverly chose a name for “our” secret program, “Ahmad” to bring “Ahmadinejad” to minds. You gotta say it, he’s great at showmanship, sucks as a politician and cannot tell the truth if his life depends on it.

I remember the first time I saw this show, I was with a few family and friends and the whole room erupted in laughter as soon as he mentioned “Torquzabad” (which is removed from this video). Somebody made fool of him by telling him to use this name. It’s equivalent of “nowhere” or “neverland” for us and is used when you don’t want to answer where are you from (from Toquzabad) or as in insult to someone, like telling he’s a village boy. This show caused a lot of jokes here, no wonder they removed that part.


Well Garga he might have lied, but some parts might have truth in it. I’m sure both you and I don’t really know what’s going on deep inside the regime halls, so I try not to make any guesses as you know it better than I am. Bottom line is that Bibi has the power to start a war just like he has the power to avoid it when he wants, our laws give him the permission to use force whenever he wants / needs just like Trump is the commander of the U.S army. If he decides to attack in Iran for whatever reason, it won’t make any difference who is right or wrong, just who survives this war. Let’s hope we won’t get to that, the ME will burn. I for one have no expectations from that man.


He needs a few prerequisites for an attack on Iran, which we know will have devastating effect on the whole western Asia and Europe. We know that Iran won’t start any aggression so everything depends on him, and so far he couldn’t secure even one of these conditions (maybe just the 8th, partially) in the last 10 years, so there won’t be a war. 1- He needs the US to be %100 in this and initiate the war, not Israel. Israel shouldn’t start the war and be the victim here, hit by Iran’s retaliation.

2- He also needs European major powers actively participating in this attack. 3- He needs to somehow convince the Russians that an attack on Iran and the subsequent hypothetical chaos (in case Iran loses) poses no danger to Russia (impossible). 4- He needs Iran out of Syria, so in case the attack starts Iran can’t retaliate from such a close distance. Not going to happen, Iran didn’t go to Syria to attack Israel, doesn’t need a permission from Israel and will remain there until Syrian government no longer needs us. Iran won’t initiate an attack to Israel from Syria but won’t hesitate to retaliate from there if Iran is attacked first. To assure a better deterrence, Iran might creep into Jordan as well (it’s a WiP as we speak) but that’s another matter.

5- The same case as 4 for Hezbollah in Lebanon. They may change a thousand Lebanese governments but Hezbollah will remain unchanged, only gets stronger. The only way that Hezbollah may disband is that the threat from Israel stops for good. No chance there either,

6- He needs the Persian Gulf Arab despots willing to sacrifice themselves for Israel. Fat chance! 7- He needs Iran to breach JCPoA irreversibly, Iran is too clever to do such thing. All the show you posted and Trump violating JCPoA were to achieve this. We won’t give him the satisfaction. 8- In the meantime he needs to keep the Israeli population scared day and night, so they think in every shadow there’s an Iranian or Hezbollah to get them. Under constant fear, the population will agree to go to war. If everything is calm and you are not scared, how can he gain the support for a war which may devastate the land? The complete opposite is happening here, The Iranian leaders repeatedly assure the population that there won’t be a war, there’s no reason to be scared and they better focus on their lives and businesses and try to progress.

Unlike in the US and Israel, declaration and starting a war has many checks and balances here. No one man has the authority to start a war. Defence is another matter though.

In the meantime, all the rhetoric from both sides are just hot air. So, rest assured he won’t start such a foolish war (although he desperately needs a war to save his position and his skin) unless the US and EU are fully on board. We better pray they are smarter than this to fall into his traps. The only things happening are here and there cyber attacks or a saboutage and the counter-saboutage. I don’t count Israel’s constant attack on Syria because they are attacks on Syria, not us. You will know it when one us lost their life in an Israeli attack, because we won’t let it go unanswered. These attacks also serve to keep your population scared into thinking he is protecting you and without him, Iran eats you whole, while all these attacks do is sometimes kill a Syrian conscript or civilian and material damage as much as a small diameter bomb may cause, if Syrians can’t hit all of them successfully. With the cost of each one of these attacks, tens or a hundred of jobs can be created, you calculate their real damage on you yourself.

These being said, I still think this monster is very good for us.


Regarding our policy, ofcourse if someone would use a CW attack against us then we will retaliate with unconventional weapons too. Depends how many Israelis would die in such an attack.


That is not our policy as history confirms. For us when something is banned, it’s banned. There’s no dancing around it. WMDs (be it chemical, biological or nuclear) are banned, so we won’t use them or even build or keep them. To outsiders it might seem stupid, for us it’s a rule we will not break. That is the reason we did our best to increase the precision of our missiles, because “collateral damage” for us means killing enemy’s unarmed civilians and it’s unacceptable (Great precision is also unnecessary for nuclear weapons).

I’ll watch your video tomorrow and answer you, I’m off for tonight.

Ashok Varma

Hezbollah has rattled the Zionists and is keep up the pressure.

The Objective

Israel killed more Hezbollah fighters in Syria on Monday night

Free man

Judging by the videos, the dummies seem to work 24/7. Without sleepfood breaks. And so far they are doing a great job. Hezbollah is deterred of them and unable to respond.

Free man

Hezbollah has become a production company. Israel is bombing them and they are responding by producing threatening videos.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

they have learnt from their irani masters who sink mock up carriers trying to appear intimidating lol


Looks like psyops to keep the enemy on edge but sooner or later they will have to act

Free man

There is no doubt that Hezbollah is at a tough spot. But they make it worse by their empty threats. I can say with complete confidence that Lebanon cannot currently afford a war with Israel. And Hezbollah knows that. On the other hand, a war with Lebanon would be a great distraction from Netanyahu’s trial.


Mate you are like a parrot.

Free man

You can say a parrot of the truth. What’s your excuse?

The Objective

Free Man is damn right No one should support a coward


Respond already, Lebanese can thank Hezbollah for what we are about to unleash on them. Waiting for my orders.

alejandro casalegno

Fag-Zion……….Israel create the Hezbollah with the 1982 invasion……………enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Concrete Mike

Blame the victim again eh?

Be more original please, you zionists are getting played like a fiddle!

chris chuba

“UNIFIL said it observed flares fired from several Israeli positions along the border and were informed that there had been small arms fire from Lebanon directed against an Israeli patrol in the vicinity of Manara.”

If Hezbollah was using UNIFIL as ‘human shields’, Israel’s favorite excuse to commit war crimes, then why did UNIFL have to be told about the gunfire, wouldn’t some of them be able to hear it for themselves?


UNIFIL can’t do anything without Hezbollah’s approval, so even if they used their positions for shootings then they wouldn’t try to confront them. Luckily, that is why my unit is here for.

Ashok Varma

You are a delusional, the only unit you have is in a lunatic ward. No active duty soldier in any army is allowed to post nonsense. In Indian military that is a serious offense. Why don’t find a job somewhere?


I am allowed to write anything I want as long as I keep the civilian and military laws. You can ignore my comments, it won’t change the reality.


Hezbollah is getting good at freaking out the Zionists.

The Objective

I think Israel’s moves are a preparation for war, not panic in anticipation of a Hezbollah retaliation

The Objective

This article is pure propaganda attempting to whitewash Hezbollah’s cowardice. It’s been a month since Israel killed a Hezbollah fighter. They are still making threatening videos to kill an Israeli soldier when they always have Israeli soldiers in range. Truth is, Hezbollah is doing all it can to avoid provoking Israel into escalation. Only a misinformed person hasn’t realized that netanyahu and Trump are looking for a war that’ll deal a severe blow to Iran. Iran didn’t retaliate meaningfully for the killing of Soleimani – a deliberate attempt by Trump to provoke an Iranian retaliation that compels the US to launch attacks on Iranian soil. Iran, despite trying desperately to avert war has put itself in a difficult position. By creating proxies like Hezbollah, Iran increases the risk of a war reaching the Iranian homeland. Any attack by Hezbollah against Israeli soldiers will be a gift for netanyahu. He’ll retaliate far beyond proportion to compel a Hezbollah counter attack. And then he’ll retaliate again, and so the circle continues until eventual war, which Trump is hoping Iran will join against Israel. That could provide sufficient excuse to launch attacks on Iran. Israel will likely do it themselves, claiming Iran attacked first. That’s why this Hezbollah retaliation threat is just hot air. It’ll never come as long as Trump is in office. Hezbollah’s threats is meant to save face and cheer their supporters up. But it could also be an attempt to deter further Israeli attacks on Hezbollah through the protests in Lebanon. If the Lebanese protests escalate into violence, Hezbollah is in deep shit. The world will demonize Hezbollah for killing civilians. Then a more destructive covert or even overt operations against Hezbollah will begin. Will Hezbollah strike Israel in return? That’s possible, but I have a gut feeling Hezbollah will still try to avoid a clash with Israel and hope to emerge from the violence still strong enough to mobilize again. Iran seeks to win without fighting. It probably copied this strategy from China. But the Chinese are a more sophisticated player. They didn’t show their hands early as the Iranian Mullahs did with threats, bombastic comments, proxy forces, and meddling in other country’s affairs. For this reason, I don’t see Iran avoiding a war until 2030 even if Trump doesn’t win. Joe Biden is saying he’ll remake the JCPOA into a better deal. That means he’ll either request total ban on enrichment(highly likely), or negotiate Iran’s missiles and regional activities, or even all of theses. The problem for Iran is, America won’t have any respect for them like it did during Obama. That’s because of Iran’s muted response to Soleimani’s murder. Iran is currently in a very weak position to negotiate. The sanctions and it’s desperate attempt to avoid a US war ensures that Iran won’t emerge with victory at the negotiating table. Whichever way the wind blows, the Mullahs face a bleak future.


You analyze it better than most of the clowns here, well written Objective.

alejandro casalegno

The Mullahs face a bleak future,,,,,,,,yes!!!…, they fall like Assad………….wait a minute……

The Objective

We’ll see. I pray for a Trump victory come November.


Superb self-control from Hez. Acting at the time and place of their own choosing. Israelis can’t keep hiding forever. And they are hiding – think about the significance of that! No point in wasting bullets on fake targets, highly armoured targets, property or civilians. Very cool play.


there is just one solution on the strife, or the ongoing killings, in the middle east and that is to end the jewish illegal occupation of palestine and bury them deep, for ever. as long as there is one jew left, there will be mendacity, killings and thievery in a never ending loop and the world must deal with the menace the jews are, in the middle east and elsewhere.

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