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Hezbollah Official: Hezbollah Will Withdraw from Syria When Political Solution Is Reached


Hezbollah Official: Hezbollah Will Withdraw from Syria When Political Solution Is Reached

On October 27, the deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah, Naim Qassem, said at an interview with France 24 TV channel that Hezbollah will withdraw from Syria when a political solution is reached in the country.

“Hezbollah is in Syria to protect the resistance axis, and to protect the resistance and Lebanon, when a political solution comes in Syria, and Syrians chose what they want… We will have no role or mission, when this happen we will go back to Lebanon… The issue is linked with the political solution and how much it will be executed on the ground, because Hezbollah has no interest in Syria not geographically nor politically. Our only interest was to eliminate the terrorism that threatens us, Syria and the region”, Qassem said.

During the interview the deputy secretary-general said that Hezbollah does not believe that Israel will attack Lebanon soon. However, Qassem stressed that Hezbollah is always ready for any sudden developments.

Qassem also said that the US is punishing Hezbollah because it worked with the Lebanese Army and Lebanese people for a “strong independent Lebanon”. Qassem added that Hezbollah didn’t allow the US to use Lebanon as tool in Arabian and International political projects.

“Hezbollah became the daily bread [daily topic] for the speeches of US president Donald Trump and his administration… He accuses the party [Hezbollah], calls it a terrorist group and threatens it with sanctions and confrontation… The US Congress approved the sanctions against Hezbollah, all of this because Hezbollah succeeded in liberating the ground and disrupted the naturalization [of the Palestinians refugees] project in Lebanon and opened the roads to liberate Palestine,” Qassem added.

Qassem’s statement came after the US House of Representatives backed new sanctions on Hezbollah on October 25. The US will likely take more measures against Hezbollah in Syria after ISIS is defeated. However, this US pressure will likely have little if no effect on Hezbollah.

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