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JULY 2020

Hezbollah Media Wing In Syria Releases Video Threatening To Strike Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations


On February 18, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria released a video threatening to strike Israeli offshore oil and gas operations in case of Israeli agression.

The video quotes remarks of the movement’s leader Nassan Nasrallah over the recent Israeli-Lebanese oil dispute issue over the Block 9 naval oil field:

“If you prevent us, we prevent you; if you open fire at us, we will open fire; if  you hit us, we will hit you”

The remarks were made during a ceremony commemorating the death of Imad Mughniyeh, the party’s former military commander who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.

The video shows the facilities of Karish, Tamar and Lavthan as targets of possible missile attacks.

Hezbollah Media Wing In Syria Releases Video Threatening To Strike Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations

Click to see the full-size image

Hezbollah Media Wing In Syria Releases Video Threatening To Strike Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations

Click to see the full-size image

Hezbollah Media Wing In Syria Releases Video Threatening To Strike Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations

Click to see the full-size image



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  • Irebukeu

    Stupidest thing they could do. LOL they do that and its ovah!!

    • j. jaxson

      actually their nuclear facilities would be better.

      • john

        Why not both! It probably is in the planning to get both and also the cancer maggots in the Knesset. Wouldn’t that be nice? And hoping Nitanyahoo, the baby killer is present at the time.

  • Jim Prendergast

    Easy targets, so vulnerable. Good leverage.

    • PZIVJ

      This may be why Israel is putting iron dome launcher on ships, but a stationary platform at sea would make more sense. But I think it is limited to taking out smaller targets up to size of grad rocket?

      • velociraptor

        you know, it is sure brilliant idea launch missiles from oil/gas platforms …

        • PZIVJ

          I was thinking a stationary platform like a barge.
          No need to accidentally ignite your own rig :D

      • iron dome cant stop sea skimmer missile

  • Ishyrion Av

    I must say that their video is much better than that video of saudits who depicted how they will conquer Iran in 12 hours and had all Iranians waving hands to their camel liberators!
    Btw, I’ve been in Iran and seen just 2 camels. And I was driving about 6000 km. All the camels were stolen by saudits!

    • Amine Mansouri

      that video was not made by saudi government, it was a 3D design and animation student who made it for final year project

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Saudomites are naught but vile vermine!

  • leon mc pilibin

    Bravo HEZBOLLAH,,the zionists wont dare attack your countries plans to develop their ownnatural resources..They will pay a much heavier price for their arrogance.Anyway they are only brave while attacking defencless civilians,,especially children.

    • Wanklord

      Wondering how Hezbollah will react when the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) and NOT THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE attacks their underground missile and bombs facilities, command and control outposts, logistics, etc, in a few words, all of Hezbollah’s military infrastructure located inside Lebanese territory…remember that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially announced the existence of a State of War between them and that Shia militia due to Hezbollah’s involvement in Yemen…and the RSAF has already obtained the implicit authorization from Israel to use their airspace if necessary INCLUDING RUSSIA’S NEUTRALITY SINCE RUSSIAN AIR DEFENCE INSTALLATIONS DEPLOYED IN SYRIA HAVE NO BUSINESS MONITORING LEBANESE AIRSPACE NOR DO THEY HAVE CAPACITY TO ASSESS ALL AIR OPERATIONS TAKING PLACE OVER THAT COUNTRY (the IDF/AF has already tested the limitations of the S-400/S-300 systems while using Lebanese airspace)…summarizing, the clip presented in this article is pure propaganda designed for gullible people unable to think critically.

      • Bob

        If KSA actually launched an air assault on Lebanon – which would only be possible via Jordanian and Israeli airspace KSA would be over in the Arab and Muslim world. Over.
        Ain’t gonna happen outside of your deep fantasies.

        • Superfly

          The Saudi idiots are having a hard coping with sandal wearing and khat chewing Yemeni Ansarollah, let alone take on Hezbollah, the big daddy of all resistance forces in the world.

        • the sad part is that he believe all the crap he spouted and majority of western people also too lazy to think and use their own brain and prefer to believe verbatim all trash from MSM…

      • leon mc pilibin

        You are exactly what your name suggests,,a zionist WANKER.The saudis are not capable of deteating yeminies in sandals never mind well armed Hezbollah..The israhellis are scared stiff of Hezbollah,so maybe thats where you are coming from,because the cowardly israhellis always try to get idiots to fight their wars for them..Keep on Dreaming ,,lol,lol.

      • HighLord Gaz

        Shut yer pie-hole, Zionist whack-job

      • John Brown

        Hezbollah has Manpads and an anti aircraft Defense. Saudi is far from Lebanon so Hezbollah will know long before any Saudi jet gets close to any target that they are on the way and have lots of time to get ready for them. I bet the Saudis lose half their jets in the first 2 weeks of bombing Lebanon from Hezbolah and Syrian anti aircraft fire. Saudi jets will have to fly over Israel to get to Lebanon. Will Israel allow it? If yes war for Israel so Israel can say good bye to their economic infrastructure and economy.

        I am against war but honestly in general it will be good for the world if the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate Nazi slave empire does something this stupid as it will rapidly speed up the collapse of the federal reserve Jewish dollar and the empire by having Saudi or Israel try to bomb or invade Lebanon.

        • babibabi45

          Obama was right speaking the truth a year or two before his presidency ended that no regional power in the Middle East should play the zero-sum game because there is enough for Shites and Sunnis to share the Middle East. Obviously, his advice has been ignored and now we heard for the first time Hezbollah warning of destroying Israel’s natural-gas rigs. Can anyone fathom the horror of destruction of oil and natural-gas installations if Shite and Sunni rivalry intensifies to the point of engulfing the whole Persian Gulf?

      • Starlight

        What a prize maroon. The RSAF is actually the BRITISH RAF, that operates out of the biggest RAF base in british history purpose built in KSA. The entire air campaign of Saudi Arabia is a british operation, with british pilots bombing targets across Yemen guided by british intelligence experts.

        On the ground, 99.9% of Saudi operations in Yemen are actually carried out by muslim mercenaries recruited from all the worst/poorest islamic crap-holes across the planet.

        KSA’s own military forces are utter garbage- run by ‘princes’ as ‘toy’ armies. For sure Saudi Arabia buys the most expensive gear- but not one Saudi has the brains or dedication to learn how to use it.

        The recent palace coup in KSA, arranged by the british, was intended to put people in power who would attack Iran. We all know how that ended. Even the worst Saudis ain’t so thick that they’ll sacrifice their entire nation for the Deep State.

        But you’ll see trolls like this everywhere on the net- their job to buy the jews of Israel time until they are ready to genocide the innocent people of Lebanon.

      • what a truly ignorant reply from someone who drunk from the western media koolaid propaganda..

        Saudi air force ? want to attack hezbollah hidden storage sites ? where israeli air force cannot even locate and bomb hezbollah missile sites even after 30 days of fighting ..

        everyone , remember , this is the quality of intelligence from an ignorant poster , the one that think israeli military is the best in the world , while ignoring reality of warfare that IDF been trashed like children during real war against real shooting opponent in 2006

      • Rafik Chauhan

        Saudi are lucky that they don’t have border with lebnon . Otherwise hezbollah will already be in Riyadh and have taken control of makka and Madina. Saudi coward cannot fight ground war at all . Even the air Force is used by Israeli pilot or American pilot. Saudi will run hding behind zio if Hezbollah attack them

        • people who think saudi military worth something are those who totally ignorant on saudi arabia and their military aka jobs program aka parade army aka bribes for western MIC for protection..

          people who spread this news about saudi arabia want to attack lebanon showed a total ignorance of geography , never bother to learn / educate themselves on real world geography , and never able to point the location of saudi and lebanon on a world map.

          as for people who think Israeli Air Force are formidable , against whom ? the unsophisticated insurgents of Gaza where they can bomb children without fear of repercussion from international ‘human rights’ bodies ? remember the only people allowed to have ‘human rights’ are those with white skin and came from US/Eur (just like israeli white colonist who pretend to be jew)..

          it is mind boggling that a white colonialization movement stealing land in judea are executed not by real jewish people with jewish ancestry , but by white people who THINK they are jew..

      • Mo Richard

        So the Russian S400 had to shoot down IAF planes and missiles!?
        Is that how RUSSIA had to show their efficiency?
        Remember that almost 2weeks ago older versions on the S400 shot down an F16.

        • HighLord Gaz

          Nah, the F-16I was shot down by a 1960s vintage S-200, which had been upgraded with new electronics, tied into new radar network, and operators retrained by the Ruskies.

          If S-200 can take down an IAF warbird, doing the same with S-400 will be walk in the park….

          • Mo Richard

            Hey I said older versions to the S400. Implying that S200

          • and now the IAF vent their anger and shame to the defenseless people of Gaza , like a bully who got pummeled by his betters and now vent frustation on weak children..

            really really sad display of cowardice..

      • wwinsti

        The ALL CAPS yelling reveals the content of your deepest fears. The problem with your theory is that Lebanon does not use dictats from S. Arabia as to what it’s air defenses should be. Rather, the Lebanese decide for themselves what is required for defense. The recent arrival if Russian ships should be of great concern to you and your brethren in israel.

      • Wahid Algiers

        Saudi are lucky that they don’t have border with lebnon . Otherwise
        hezbollah will already be in Riyadh and have taken control of makka and
        Madina. Saudi coward cannot fight ground war at all . Even the air Force
        is used by Israeli pilot or American pilot. Saudi will run hding behind
        zio if Hezbollah attack them

      • Joe

        Figments of your imagination that are all childish logic.

        There is nothing able to prevent the attacks. Even the ships protecting the rigs would be good targets

    • Superfly

      Oil and gas offshore platforms are very explosive and vulnerable to SSM or even RPG’s. There is no way the Zionist new oil and gas thievery will succeed as protecting the oil rustling operation will be very expensive, considering the new generation of missiles, including Yakhont that Hezbollah has. Even the most “advanced” Zionist warship Hanit did not fare well against older Hezbollah Fajr SSM like their F-16 against Soviet era SA-2, now the quality and quantity of Hezbollah armory is much better and precise.

      • Jaime

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  • Apache

    They won’t do sh1t lol. They’d be pulverized. It isn’t 2006 anymore

    • George King

      You are correct it is not 2006, it is 2018 and the Empire is in its death throes and will not follow the zionist into war with Iran as it would be the final end to unending wars. The US citizens will not take a bloody nose regardless of rhetoric from the transnational criminal cabal’s strangle hold on their Treasure, Commons and Unalienable Rights. 9/11 has come and gone along with their Treasure, Commons and Unalienable Rights in the name of terror, “Be afraid, very afraid”.

      In my childhood we had a story about the little boy who cried wold three times. He cried wolf twice when there was no wolf and on the third time there was a wolf but no one came to help. He had been proven to be a liar. No matter your particular aspirations in this, heed this warning!

      May I suggest the true story of “Little Big Horn” for he who appears to not be of an Indian Tribe.

      The Battle of the Little Bighorn, fought on June 25, 1876, near the Little Bighorn River in Montana Territory, pitted federal troops led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer (1839-76) against a band of Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne warriors. Tensions between the two groups had been rising since the discovery of gold on Native American lands. When a number of tribes missed a federal deadline to move to reservations, the U.S. Army, including Custer and his 7th Calvary, was dispatched to confront them. Custer was unaware of the number of Indians fighting under the command of Sitting Bull (c.1831-90) at Little Bighorn, and his forces were outnumbered and quickly overwhelmed in what became known as Custer’s Last Stand.


      • Ultimately the natives lost.

        • not if they got missiles , manpads , ATGMs to stop israeli general custer

    • Wahid Algiers

      Shut up idiot and lick the ass of matt.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Hit the Israeli assets where it hurts the most Oil and gas rigs and even Dimona :)

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    Good. i still rebember when in the 2006 the criminals Sionist they bombing the power station and fuel tanks in Junie, spilling millions of tons of fuel oil into the sea, polluting the Lebanese coasts until Syria and Turkia. I was there.
    In that criminal event many marine species and birds died, including the place where sea turtles were normally reproduced. A UN resolution condemn Israel to pay 850 millions USD to Lebanon for the caused damages. Israel has never paid that money to Lebanon. Israel is the cancer of this World!! One Day God will destroy Israel and all the Sionist like the Romans did in the 70 AD. REMEMBER CRIMINALS SIONIST OF ISRAEL, EVERYTHING YOU DID, EVERYTHING YOU DO IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU.

    • matt

      GOD???? hahahahaaa

      • Wahid Algiers

        Shut up idiot and lick the ass of Apache.

        • matt

          Go bend down with your ass in the air and your face toward mecca, you dumb fuck!

    • Smith Ricky

      Their days are numbered my friend.

    • actually , it will be the destruction of america first , as stated in book of jeremiah and revelation , on the destruction of mystery babylon (mystery because at the time of propechy america do not exist yet) .. and what a propechy , prophet Jeremiah stated that believers should get out from america before punishment came , and it will be punished suddenly by a foe from the north , whose arrows never missed.. and no man or animal will be found again on america.. total destruction..

      and then when america gone , who do you think will come to protect fake israel with it’s fake jews ? then the fake messiah will come to save israel , the one that the bible will call Antichrist whose HQ is jerusalem.

  • Promises…. promises.
    Talk is cheap!

    • Wahid Algiers

      Not only. Hezb did it and they will do again.

  • Smith Ricky

    Lets go 😁

  • Smith Ricky

    God Bless Hezbollah 💪

  • Domenic Patrone

    Lebanon will certainly be a target as it’s the only ally of the force against Israel left that seems weak enough to conquer fast. Israel will lead. America will be theoretically ready to join. But once Israel arrives a days ride away from the capital, the politics go off ! Warnings flow and Syria masses near the border. Every one gets ready for the big on twice, including Russia, then Israel slowly drifts back to where it belongs . . home. Amen.

  • russ

    They have already proclaimed they will heavily attack chemical plants in Israel. That would be catastrophic. That’s Hezbollah’s “nuclear” weapons.

  • Starlight

    Like the jews CARE- the ‘goyim’ will be made to replace anything the jews lose in record time, thanks to their jewish controlled governments in France, Canada, Germany, Russia, the UK and USA. The jews pay for NOTHING- we do.

    During the last two jewish holocausts in Gaza, for instance, the british government couldn’t ship WMDs to the jews of Israel fast enough. The jews carry their nukes in three submarines built for the purpose by the germans and gifted to the jewish horrors FOR FREE.

    It is the jewish METHOD to always ensure a ‘free ride’ on the backs of others. All assets in Israel are fully ‘insured’ by the jewish definition of ‘insurance’. So ANY ‘little’ victory against jewish assets is no victory at all.

    World jewry has successfully worked since WW2 to ensure the disgusting zionist demonic acts of Israel are consequence free. It is pathetic when an organ like Southfront PRETENDS that jews are at financial or economic risk if they, Hitler fashion, declare yet another aggressive war on the ‘sub-Humans’ in the vicinity of Israel.

    The ONLY thing jews hate is being killed as a result of waging war on the innocent. Jews are cowardly scum, so their ‘wars’ must be so one-sided it isn’t even real. And even this is not a concern for the jews that rule in Israel, but it is most certainly a concern for ordinary jews. If jews believe they will die at the same rate as the people they, Hitler style, wage war on, then ordinary jews lose their taste for war.

    Problem is, if jews start to die as a consequence of a jewish holocaust launched on Lebanon, Putin, May, Merkel, Trump and Marcon will come charging to the rescue of the war-mongering jews. While the victims of demonic jewish crimes against Humanity may find a way to strike back against the war criminals, the moment said resistance shows signs of being effective, Israel’s allies will become pro-active, and that most certainly includes Putin’s Russia.

  • gustavo

    Never say anything about objectives Hezbollah, this is wrong. Just do it or do not do it, that is.