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Hezbollah Leader Warns Israel, US Against Attacking Iranian Fuel Tanker En-Route To Lebanon

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Hezbollah Leader Warns Israel, US Against Attacking Iranian Fuel Tanker En-Route To Lebanon

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah as seen during his recent speech via al-Manar TV.

On August 19, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah announced that the first of several fuel tankers will sail from Iran to Lebanon within hours, warning the US and Israel against targeting it.

The leader made the announcement during a speech marking the tenth day of the holy Islamic month of Muharram in Beirut’s southern suburb.

“Our first ship has completed all arrangements and will sail within hours from Iran to Lebanon with the blessing of Imam Hussein [a grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad],” Nasrallah said. “This ship will be followed by other ships, but we gave priority to diesel on the first ship because it is a top priority and is linked to people’s lives.”

This month, Lebanon was hit by an unprecedented fuel crisis with the Central Bank incapable of financing any more fuel shipments. Many of the country’s vital sectors, including hospitals, are currently suffering from a severe shortage of fuel. Electricity is rarely available in most areas.

Nasrallah warned the US and Israel that from the first moment the tanker sails from Iran, Hezbollah will consider it “Lebanese territory”. The leader meant that his group will respond to any attack on the tanker as it responds to any attack on Lebanese territory.

“God willing, this ship and others will arrive safely, we don’t want confrontation with anyone we are only after helping our people… We reject to be humiliated in any military, political or economic war, we refuse the humiliation of our people, let no one dare to challenge us,” the leader said.

The leader went on to thank Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi for their “permanent support” for Lebanon.

Israel, which has been locked in a covert naval war with Iran, will not likely target the tankers heading to Lebanon. Earlier this month, Hezbollah demonstrated its willingness to respond to any Israeli attack. Tel Aviv will not likely take this risk.

Iranian-supplied fuel will not only end Lebanon’s fuel crisis, but it will also expand the influence of Hezbollah in the country like never before.

Fearing an Iranian “economic take-over” in Lebanon, the US responded swiftly to Nasrallah’s announcement. A few hours after the leader’s speech, US ambassador in Beirut Dorothy C. Shea informed President Michel Aoun that Washington will be supporting Lebanon with Egyptian gas.

Nevertheless, the US plan came at a heavy cost. The Egyptian gas will be pumped to Lebanon via a line that passes through Syria, another ally of Iran. Damascus is posed to benefit from the plan which defines the US own sanctions. It appease that the US can’t simply score a clear win in the Middle East no matter how hard or long it tries to.


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Obviousely Hezb secret service stumbled upon something…

Arch Bungle

Hezbollah is standing back and watching all the European puppets drive Lebanon into the ground because of their incompetence.

The Lebanese will have to choose: Remain cucked slaves of Macron and the Anglo-American empire, or live with honour and abundance in harmony with the gaurdianship of Hezbollah.

Just a few months ago the Lebanese were singing praises to Macron in the streets, yet their “Saviour” is nowhere to be found when they most need him.

The Objective

If what you say about Lebanese praising Macron is true, then the situation is even worse than I though for Hezbollah.
Hezbollah and the Shiite community are the real targets. I have read reports of weapons being shipped to Lebanese civilians in large quantities during the past two years. Some reports say Turkey is doing it. That means Erdogan can see a war coming in Lebanon. He’s probably arming the Sunni Muslim community to defend itself against both ISIS and Hezbollah should a civil war start.
Just mark my words: The next Arab Spring is highly likely to happen in Lebanon.

Jim Allen

It’s a lie. If this was true, Lebanon would have a new Western friendly puppet Government by now.
The Lebanese people are hurting big time, but they’re not stupid. The West has brought Lebanon nothing but pain, suffering, and two tactical nukes. Hezbollah defeated Israel, and has defended Lebanon effectively, holds 12 seat’s in the existing Government, was expected to gain more in the election that was interrupted by the second Israeli nuclear weapon’s attack on the civilian infrastructure of Beirut, an attempted false flag attack to turn the Lebanese against Hezbollah. The attempt failed miserably, the Lebanese people have enjoyed Western interference, and meddling far too long to allow that shit to happen again. Hezbollah protected the country in 2006 providing Israel it’s first defeat, and has done what the militia is doing now with the fuel situation, all along. Branching out into the political arena, something the Pretenders don’t want to happen. It ruin’s the Pretender’s plans to expand it’s border’s at the expense of it’s neighboring countries. Hezbollah’s popularity with the people is strong, and well earned.
What the pitiful trolls simply can’t grasp is the militia is a defensive force. As Iran, Syria, Russia, Iraq, and other allies of the resistance are. None are interested in war, yet Iran, and Hezbollah are legend in their consistent responses to Pretender, and Western aggression. With the West destroying itself, there’s no benefit to risking war against the threat’s, while it’s great benefit to have fresh defensive force’s, not spread thin worldwide, without the unbelievable expense of the lines of communications. They’re winning, and wise General’s never interrupt the enemy when he’s blundering. The West is still dangerous, as well as anxious, exacerbated by the fact, they’re losing/have lost their illegal wars, but too stupid (and arrogant) to face it. Volatile, as well as dangerous, let them grind themselves down to a standstill, without the capabilities to do much damage.
Fewer losses result, and if/when the West becomes so frustrated it act’s irrationaly, their defense’s are fresh, and in large number’s, with large stockpiles of ordinance.
High tech ordinance.
Iran, and it’s allies don’t make idle threat’s, when they state their response to lunatic’s, they mean it. This is proven unarguable fact.
Attempting to assign Western values to these countries leads to catastrophic failure.


its only months left til 2022 and what will the zionists do all on their own getting pushed around from all sides so the zionists will have little chance for survival in the future which will force them to do something stupid which will lead to their end they in fact cant calculate right about where the red lines are because thay are that rabid disgusting rats that they dont even understand what the norms of engagement look like which are put on them so every such announcement is basically a whole set of rules they will either have to apply to or they will have to test the resistance again and lose again

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Time to go to bed, Farbat. It’s 9:00 pm in Germany and already late for you ^^


ja dann gute nacht


the zionist usurper entity will be eradicated and america collapsing before the day comes i will ever move towards europe again and when we iranians will come at that time than we will own you pretty much so go to bed little child because painful terrible things are happening to you if you leave your bed XD

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

btw iam not in singapur either its just my ip you fool i told most of you my location its mazandaran sari so maybe come into this region if you want to mess around


Your late great general qassem used to brag like you do not knowing the deadly mathematics being planned for him, Nasrallah will soon be history like him and those nuclear scientist from the quiet calculative (silence speed surprise) deadly army(IDF)

The Objective

IDF is nothing without the U.S.A. I’m pretty confident that IDF cannot defeat Hezbollah in a one-on-one confrontation. The problem for Hezbollah is that they don’t want a shoot out with the U.S, and neither does Iran. America is in decline, but it still wields a highly deadly force in the Middle East. Israel is not planning any direct war with Hezbollah, and neither is America. The U.S/Israel have found a cheap way to destroy or weaken their enemies: manufactured civil war. Don’t be surprised to see a ISIS-style rebel group emerge in Lebanon.
They are tiring Iran out with civil wars. Iraq will likely follow after Lebanon. For America, this is a cheap and effective way to de-fang Iran, but at a huge cost to civilian lives and properties. The U.S just doesn’t give a shit. Civilians are my biggest worry.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective

Exactly Robert, let them bark..for now.

The Objective

Lebanese pound is toilet paper for Iran. $1 = 21,050 LBP. The official rate is 1512 LBP to the dollar. But the real price is the former. Will Iran use the official rate or the black market price? It would be better if Iran exchanged the oil for any Lebanese goods. But Lebanon is out of food and can’t pay. It’s best for Iran to just donate this oil.
Iran could well find itself in another hot proxy civil war in Lebanon even when the ones in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen are hardly over. Iranian military and economic resources will be stretched to breaking point.

Simon Ndiritu

The US is outsmarted and outplayed again, after all the sanctions and nonsense, they are forced to backtrack.


Here we go again hezbollah Terrorist scumbag warning again… For once just do it idiot 🪳


It’s a running joke in Israel ^^


why do your ships blow up i wonder you running jokes it seems haifa is a little bit explosive these days and what will you do about it because we just send ships towards your direction so please do something and we shall see who laughs about whom

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

haifa burning to the ground before the end of november even means that you are truely incapable to survive and if that is the case than you will be flushed out fast


i really wonder if you will try the slimy flower method that we saw at times before and try peace with the resistance for you atleast to get some more time because if you zionists come to the conclusion that you lost than the issue will end soon after so fight aslong as you can fight or run aslong as you can run because we wont accept peace

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

why so scared you turks what happened cant deal with a little fire what a shame btw whats about the wall you turks blabber so much only cowards build walls so tell me cowards why are you so afraid and what are you so afraid about


Sewer rat Nasrallah is next 😃


so you are not a hindu you are a jew


please before you blabber first stop the ships we sent since we just blew up another of your ships it might be time for you to do something miserable jews because we will break your bones either way

L du Plessis

israel Gov will attack it somehow, as they love war, so be ready to respond…


What is he going to do about it? the IDF is ready to open his *** and the rest of his guys. Iranian oil would serve us well, I hope my govt is going to order us to raid.

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