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JUNE 2023

Hezbollah Leader: US Did Everything To Help ISIS In Al-Bukamal

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Hezbollah Leader: US Did Everything To Help ISIS In Al-Bukamal

The secretary general of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has accused the United States of helping the ISIS terrorist group during the battle for the Syrian city of al-Bukamal.

“The US helped Daesh as much as it could in Bukamal short of directly engaging forces that fought to liberate the town from Daesh [ISIS],” the Hezbollah leader made the statement during a televised address to the Lebanese nation in capital city of Beirut on Monday.

Nasrallah added that the US provided ISIS an air cover during the clashes, sent its drones to Bukamal and provided ISIS with accurate intelligence. He added that US forces conducted electronic warfare against the Syrian Army and its allies there.

According to the statement, US forces also provided air transfer for ISIS commanders and facilitated their escape to the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

The city of al-Bukamal was liberated by the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and their allies from ISIS on Sunday.

Nasrallah also rejected claims made by Arab foreign ministers that Hezbollah is arming Houthi forces in Yemen. He described these claims “ridiculous”.

“We have not sent any ballistic missiles or advanced weapons – not even guns – not to Yemen, not to Bahrain, not to Kuwait, not to Iraq … or any Arab country,” Nasrallah said. He added that Hezbollah does not own ballistic missiles.

He also said that there was no proof that Hezbollah is “supporting terrorism and extremist groups in Arab countries with advanced weapons and ballistic missiles” how the Arab League statement argued.

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paul ( original )

The claim that Hezbollah is arming Houthi forces in Yemen may be ridiculous, but I think it is a good idea.


I am with you on that one.Hezbollah should arm the Houthis

Tommy Jensen

The missile from Yemen against Riadh Airport smells like false flag, probably US or Israel fired the missile.


Or Saudis themselves most likely..

Bente Petersen



the Yemenis are perfectly capable of having done it…wouldn’t be the first time they hit target deep in the KSA. They have a long history of using old soviet missile systems and a homegrown modification program.


That the US can get away with this in the UN is a sign of the debasement of that institution.When change does come it will be violent. Hopefully it will be a US civil war and not WW3.

There are many decent Americans who abhor the debasement of the US via Zionist ideology.They do not have much time left to regain their nation from the thieving scum.


There is a strong division in the US like in many other parts of the world

Ivan Freely

The UN is a political forum to prevent wars (i.e. jaw-jaw better than war-war), not a World government.

Jens Holm

You can take free gas in Syria. Thats not a war. Its taking care of Your own.


The UN is , or probably always has been , a tool of the US Zionists to promote a World Government.

Ivan Freely

I believe the UN was created with good intentions. Unfortunately, the Cold War made it easier for the Zios to usurp it for their own agenda. Hopefully, the resurgence of nationalism around the globe, will put a stop to the move towards a World government.


I agree.

Dennis R

Are any US Special Forces or intelligence units/CT elements currently operating and/or based in that whole Southern Beirut area right now? As it seems the Hez and it’s local command are there, and it seems nearly impossible that we haven’t come to blows between the Quds and our Special Forces. Anyone know the details on that? I can’t seem to find an answer online

Ivan Freely

Just a guess, maybe it’s because of the UN mission, UNIFIL. Yes, they’re deployed in Southern Lebanon but I wouldn’t be surprised to see observers wandering in Beirut as well.

Overwatch D.VA

israel have better humint assets in lebanon compared to US personell who stick loke sore thumb.. but the hezbollah’s counter intelligence even better as proven by their constant rolling out the mossad operations in lebanon and exposed their local assets just before lebanon war 2006.

theres a reason , israeli cannot put an insider into hezbollah unlike the PLO , the hezbollah are shia tribal people where everyone know everyone.. one have to be born there to even be considered , and any stranger will stuck like sore thumb , especially americans or europeans.


His wasting his time On plain and simple lies. That even a little kid won’t listen to..

Why all the lies. Just fight them how hard can that be. The US is doing everything they can to destroy ISIS and if not for them Helping Hezbollah then they wouldn’t have been around by now


The only one lying thru it’s nose is you. How do you know?

the liars are your cruel kind that killed so many millions thru lies.


The US has failed in destroying ISIS. When the US was the only power fighting ISIS, before Russia, ISIS territory was expanding and gaining territory.

Ivan Freely

The mission was never to destroy ISIS but to guide them by bombing around them to force them to the capital.

Jens Holm

Hard to see. Do we have to use a microscope or the opposite.

Ivan Freely

The opposite, as in satellite imagery. The US have the experience, money, and weapons. I refuse to believe the US couldn’t handle a bunch of misfits in open space. Remember that oil convoy moving to and from Turkey?

Jens Holm

Of course it was, but SAA was the main reason for that and SDF was zero as well as USA.

Do You want ti be burried vertical as well ?

Politolog Externista

funny misdirection. Of course it was coordinating with saudi qaedas, turkish ones, trying to destabilize Iraq, Syria in order to redraw borders. Lawless self-proclaimed israel does all wrong it can do. Akbarian moderates. xD Bombama was pressuring turks into open aggression vs Syria from the very start, shelling SAA positions within Syria when joohadis mortared Turkey. USA wanted libya 2.0 unchecked spread of death ideology with the aim to export it to EU Russia and China to make civil wars there, cripple adversaries from within. Chechnya used to have freedom fighters like nusra isil too. Putin hammered them and western supporters took them for some time, then used for arab springs. Blind cant see tho.


Currently, with all of the power grabbing by Muhammad bin Salman, in Saudi Arabia, with Israel’s failure at “regime” change in Syria, with the battle experience of the Syrian Arab Army, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, and Iraqi Popular Militia, the world is ready for another Twin Towers (911) false flag. The targets remain Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Can Israel and Saudi Arabia pull it off? Get the US to fight its wars? It remains to be seen.

Jens Holm

As true as a russian videogame and Aby Kamal will be taken at least twice.


When u really think about it, Iran has Saudi Arabia surrounded! Yemen in its south, Qatar has switched sides and Bahrain is 80% Shiia! So enemies to Saudi’s east, Iraq to its north. All they need is their navy to be in the Red Sea and then they are fully surrounded lol! We are talking Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen houthi’s, Hezbollah and perhaps even the Lebonese army PLUS Turkey! Financiers could be Qatar and Bahrain! I would love to see the Saudi monarchy fall!

Moussa Saab

Probably not a good idea, Saudia Arabia should crumble by itself.

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