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Hezbollah Leader Supports Syrian Efforts To Counter Israeli Air Strikes, Threatens Tel Aviv Over Block 9 Oilfield Issue


Hezbollah Leader Supports Syrian Efforts To Counter Israeli Air Strikes, Threatens Tel Aviv Over Block 9 Oilfield Issue

Nasrallah during his speech on the Hezbollah-linked al-Manar TV

On February 16, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said during a televised speech to commemorating the death of senior Hezbollah commanders that the decision to target and shoot down the Israeli F-16I warplane over Syria on February 10 was purely Syrian.

The movement’s leader denied that his party or Iran had played any role in the incident and revealed that the Damascus government had taken the decision to shoot down any Israeli warplane that attacks Syria’s territory few months ago.

“The Syrian government has decided to repel Israel’s aerial assaults. The decision to shoot down the plane was taken by the Syrian leadership and President Bashar al-Assad. Those who executed the order were the officers and soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army,” Nasrallah said in his speech, according to the Iranian Press TV.

Nasrallah’s statement was viewed as a response to several Arab news outlets that claimed the Israeli warplane had been shot down by Iranian officers or even Hezbollah members.

Regarding the recent Israel-Lebanese dispute over the naval oil field (Block 9), Nasrallah called on the Lebanese government to take “firm and strong” position on this matter and said that the US is not a honest mediator to solve this problem.

“Americans did not come to Lebanon to resolve the issue. They were here to defend Israel’s rights and to issue threats to Lebanese politicians,” said Nasrallah in a clear hint to the visit of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Lebanon on February 15.

Nasrallah went on and warned Israel that Hezbollah has military capabilities to target the Israeli offshore gas and oil facilities within hours if the Lebanese government approves such an attack.

“If Lebanon’s Higher Defense Council were to decide that (Israeli) offshore oil and gas plants…should be forbidden from working, I promise they would stop working within hours,” Nasrallah said, according to Reuters.

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claimed on January 31 that the naval oil field (Block 9) is inside the Israeli waters and threatened the companies that are developing the oil field.

Experts believe that the Israeli-Lebanese dispute over the naval oil field (Block 9) will not develop into a military confrontation between the two sides. However, a political solution for this new crisis is will not likely see the light any time soon.



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    • velociraptor

      Look at this shit! What kind of map do you use?


      instead of Filistina

      • PZIVJ

        Stop acting like a retarded troll.
        If you don’t like it, post your own map.

        • velociraptor

          You are somehow sour…

          • PZIVJ

            Because I have to put up with you and google Shonda below :D

          • velociraptor

            but i was only joking :)

      • nshah

        Yes.., You’re damned right.. I see Palestine..!

    • leon mc pilibin

      Greedy,Greedy Bastards.They are not satisfied in having stolen the Palestinians land,gas and oil resources,but they want everyone elses.

  • John Mason

    If Golan Heights is an example of ignoring UNSC Resolutions, International law and the treatment of Palestinians by the Jews then you can bet your bottom dollar that the Jews will try to take Block 9 whether it belongs to the Lebanese or not.

    • alejoeisabel

      It’s not the religion, it’s the ideology that drives the great Jewish people into criminal activity. Most decent Jewish people are disgusted and ashamed by Zionism. Note the difference.

      • nshah

        yeah.. and they did nothing to stop it..! just like most of the US citizens too.. lol..!
        I’ll sit and enjoy my popcorns when the dispute starts.. and Hezbollah start razing Haifa Hellaviv and Dimona..!

        • Attrition47

          US zionists aren’t usually people who profess to be Jewish, most of them are prods.

      • Freespirit

        THAT is NONSENSE and you know it

        If the”great” ( your word,not mine) Jewish people cared, they would be protesting everywhere they live BUT they are, ALL, but a relative “handful”, NOT.

        I have never met or read a Jew who does not support that criminal FAKE STOLEN Entity” they call Israel, which exists LITERALLY, from the Blood,Sweat and Tears of the Palestinian TRUE SEMITES and OWNERS of that land

        The very definition of Zionist is a person who supports a Jewish state called israel so if you live there you area a Zionist, and accomplice to MURDER and THEFT, automatically

        Haaretz, the Israeli news magazine/paper did surveys which show that over 70 percent of those evil Jews, would like to see Palestinians wiped out. The remaining believe in Israel, to expand

        I suspect you are one of them

        • goingbrokes

          American support for the zionist state is the biggest factor in what they do. Take American support away and they will do nothing.

          • Freespirit

            EXCEPT for one thing- The TALMUD.

            Yes they would not have the present financial and military backing of America BUT they would still have their Psychopathic SUPREMACISM motivating them to find another “backer”

            They HATE other Religions, with a passion to TERMINATE all other “Goy”

            As Orthodox Christian, Brother Nathanael, (a FORMER Jew) states : “Judaism is a Religion of DEATH”

            Look up his videos

            I suspect he would have some insight

          • Umberto Indicci

            FYI, the Soncini Talmud online: http://come-and-hear.com/navigate.html

          • Freespirit

            I am very familiar with the Babylonian TALMUD, but thanks anyway

        • Douglas Schaefer

          Have you ever wondered why you have never met or read a Jew who doesn’t support Israel?
          It’s because of your ignorance and presumably your biased and fanatic mentality. There is no difference between a fanatic Jew, Muslim or Christian. I’m sorry to say that the world is better off without any short-sighted zealots such as you regardless of faiths, beliefs or backgrounds.
          Please forgive me if I have insulted you in any way, I do not intend to disrespect you in any way, I’m merely a fellow human being, and I have my share of flaws, imperfections, and ignorance. And I happen to be a JEW who encourages you to read the following statement loud and clear; I am a Jew who opposes Zionism and the apartheid regime of Israel, and my heart goes out to all Palestinians regardless of their beliefs furthermore I admire Hezbollah ( حزب الله ) and what it stands for!
          Please forgive my ignorance for calling you a gullible, irrational, shallow, untenable, unreasonable and foolish character who only prefers to read, learn, believe and preach what pleases him and furthermore endorses his poor selective logic.
          I hope you forgive my bluntness for saying that you strike me as a person who much resembles an exotic parrot that can talk fluently but doesn’t understand what it is talking about at all.
          Your comments and remarks are clear expositions of your elemental and rudimentary knowledge, inference, and philosophy.
          Your lack of originality and independence of thoughts are tremorously evident due to your poor judgment and one-sided contentions. I sincerely encourage you to do some independent research and unprejudiced studies.
          I bet you haven’t even studied Islam, and I bet you do not know the difference between Makki (المکّي) or Madani ( المَدَني ) suras. I am reasonably confident that you do not understand why Islam is the only religion that an adopted son is non-mahram to his adopted mother and an adopted daughter is not Mahram to her adopted father; hence, you could marry your adopted children. I do not tend to disrespect or invalidate Islam or Quran by all means; I am only challenging you and your knowledge of your religion. Let me make this abundantly clear that I am an immense critic and basher of Islamophobia and the western propaganda machine.
          I firmly believe that the current world events and diplomacies are similar to Nazi Germany but this time Muslims are the victims and U.S is Nazi Germany.
          It is unfortunate that we allow our teachings, faiths, religions and even skin color break us apart and prevent the humankind from coming together as a whole!
          I apologize if I have offended anyone and I wish you all the best.

          • Freespirit

            You haven’t insulted me. You have insulted yourself with your ignorance

            Any Jew who lives in or on that piece of Stolen Palestinian land which they WRONGLY call “israel” is a Zionist and is culpable of THEFT and MURDER , solely as a result of his or her OCCUPATION

            JEW is a RELIGION NOT a RACE and Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the KHAZARIAN Pagan Barbarians who CONVERTED to Judaism. If they are of ANY race, it is Caucasian.mixed with Asian/Turkic

            The only SEMITIC true Jews of the Bible ( SHEM) are descended from MIDDLE EAST culture, NOT European

            Do your homework and stop listening to your Rabbi’s propaganda and present your REVISIONISM to FOOLS, not me.

            Thanks for stopping by

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Yes Zionism is a plague on all of humanity.

    • Attrition47

      Zionists aren’t Jews, they are secular, fascist antisemites.

      • John Mason

        “Jews” covers them all.

        • Attrition47

          No, that’s s fake cloak they use to deny their crimes.

    • leon mc pilibin

      They will end up with no gas.did you not get what Hezbollah just said?They will blow their rigs out of the water.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      Because it is not really international law. It is just Zionist law.
      The Zionist won the first and 2nd World War, and so created the globalist laws to always favor Jewry.

  • Drogba

    Next thing they will claim that the fish in the Lebanon sea are Jewish, and its anti semitic to catch and eat them. They are totally insane scumbags.

    • Lupus


  • christianblood

    Al-Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, a true leader and a hero!

  • Freespirit

    NOW, Brother Nasrallah you are talking OUR Irish Republican Language – Guerrilla Warfare.

    We Irish still fly the Palestinian flag in Dublin

    Go for it.

    My Irish REPUBLICAN Brothers will be proud of you

  • chris chuba

    Regarding the block 9 dispute, I’ve seen the maps and they all are premised on what angle of a line you take once you leave the coastline.

    To try to be fair, how does one determine such a thing, if the N/S coastline is at an angle you aren’t going to go with a straight east to west line. Just wondering, it does not seem like an obvious answer. Can’t find any references to conventions on these issues.

    • Pave Way IV

      It should be based on the maritime “equidistant tripoint” between Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus as stipulated in the Article 15 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) – but that’s subject to an agreement of all three countries. Lebanon doesn’t recognize Israel, so it just made and agreement with Cyprus in 2010 based on the real tripoint. In 2011, Israel made its own agreement with Cyprus with a different tripoint and boundary – Israel is not a signatory to UNCLOS so it just makes up its own laws.

      There are several other issues that make it more complicated than this – Fouad El Saddi covers them in his blog here.