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Hezbollah Leader Reveals New Details On Southern Beirut Drone Attack

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Hezbollah Leader Reveals New Details On Southern Beirut Drone Attack

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah during a speech communicating the holy day of Ashura. Via al-Manar TV

The Israeli drones used in the recent attack on Beirut’s Southern Suburb may have been on a mission to plant remotely-controlled explosive devices, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah revealed on August 31.

In a speech dedicated to the holy day of Ashura, the Lebanese leader said that the incident in the Southern Suburb, a stronghold of the Lebanese movement, was “a clear Israeli aggression.”

“One of the theories is that the Israeli drones were meant to plant the explosive devices they carry so that another drone can detonated them,” Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah leader went on to deny the presence of any precision-guided missile factory in Lebanon, saying that Hezbollah would have “proudly” announced the presence of any such facility.

Nasrallah stressed, once again, that his group will respond to the Southern Suburb attack and to the Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus, which killed two Hezbollah fighters.

“The response to the Israeli attacks is a settled matter,” Nasrallah said.

A day earlier, the Israeli military released information about the supposed Hezbollah guided missile program. The army claimed that the Lebanese group is working to establish missile factories in the heart of Lebanon with direct help from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The separation line between Lebanon and Israel is now witnessing high tensions, with the Israeli military placed on high alert.

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Tiresia Branding

“The separation line between Lebanon and Israel is now witnessing high tension, with the Israeli military PUPPETS placed on high alert.”

Zionism = EVIL

The best way to weaken and scare the Zionist scum is to keep them mobilized, like Egypt successful did in the war of attrition right before crossing the Suez in the 1973 Ramadan War. Even a Americunt DIA study confirmed that the IDF child killers are in a very poor state of combat readiness and many of the Zionist freeloaders simply don’t want to join up and fight in a real war, where the enemy can hit back. The Zionist cowards are very good at killing unarmed Palestinian women and children though. The problem is that no one has called out their bluff yet.


SF the Israeli military has gone into hiding on the border line… Nobody wants to die….I wonder for how long will they go hiding?? There was a bush fire around the sheeba farms and normally Israeli soldiers will come put it off…but this time around no soldier was seen, none will risk death… I wish Nasrallah should ask Israel to free hundreds of Palestinians prisoners from Israeli jail in exchange with his determined retaliation

Zionism = EVIL

The FACT of the matter is that the fake “Jews” calling themselves Zionists are the vermin most scared of death. They have been able to steal land and killl Palestinian women and children because the Arab pimp leaders like the Wahhabi pimpdoms and Mahmoud Abbas are sell out traitors. The Zionist scum live on western charity and free money and have created a Hollywood myth of “invincibility”, when in reality the cowards are weaker than a spiders web. However, Nasrallah should stop making flowery speeches and detailing plans for “retaliation” and act. The Zionists are very scared and will flee when they pay a price.


Rats are hiding in the rats holes, but no rats is safe now from Hezbollah’s missiles

Pave Way IV

IDF pulled back from the immediate vicinity of the border (to avoid being killed by Hez snipers). The dummy IDF solder in a truck ruse to draw some kind of Hez response was pathetic, but I would have f’king ATGM’d it anyways just to send a message.

Meanwhile, reports about convoys of IDF guns going north, with vids showing plenty of M109 Paladin 155mm self-propelled howitzers on trailers. Bibi: “Some insolent Lebanese are going to have to die proactively – they forced us to kill them!” Israel already has a shit-ton of artillery and armor in the north. They’re going to run out of space for more, pretty soon. That’s why they need to steal south Lebanon!

Israeli AF and Navy on some kind of high alert. Israel can always send them to bomb Gaza just for the hell of if they’re not needed in the north. Despite Nasrallah’s strong words, I’m not anticipating much in the line of fireworks along the border. I could see something like an act of sabotage deep inside Israel. Anything more direct – like firing a few missiles south – is going to force Bibi into an immediate response. Elections and all…

Best thing Nasrallah can actually do is to do nothing at all now. Nothing would infuriate Israel more than being on ‘high alert’ for days or weeks anticipating an attack, and then realizing they were just being trolled by Hez. They would probably go full retard and stage another lame false flag just to blame Hez and send a few shells over the border. At least the genocidal psychopaths are distracted for the time being and are not carpet-bombing Gaza again.

Pave Way IV

Magnier from today: [link]

“…The Israeli army is on high alert, it cancelled leave for a large number of combat units, and asked settlers not to approach any fields near the border. The commander of Israel’s northern front, General Amir Baram, paradoxically rejected the settlers’ request to open shelters so as not to make them even more nervous while waiting for the deadly response from Hezbollah…”

The president of Genie Energy’s Israeli drilling outfit lives in one of those border settlements. He’s quite the rabid Israeli supremacist. I wonder if he’s there now crying about the shelters or if he’s already on a plane out of Israel?


Hahaha those Zionist, even they hate their own graves! Because why? Because they knew, hell is waiting for them!


Best thing Nasrallah can do now is Call NuttyYahoo’s bluff and shed some IDF blood so that the public will blame Nuttyyahoo for escalating a previously peaceful situation and this babykilling kike can lose the election.

Nasrallah is one of the most honest people on the planet. A true defender of peace. Defends Christians and Sunni and Shia alike. He has saved millions of lives in Lebanon and has saved at least 200,000 civilian lives in Syria at the least. May the good Lord bless him and defend him.

Zionism = EVIL

Of all Hezbollah leaders so far Nasrallah has proven to be shrewd and resilient, however, he should focus on credible and commensurate retaliation and not make too many speeches or plans for retaliation. The best tactic is to keep the Zionist cowards guessing, scared and mobilized and hit them where they expect the least. People forget that Zionist criminals are still illegally occupying large tracks of southern Lebanon like Shebba Farms on the slopes of Mt.Hermon and have annex a one kms belt of Lebanese land on the border opposite Metulla in Northern Occupied Palestine. Lebanon and Hezbollah even under the fake UN charter have the legitimate right and obligation to expel Zionist invaders. The occupied Golan is also a fully legitimate target to kill Zionist scum.

Icarus Tanović

Not like Saudi dogs, he is true defender of Islam, Muslims, holly shrines, and mankind. Civilisations. World. Humans.

Saso Mange

He is the only Arab leader whom Zionists respect.


The Sayed himself said it’s only one theory.

Another stated by sources close to Hezbollah is that the drone actually tried to blow up the drone captured by Hezb, but was hacked midflight by Hezb but the operator managed to blow it up before they took full control, damaging residential buildings.


Also, this is not a speech dedicated to the holy day of Ashura, but one of the 10 holy nights of Muharram. Ashura is on the 10th day of Muharram.

The Sayed usually gives Islamic lectures on most of these nights, and a little bit of political stuff towards the end.

Icarus Tanović

A lot of toilet paper is being used on daily basis on Israeli side.

Zionism = EVIL


Zionism = EVIL

Meet hasbara diaper Dan who is crapping since Hezbollah announced retaliation https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c55600537ce58c7d3f23b1a918bce526a90c4dc1f36d2c0325be81978c3ed8a3.gif


May God protects Nasrallah & Hezbollah!

Free man

The Iranian coward with the turban probably won’t respond or respond weakly Like his cowardly masters. But Israel will exploit any excuse to strike Hezbollah. The equation has long changed, the axis of resistance gets slapped and just barks in response. Because they lost their self-respect. Enthusiastic speeches can’t cover the truth.

Lena Jones

Is that why the nappy-wearing idf is nowhere to be seen on the Leb border? LOL hezb’s already won the psychological war and you rats are puffing chests from bunkers.

Free man

“hezb’s already won the psychological war…” – Stop talking and start fighting. You guys are embarrassing.

Lena Jones

Oh you know damn well that the hezb is ready to wipe you out today or on your birthday if you prefer – but you’re gonna have to leave your jew rat bunker first, terrorist motherfucker.

Free man

I used to respect Hezbollah. But it turns out they are as cowardly as their masters. Your curses will not change the truth.

Lena Jones

LOL shut it down already you miserable liar! Either link to a single incident of cowardice by the hezb or eat shit and die! The hezb has just retaliated INSIDE of israel and the jew terrorists at the border ran the fuck away lol!

Begone poof israel! Vile synagogue of satan!

Free man

You are right they finally responded. Which is far more than what the Iranians did after hundreds of bombings by Israel. Like I thought, they hit an empty Israeli vehicle so that Israel woun’t respond harshly. Why are you so upset? You are a particularly disgusting jihadist.

Lena Jones

What a truly vile antigentile turd you are.

The synagogue of satan is about to be evicted from the holy land, again. You’ve been losing for 2000 years motherfucker lol!

Free man

Jihadist Ali enjoy your Latmiyat (-;

Lena Jones

LOL what the fuck is a “latmiyat” motherfucker moron?! Obviously you enjoy sucking on wahabi cock for dinars, little terrorist jew whore! Or in other words: what a big fat cunt you are lol!

The hezb is coming for you and not a day too soon woohoo!

Free man

This is what you do to your wife all year and to yourself in Ashoura. Like you don’t know (-;

Lena Jones

Dude I’m a freaking girl and most certainly NOT a muslim lol! But go ahead: if it pleasures you skinny penis to call me a muslim guy, then go ahead, knock yourself out – literally lol!


Hezb. dont need to say anything else than the truth, apart from the HashbaRats and others aka western weesels whom is in the leauge of “friends of ISISrael” witch we encounter every day, everybody else knows whats going on, so to me, Nasrallah is just stating the obvious, and thats it. The second thing you may notice is the educated level of speace, few I know of in this days can do that, apart from echoing the usual ZATO bollocks, and IDF is so lame they are just riddicilous, their propaganda is sub-idiot level and have to be pimed by even dumber sheeps constantly, whats then the problem is more due to the western MSM, whom is one sided, we all know that to.

Listen, I have hammered the fake Joos for decades, I usually is very consistent, but shys away from going over the top, because to much can make some sites go uneasy, its not that they cant handle it, its just my recomandation to be more “polite” and not all jews are scums, some are, but most have been brainwashed from their birth, like most are, but I had from the beginning years ago the choice betwen been nice eh….. or go for the “shock and awe”, witch means a tiny bit off, hehe, profanicy lacensies to jerk people of their confort zone off been force feed joooish propaganda witch is basically all they know, where as I have scaled that back lately, I have haggeled with Norwegians for decades, and when they ask me about ISISrael and Jews I always say this. ARE you Ready for something completely different than the usual fakes and propaganda, are you, really, and then when I speak they go numb, ISISrael is an racket, created thru and sustained by, faked history, fake religion (pharieesers) terror and violence, landgrabbing (the Ball4 declaration) and theft, and then they usually gets pissed, because what little they indeed knows is what our MSM pimps. In an sense I dont blame them for been ingorant, because when I can explain it further even they then realise that something is fundamentally wrong, when an bloody Polak/Lithuanian rat can whine about anti-semetism and so on, even the idiots gets the facts, I am not an anti-semit, I am anti-scumbag. And the fake jews are not even semittic.

So mu humble request is, more like hammer them thru facts, hammer them with truths, about Palestina, and it makes the case not so polarised, because and eventually, they have to take the steps or risk an war nobody benefits from, and I dont doubt that Hezb is capable to pulverise IDF and thereby ISISrael. The drivel about weapons, sould by now be just that, moronic prodjections of an war fare that belongs to the medivial times, and Hezb is top modern, but above all, have knowledge of warfare few can say they have, and IDF have always hung behind the wankees, that, with the latest weapon systems is also becoming an dwindling delution, witch is belived by a lot of idiots. Hamas used 3 days to kick em out the last time, what do you think Hezb can do with battlehardened people, I would rather have an officer whom have been to war than an desk top moron whom have nothing, the difference is fundamental and cant be underlined enough. The IDF will loose within weeks, and again, I dont go into trategies, etc.

I have nothing but full and deepfelt respect for Nasrallah and Hezb, their history tells me what I need to know, and they have been impeckable and even more vitale, consistent and honest. May the lord blees you all.


cristi cristikosk

let’s not forget that; https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b0a007d1ad26a5c9d8c92cc72c2222616967beaa783b20ed9db5fc88022b275b.jpg

Peter Jennings

Another unprovoked attack by a regime hell bent on causing war and bloodshed with their neighbouring countries. The isreali regime wouldn’t and couldn’t do this in the region if it wasn’t for the backing of western shysters with far too much money and power.

When will the USadmin realise that the isreali regime keeps leaving the reservation? set for them by a plethora of agreements and contracts that the isreali regime keep breaching. Native american Indians weren’t so lucky.

Western politicians who support this shower of shit may yet rue the day they allowed this regime monkey to climb onto their back. The isreali regime has a woeful reputation with the worldwide public. Their record of atrocities has meant that their only support now comes via shysters, political expedience minded sycophants, badge-wearers and pocket-liners.

Let’s hope that in the future the US is still in a state to help the isreali regime out from under another mess of their own making. It maybe better for the world if the US sat this one out.

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