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Hezbollah Leader: Israel Working To Prevent Syrian Army From Achieving Missile Capabilities

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Hezbollah Leader: Israel Working To Prevent Syrian Army From Achieving Missile Capabilities

Via al-Manar TV

On September 19, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that some of the Israeli airstrikes on Syria were aimed at preventing the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from acquiring advanced ballistic missile capabilities. Nasrallah also stressed that Damascus and its allies should work to put an end to Israel’s attacks.

“Israel lies when it says that the purpose of the attack was weapons intended for Hezbollah. The Israeli aggression in Syria is intolerable and must be stopped immediately,” Nasrallah said during a televised speech to mark the Muslim holyday of Ashura, according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post.

Furthermore, Nasrallah revealed that Israel had failed to stop weapons shipments to Hezbollah and confirmed that the group now has “accurate” rockets. Nasrallah noted that this changed the balance of power between Hezbollah and Israel.

“All your attempts to prevent Hezbollah from possessing accurate missiles are foiled … We have accurate missiles that if used in any future war will change the entire equation,” said Nasrallah.

Regarding the military presence of Hezbollah in Syria, Nasrallah said that the Lebanese group will keep its military presence in the country until further notice. Previously, officials of Hezbollah said that the group would only withdraw from Syria upon request from the Damascus government.

“We will stay there (in Syria) even after the settlement in Idlib. Our presence there is linked to the need and the consent of the Syrian leadership … The quietness of the fronts and less number of threats will naturally affect the current numbers (of Hezbollah fighters),” the Reuters news agency quoted Nasrallah as saying.

Israel carried out a series of airstrikes on positions of the SAA, Hezbollah and Iranian forces inside Syria over the last few months. While Israeli officials claim that they are trying to stop weapons shipments to Hezbollah, local observers believe that Israel is also attempting to pressure Damascus to give up on its allies.

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Swarms of precision guided missiles in the hands of people willing to use them – Hezbollah, Syria and Iran – is a cheap and effective way to cancel Israeli technological advantage in the region. 1000s of missiles launched at IDF/IAF bases, communications and troop concentrations from 100s different places, simultaneously, can’t be effectively intercepted nor prevented by pre-preemptive attacks. Missile technology is advancing rapidly and know how is publicly available. Cost/benefit of investing in advanced missiles is far greater than investing in modern air force (that also needs advance missiles to be effective). Cost of a downed F-16/35 and pilot measures in 100s of millions of USD. A cost of intercepted missile on the other hand is 1.000x smaller. 2006. war in Lebanon started because Hezbollah amassed large inventory of advanced missiles which IDF partly destroyed in a commando raid prior to the official start of the hostilities – the story of abducted soldiers was just a PR pretext. Nasrallah knows very well the importance of large, well hidden stock of advance missiles – he spent last 12 years rebuilding, expanding, modernizing and hiding his. Ensuring Lebanon 12 years of almost uninterrupted peace in the process.


hrvatsky boy, first should build up the countires and nat fight. lebanon is in ruins, syrian in absolute shit and iran is also in big troubles. all wars won coubtries, which were stronger in the economical sphere.


Knobhead, Lebanon DOUBLED it’s GDP since 2006, with 3% inflation and 7% unemployment. Beirut is one big construction site – for new modern and expensive condos. In short everything your eastern European shithole of a failed state – ISN’T…


Its quite simple. Next time Israel attacks and bombs Damascus in the similar fashion that Israel attacked Beirut, Syria and Hezbollah will shower thousands of missiles on Israel’s airbases. That will end Israel’s impunity. Israel has nothing to worry about Syria after the Israeli return of the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Syria has no territorial ambitions on Israel proper, and peace with Israel is simple once illegally occupied Syrian and Lebanese territory is returned to their legal owners.


Ok, this is weird because four articles say four different things that don’t necessary contradict each other but are certainly incongruous. I think the answer to this mess of a speech is that Hezbollah leadership is unsure of their next move.


It’s the sources Yahoo used, AP says they are leaving AFP says they are staying.
AFP is state owned, and like the BBC they present the Government viewpoint.


That’s because you’re reading different sources on the same speech, each nitpicking what it wants its audience to hear. It was not a mess of a speech, if you had listened to it, which I doubt you did. Sayed Hassan said that they will be in Syria so long as the Syrian government wants them there, however as time goes on and the battles decrease, naturally, we can see a reduction in the numbers of fighters in Syria. As for the missiles, Sayed Hassan stated that THESE attacks on Syria were not to prevent weapons reaching Hezbollah, but to prevent the Syrians themselves from amassing weapons, and that Israel HAS attacked places and convoys trying to give weapons to Hezbollah, and that Israel and Hezbollah know what and where those were, but that this attack was not one of them and it has lied to hide the fact that it’s attacks are aimed at Syria (ie, it is involved in the war) and not solely on Iranian and Hezbollah assets as it suggests.

I do not know why I am explaining this to a lying propaganda agent (or just a fool) but hopefully someone with a open mind learns something.

PS: weren’t you the moron that kept babbling about the “geography” of the Hudaydeh area and that the Saudi’s are assured victory due to the geography favouring them? What happened?


Most definitely.

The same goes for Iran: the nuclear deal is in reality about thwarting the development/advancement of missile technology.


Trump demands OPEC lower oil prices, claims US ‘protects’ Middle East countries.

US destroying middle east countries. Millions of civilians US forces and their stooges have butchered with children and their parents. Encroaching Arab lands and oil assets and build there new states and weapons depots.

Tommy Jensen

Whats missing in this speech and also why Hezbollah is unsure, is Russia´s moves.

It should be clear after the latest 15 Russian servicemen´s death, that Putin backs Israel all the way.
Otherwise Kremlin wouldnt have allowed Israel to carry out 200 attacks on SAA and infrastructures inside Syria the last 18 mth.

The agreement with Kremlin´s “our equal partners” to separate Syria at Euphrate, looks like the Yinon plan. Sad to see it and say it, but this fact needs to be discussed!


An expansionist colonial state has no legal rights. It is illegal to conquer territory, ethnically cleanse, engage in genocide, and colonize. That is the quintessence of the Zionist ideology. It even has a name, Alon Plan. Syria must learn from Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea military defense. One million soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of missiles, and underground defenses. With proper missile defense, Syria could make Israel pay dearly for its aggression by bombing every airbase.

Icarus Tanović

Israel will be willingly give back Golan/Jawlan hights, just like they willingly gave back southern Lebanon. After 2006 Israel defeat from Hezbollah.


As is often the case with knee-jerk zionists, their aggressive actions eventually achieve the opposite of their intentions. This is why Russia, Syria et al will stick with playing the long game.

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