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Hezbollah Leader Explains Deal With ISIS In Official Statement To Iraqi People

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Hezbollah Leader Explains Deal With ISIS In Official Statement To Iraqi People


On Wednesday, Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah released an official message to the Iraqi people regarding the deal with ISIS fighters on the Syrian-Lebanese border. Nasrallah said that the message is an answer to some Iraqi officials comments on the deal with ISIS.

Nasrallah stated that the number of ISIS fighters who will leave is only 310. Nasrallah also said that these fighters are moved within the Syrian territories and denied moving them from the Lebanese border to the Iraqi border as some sources claimed.

“The area they were moved to is the front line of the Syrian desert that everyone knows that the Syrian Arab Army –(SAA)- and its allies are fighting on it an intense fight, and that the spearhead of the attack on ISIS in the Syrian desert always been and will be Hezbollah who give away large numbers of martyrs there. By this we are moving these defeated militiamen – ISIS fighters – from a front we fight on, to another front that we fight on,” Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah also revealed that the fate of the 8 Lebanese soldiers, who were previously captured by ISIS in 2014, was the main motive to negotiate with ISIS fighters. Nasrallah explained that the fate of the Lebanese soldiers was the main internal problem in Lebanon.

“Resorting to a comprehensive military victory was possible. However, the case of the fate of the Lebanese soldiers would have been lost,” Nasrallah added.

Moreover, Nasrallah confirmed that the Syrian government was not a part of the agreement, and said that the Syrian leadership only accepted the Hezbollah agreement.

Hezbollah Leader Explains Deal With ISIS In Official Statement To Iraqi People

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In the end of the message, Nasrallah congratulated the Iraqi people for liberating Tal Afar area, and blessed the rule of all Iraqi militas in Iraq and Syria.

Hezbollah came under a wave of criticism from the Iraqi people and many Iraqi officials after it had agreed to let ISIS fighters to withdraw from the Western Qlamoun region to al-Abukamal city near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The US-led coalition also criticized the deal and carried out airstrikes on the road that ISIS fighters were moving. Furthermore, the US-led collation even destroyed several ISIS vehicles that was waiting for the arrival of withdrawing ISIS fighters in the eastern Homs countryside.

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So ISIS basically just admitted that they killed those 8 soldiers and told them where they buried them and they get a free pass. Okay…

Robert Duran

Bro..Trust me there is more to this than meets the eye


His exhausted so are his militiamen. This is turning into a meat grinder

Mase fah

I think it was the right move because too much resources of Syrian millatry and manpower, tanks, planes were used on area with no millatry value and fully entranched since 2014 in mountainous area so to avoid more casualty they decided to make a quick deal to save soilders lifes. Plus there were 500 woman and kids among them if they get 2nd chance in life maybe they can chose a right path on other side.


JUST A NOTE: So its US who bombs the shit out of fleeing ISIS, not Russia.

btw, congratulations for your deal. make more deals.

Robert Duran

STFU..Russia has been killing fleeing ISIS rats for almost 2 years now.Plus the convoy was blocked not bombed…Most likely some will be air lifted by unmarked American helicopters to safety soon


I love how some people are experts in ATM. It is a dirty business and the consequences, from what I have observed, are that they seem to spew shit out of their mouths and minds and can’t help themselves otherwise.

Congratulations on being such an expert on ATM.

Wahid Algiers

Only a road was bombed not the convoy itself.


It was a political move. Hezbollah is based in Lebanon and needs the support of the people there. A victorious, swift offensive on home soil at minimum cost of life (which would be much higher had they fought till the end) paints Hezbollah the image it needs. The Lebanese government saw the exact same opportunity to raise its prefferences this way by making it out a victory of the Lebanese army, so it was an easy deal, even though it dislikes Hezbollah. Syria didn’t even participate in making the deal and seems to have accepted it as a favour to Hezbollah.

That being said, Iraq should shut the fuck up, given how many ISIS it allowed to flee to Syria from Mosul.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This was a very good political move but a mistake by the US as this shows them they are unable to keep any deals it promises in the end. This will hurt the image of the US publicly if any children’s bodies are found among the wreckage and any dealings in the future with ISIS negotiations.


This deal to let ISIS relocate to Al Bukamal makes me wonder what is going to happen in the Uqayribat pocket. Surely there are many ISIS friends and family there. But there Hezbollah and Lebanon will not be involved in any potential deal. What to do with the trapped non combatants who are Daesh? I’m sure many of them are locals. Reconciliation?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The deal for the local tribesmen of the region that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and why those in Idlib are trying to break them out ,it’s hard to say. Hezbollah and Lebanon GOVT were trying to make an expedient deal since the Army is not good at fighting as observed by their actions. Hezbollah would have made a bigger splash in the media and the Govt would have lost a lot of face, that would have created tensions between them in Lebanon.

They say 90% are local probably trying to hide the true number of special forces embeds in the group. What will happen in regards to them losing either prison or escort to the desert.


It would be great to send the Daesh remnants to Idlib. This last group did not want to go there it seems. Perhaps local Jihadist politics had something to do with this. It’s good to see the pocket collapsing! GO SAA :)

Solomon Krupacek

boy, you are again drunken. if in idlib will be isis, this will be immediately escuse for yanks to move in idlib. :(


Is that a bottle of Vodka sitting next to your keyboard? :D Al Qaeda (HTS) controls most of Idlib province. This is a de-escalation zone with no bombing allowed. And the Jihadist often change their names and affiliations. So all Deash trash should be re located to Idlib to fight each other. TIGER SPAM: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3d2c0e48c9c1ee5bfdb12b30df04a9226016649f3d09fa6f16c6984267ec197.jpg

Solomon Krupacek

yes, and yanks already told, if al qaida will be dominant, they move in idlib. id isis goes there. also yanks will go. damascus will have without isis and other complication hard exam in idlib.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are always politics in these groups someone has to be the top.


I tend to think this deal is brilliant in many ways. Like ISIS near Daraa this Lebanon enclave is directly linked with Israel. The last thing they want is their proxies being taken to Eastern desert where ISIS includes many real Wahhabis who might give these pretenders a hard time. Israel might have to pay for them a second time to get them “back”. The clue to this is that US complained about this deal and resorted to bombing again. Why? Aren’t they the anti-ISIS coalition? The more the better I’d have thought. Militarily this is also good, transferring beaten troops with others who are waiting for their turn. Can’t be good for the morale as they are beaten back everywhere even now. Iraqis complaining about this is half-hearted. US complaining is hypocritical. A nuanced counter-move from Assad. (I know they say he is not involved.)

Solomon Krupacek

such sputter! russians also attacked isis moving from raqqa. in iraq rises great applaus for americans. this deal was BIG mistake and will negatively affect the cooperation between iraqi and syrian government.

Don't read butthurt replies

False, the Lebanese army doesn’t dislike Hezbollah. And this is great news also:


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The reason is simple Samir Geagea known mass murderer from the old days of civil war butchered a whole entire Muslim family because his Christian murdering heart didn’t like them. Many within the govt have different opinions but Hezbollah is a viable political party in Lebanon, with many seats and possibly more in the next election.


wasn’t talking about the army, but about the government. Specifically about the Lebanese Prime Minister, who hates Hezbollah.

Wahid Algiers

Maily the deal was made to get information about the fate of the lost soldiers of Lebanon. Naturally Hezb is a party of Lebanon and has to deal for its favour.

Moussa Saab

Labayka ya nasrallah, he always says the best stuff in his speeches.

Overwatch D.VA

seem like the usual suspects in media and internet trying to potray this as harmful to iraqis and inflate the so called iraqi anger over this.. classic psyop disinfo from the usual hasbara trolls who keep trying to insert fictional divide among the people in the region..

everyone in the region know the contribution and sacrifice of hezbollah in the region. everyone also know the role of israeli , saudi , turks and US in the mess on the region..

and these hasbaras focusing on hezbollah small action in lebanon? they must be desperate in their smear campaign..

Hayder Al-Mohammad

I’m an Iraqi. I’m furious about this, and so are almost all my friends and family.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They group was expressly forbidden entrance into Iraq and why would they go there they knew none of local ISIS Sunni Iraqis. Abadi is just being an over preening douche on this one as it was fine to release thousands of Iraqi terrorists without asking Syrian Govt if they wanted your terrorists in their country. This caused the second capture of Palmyra and the capture of Raqqa.

Stop being a hypocrite most like you are arrogant and forget your own nation’s duplicity is beyond compare and borders on revulsion, to the Syrian people. Iraq has no call for any anger since this was minute in comparison 200 or so fighters with approximately 500 women and children.

Iraq seems to be a nation of hypocrites after their perfidy in allowing thousands to leave Mosul and head straight for Syria. They were negotiated by the US and Iraq govt free passage, up until the Syrian border they had US Apache escorts, let that sink in and remember that before you talk.

Hayder Al-Mohammad

Oh, they are expressly forbid from entering Iraq. I’ll take their word for it.

I thought Bashar was sending Al qaeda from Syria to Iraq?

You’re very angry about something you seem to know little about. May I ask why?

I’m relatively informed on what’s happening in Iraq as I live and work there. If you’re having a bad day and need to vent on Iraqis, I get it. But, I don’t know you. Maybe relax a bit before you speak to strangers.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just saying you are hypocritical and Syria had no part of the deal since it was negotiated by Hezbollah and Lebanon.

Wondering if you truly know how Iraq and the US conspired to release ISIS from Iraq into Syria or are you oblivious or just want to forget that happened.

Iraq showed disrespect in allowing ISIS to leave Mosul to go to Syria without discussing anything before hand with the Syrian govt. now , which was worse the allowing of Thousands of ISIS members to leave for Syria or the 200 fighters at Abu Kamal which had no intention of leaving Syria since that is their target goal.

Hayder Al-Mohammad

They’re being transported in Syria. Syria wasn’t part of negotiations? How odd.

Iraq had lost millions of people since 1991. The country was destroyed by American and British murder and sanctions, and the subsequent mess post 2003. You don’t think that was the reason the Iraqis couldn’t do much about ISIS?

Iraqis never drove 1, let alone 308 isis fighters, to any border.

Your anger is very odd. How old are you?

‘Iraq showed disrespect’ – are you in a street gang? This isn’t really how international politics and warfare works.

This is a very Western imperial understanding of how the world runs.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

ISIS was allowed to leave Mosul in 2016 and Iraqi military , politicians and the US neither informed the Syrian govt which would have been required in international protocol.

Iraq troops even watched the Procession ISIS leave and even knew that thousands were being directed to Syria. The actual number was 217 fighters the rest were women and young children and was a town west of Abu Kamal which is still in Syria, but the US has always had bad intel . They have over estimated numbers before, like the 2000+ in Nineveh which was only 620.

What is really odd is your belligerence and defiant tone, the lack of true maturity is when one asks a question like “how old are you” which is the first sign.

The problem your attitude shows why their is a lack of coordination in the Middle East each is out to back stab the other and a lack of respect of each others country.

Hope you in the Middle East can grow up and get with the rest of the world.

Hayder Al-Mohammad

we can all hope to reach the level of maturity of the west.


If that is what you aspire to then you have already lost.


Syria wasn’t involved in the negotiations; they knew about them and agreed to let the transfer go ahead. (Lebanon wanted her soldiers back – understandable.)

During the earlier stages of the “liberation of Mosul” thousands of ISILs were allowed to “escape” to Syria. They were the guys who retook Palmyra and reinforced Deir Ezzor. Now either you’re pretending you don’t know or you don’t know as much as you think you do. (The number was estimated at 5-6000.)

America and her patsies destroyed Iraq and killed a million+ Iraqi. Not Syria. Not Hezbollah. Not Lebanon. So put that blame where it belongs!

And yes, Iraq’s behavior towards Syria has been “disrespectful.” If nations do not treat each other with the respect due a nation – how do you expect them to conduct foreign relations? …. With the barrel of a gun – like the US does? ——— So just for you I’m going to cite a famous man who probably never actually said it:- “Sherif Ali, so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.”

martin aguilar

Shana excellent !!!!


Thank you! ;-)

Graeme Rymill

“US Apache escorts”….. more lies from Woolpuller…he lives in a fantasy world

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They escorted them to ISIS territory and even provided electronic communications jamming this was from an Apache gunner, so the PMU wouldn’t attack them.


But Isis had well over a month to vacate Mosul with no front lines near. All you have to do do is move one vehicle down the road every quarter hour. So why should there be a “large convoy” and why would air cover be required :/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They had the convoy on video with over a hundred of trucks in it and tanks etc., this was the day they US made the offer to leave and thousands took up the offer since they were providing escort and had the PMU sent clear the Northern Border and Southern border of Iraq and Abadi ordered it.

There remained a small part of the PMU in the central area but they couldn’t communicate because their radios were being jammed by the Apaches. Do I need to bring you up to speed on the Apaches capabilities in regards to EW.

Check the above posted video by Paulskiy.

Graeme Rymill

Lol what utter bullshit….see my reply to Paulskiy

Graeme Rymill

I have given up challenging all the stuff you make up. You haver never provided a source for any of your claims just “it is a known fact”. Well it is a “known fact” that you invent stuff.


Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL_fZIRvp3k

Graeme Rymill

This video was first shown on YouTube in November 2015. Whatever it shows it doesn’t show an ISIS convoy leaving Mosul to avoid the Iraqi army as Woolpuller is pretending.


Fair enough, but if they did it once I don’t believe it’s a stretch to think they would do it again. In any event, Veterans Today has lots of stuff showing US support of IS in Iraq and Syria.

Graeme Rymill

I know punctuation can be a bit tricky…..but the question mark in the YouTube video title actually means something!

“ISIS Fighter Convoy Under US Apache Escort?” means whoever posted this to YouTube isn’t sure if this is what it porports to be. Yet of course you and Woolpuller have no doubts….

Graeme Rymill

Rather than a mindless acceptance that this video shows ISIS being escorted by Apaches please apply some critical thinking:

The quality of the video is extremely poor.

There are no ISIS flags on display…how do we know this is ISIS?

There is no way of telling where it was filmed. One person on another web site claims it was filmed in Libya. Unfortunately he links to an Arabic YouTube video. Not being a reader or speaker of Arabic I am none the wiser.

The so-called Apache could be any helicopter. The vision is not clear enough to say what it is.

The best you could say is that the bald assertion that this is an ISIS convoy and an Apache escort in Iraq or Syria is that it is unconfirmed.

All the rest of the crap that Woolpuller peddles in a later reply about EW (electronic warfare) jamming of the PMU to prevent them interfering is just stuff Woolpuller makes up to make himself sound knowledgable and important. He NEVER gives any reputable sources for his claims. You just have to accept it as gospel. I don’t….it is bullshit.

Solomon Krupacek

Iraq seems to be a nation of hypocrite

sure. only the bnation of woopullers is normal. all athers are stupid.


What exactly are you furious about?

Overwatch D.VA

why you posting from tel aviv

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA grab the agreement as opportunity and have destroy Syrian bridges to delay the Syrian and Russian movement towards Deir Ezzor.If USA was serious why are their killing only civilians in Raqqa instead of ISIS.

Solomon Krupacek

” why are their killing only civilians in Raqqa”

there is no word in any human language to express, who are you!


You must not deals with terrorists. This is a war, you must eliminated them at any cost, otherwise pace will not arise in Syria. Please, understand what Russia did in WWII.


Perhaps next time Mr Nasrallah will offer his explanation WHEN he announces the deal? Seems to me the Iraqi had every right to be pissed off.

On the face of it anyway – they weren’t feeling so fussy when they were allowing ISILs to escape from Mosul to Syria.

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