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Hezbollah Is Secretly Withdrawing From Syria: Monitoring Group

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Hezbollah Is Secretly Withdrawing From Syria: Monitoring Group

a Hezbollah fighter stands at a watchtower at the site where clashes erupted between Hezbollah and al-Qaida-linked fighters in Wadi al-Kheil in the Lebanon-Syria border. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

Hezbollah is secretly withdrawing many of its units from Syria away from any media coverage, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on June 30, citing what it described as “creditable sources”.

“Large units of Hezbollah forces were secretly withdrawn from different areas in the capital, Damascus, and in its countryside, as well as from the Syrian south,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The UK-based monitoring group noted that Hezbollah and Iranian forces are not participating in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) ground operations in Greater Idlib. The group’s claims on this mater are in line with the information provided by pro-government and even opposition sources.

Hezbollah intervened in Syria in mid-2012 to support the SAA’s military operations around Damascus and in the central governorate of Homs. Later, the Lebanese group expanded its presence to the country’s southern region, the northern strategic city of Aleppo and participated in all major anti-ISIS operations in eastern Syria.

However, since 2017, Hezbollah participation in the Syrian war has declined. The group didn’t support the SAA’s large-scale operations in the Eastern Ghouta, nor the 2018 southern Syrian campaign.

While SOHR’s claims are yet to be confirmed, Hezbollah may have withdrawn some units from Syria as a defensive procedure due to the high-tension with Israel and the U.S.

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Joao Alfaiate

Preparing for another round with the Zionist enterprise.


Long live hell for the AngloZionist Empire & all of its puppets!

Zionism = EVIL

That is a fair assessment, there is a major war coming as Zionist scum are now getting out of control with excess baggage hubris. They will be hit hard and the next war will last a very long time.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

good luck, IDF will crush them again even worse than they did in 2006!


Yeah sure baby, the only problem with your premise that it was th =e zionist swamp rats that begged for a cease fire when Hezbollah had them whipped and even hacked their security system. Ever wondered why those swamp rats have stayed away from attacking Hezbollah despite the claims of tunnels to “israel”? Hezbollah’s 120,000 precision missiles that can turn the Jew racist/supremacist garbage dump into a parking lot is the answer.

klove and light

yes they are withdrawing….BUT no reasons are given in this article other than , the tensions with Israel,usa and Iran. Sorry ..bs Explanation…… tensions between hezbollah and Israel are Always there…These two are still at war with each other practically, and as Nasrallah has often repeatly mentioned…”hezbollah has enough Forces to counter any israeli agression”….

the real reason is obvious……. syria is partioned.Period! and hezbollah is a very wise Group.They know, that as Long as ie. Russia is protecting Turkey in idlibv and afrin, any attack would be totally useless…as seen and well documented here at southfront and almasdar News, that SAA has lost 100´s of soldiers during the last 3 weeks, without making any strategicly significant gains…..espeically the most imporatant strategic town, kabani, a mountaintop town in Latakia…overlooking the plains of jisr al shughur City…..without kanabi, no offensive can be started to Retake the greater area of jisr al shughur.SEVEN times 7x SAA stormed the mountaintop town, they all failed with well over 200 dead SAA and 100´s more wounded.All here at southfront articles too….also that the republican guard and the 4th armoured devision cancelled any further attacks and are now well on their way to hama Province as also mentioned here at sourhfront article. secondly the offensive to Retake the lost territory around and protected by TAF through their Shir Mughar’s observation post.Total Desaster.I mean totally pathetic on the part of SAA.They can see each and every day with their eyes how TAF Forces, that might i reminbd everybody are SUPPOSED TO FIGHT terrorists under thje bs Agreement with Russia, but instead are giving ALL help that is needed to the jihadi Groups including weapons,ammunition,drones,artillery,mortars,medical suppls and even chemicals as mentioned also here in numerous articles at southfront. Thats the North of syria, which is occupied by TAF and ist Proxy jihadi army

now lets see to the east. SDF… protected by the U.S. airforce. This should be rather easy to explain even for some schmocks around here.

AS LONG AS THE US AIRFORCE IS PROTECTING SDF, no attacking force has 1% Chance of Winning, unless this attacking force has an airforce with similar capabilities.Thats fucking common sense.And Russia has clearly showed in the last 3 years, it will NEVER engage TAF or USA.

now the south..al tanf occupied by U.S. Forces. same as above.As Long as no one is willing to challenge the U.S airforce pricks, no attack will have a Chance of success.common sense again.

tot he west…..most Folks seem or tend to Forget. GOLAN is syrian territory, thus occupied by IDF cocksuckers. same as above only make IDF airforce insteda of U.S airforce.

back to hezbollah. These are smart Folks and not suicidal.Leaving syria was the only possibility left….all areas currently under occupation cannot be freed by SAA or hezbollah without atatcking the main Players of exactly that occupation…in syrias case that is either..Turkey in the North, us Forces in the east and south or IDF in the west.


Amazing but is the truth…what is Russia playing now…nobody nows..


You’re another Russia bashing loser. Every time that the Syrian government coalition starts moving the front lines forward. Two faced morons like you shilling for the blood sucking baby raping Jews come on this site and start criticizing Russia for not doing enough.

Face the facts. Russia is killing the Turk’s pet terrorists everyday in Idlib. That’s not going to stop until Idlib is recovered and then work can proceed on getting the Iraqis to stop allowing the US to attack Syria from Iraq in conjunction with extending the no fly zone over the rest of Syria. The Kurds will then quickly capitulate. Like they did after the US withdrawal announcement.

Brother Ma

Killing pet terrorists means nothing as long as Turkey helps existing terrorists with supplies and even new men through its borders.


It means that the terrorists are losing ground, that more of them are dying than Syrian forces and that their attacks on areas outside of what they occupy have been substantially reduced or stopped.

The Turks are close to losing or have lost the observation post at Sher Maghar. Which is what the fighting is about.


“Netanyahu said … “The two superpowers, together with Israel, agree that we must aspire to the goal in which all foreign forces that have entered Syria since 2011 leave Syria.”

– Russia pushes back as U.S., Israel press to isolate Iran –

https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/jun/26/russia-pushes-back-as-u-s-israel-press-/?news-national –

Brother Ma

So why would we believe what Yajew has to say anyway. He is a born liar and cheat, who stole nuclear secrets from America and yet they are his lapdogs.


“Hezbollah has acquired the Rus­sian-made SA-17 “Buk,” a medium-range air defense missile originally sold to Syria that has a range of 31 miles and can target aircraft flying at altitudes of 78,000 feet.

The SA-17, which Israel went to great lengths to prevent Hezbol­lah from acquiring, represents the Lebanese group’s most potent air defense weapon and puts all Israeli aircraft within reach.”

– Israel and Hezbollah’s Golan calculations –



Your plan is stupid. And would do nothing to help Syria win the war.


Setting up aid workers for mass murder puts your plan in the war crimes category.


There are people here with worse English than yours. As far as I know they’re not native English speakers. You are and your’s is on par or close to it with some of the foreign semi illiterates here.

And lying that you’re not advocating killing aid workers just adds to your issues.


“As well as have humans rights people from the UN to inspect the cargo of 180 of the trucks to show nothing but food medicine and other humanitarian goods. As well as ride along with them. …

killing a bunch UN representatives from 15 countries and there will be picture and videos burning humanitarian aid and dead UN observers.”


The world knows that they’re a problem. It’s why they lose votes at the UN by lopsided and near unambitious votes on a regular basis. People running humanitarian aid convoys that you want to mass murder are aid workers. You’re just as bad as the Jews who you think should be able to rape 1,000 children a week.


If you wanted them gone you’d support outlawing Judaism rather than supporting them raping 1,000 children every week.


” their religion needs to be outlawed because it promotes Jews over everyone else”

No, this is you being a fascist ..I despise the Zionists for the harm they do.

. But I put freedom to choose absent harm to others first. In everything. . SO they can think what they want. But they cannot harm others while doing it.

Whole world needs to stop telling others how to think or be, based on beLIEfs , and then they must modify their behavior and stop harming others because of what they think..

The rich think we are all useless eaters. But that doesn’t give them the right to exterminate us at will. But they do, they will, and they just don’t care.Be they Israeli, American, French, Italian et al.

Who could actually think that society at large sees others in their own society, or foreign societies, as their equal. Because one thing science teach us is that we are biologically inclined to think from a “us v. them” perspective. We all think we are better or more relevant than the other guy.

Religions of EVERY bent ( not just Judaism) , teach their beLIEving fools that they are the true religion, they are the chosen of god. That they follow the true path.

And then our socio economic paradigm has taught us that those with the most, are the best. And more is the most important part of being alive. More ignorance and bullshat.

I do not disagree with some that you wrote, but it seem to me you are calling your opinions as fact..

“Fact Hezbollah could end the state Israel and if the does not the the Palestinian riots will”

.Israel has nukes. Nukes win, every time.

Both are opinions. Lets hope we don’t have to find out.


My thoughts as well. The ‘Putin is a Traitor’ narrative is a well worn canard oft used by those whose intent is to denigrate the achievements of Russia.

In this context , the Russian airpower that 100% saved the SAA and Secular Syria from defeat in 2015.

All the other courageous allies of the SAA lacked an air component that would deter the US Coalition of Terror. Russia provided this and more, hence the snide vitriol of Klove and Light, along with his fellow travellers.

alejandro casalegno

YES!!!……..Syria was defeated in 2015, only Russia and the Sukhois save the country. the war is won…………but for some dumbs is not enough!!!!!!!!!!

Xoli Xoli

Russia under Putin command will never attack Turkey and SDF=ISIS stop dreaming.Stop wishing unrealistic things.Syrian war is prolong by Erdogan and Putin. Why did Russia stop attacking terrorist hide outs and bases with cruise messiles.Only USA out of disagreement with Erdogan will attack Idlib terrorists. Any attack on terrorists will be accused by Turkey as attack on its observation post.Because it is illegal self legitimized agrement between Putin and Erdogan.


I wouldn’t say never. If sufficiently provoked Russia will attack. Most adversaries recognise that and avoid provocations in their own self interests.

That doesn’t prevent Russia’s allies from attacking. Which does happen.

Xoli Xoli

Thank you.


Russia has computerized targeting for unguided bombs that makes them accurate enough for what smart bombs and guided missiles are used for in most cases. That is far less expensive. And with no technology reverse engineering exposure.


“Netanyahu said … “The two superpowers, together with Israel, agree that we must aspire to the goal in which all foreign forces that have entered Syria since 2011 leave Syria.”

– Russia pushes back as U.S., Israel press to isolate Iran –


National Pride

Hey, homie, are you from AR?


How about the the Khazarian Jew from Lithuania get the hell out of our region?

Bill Wilson

Oh baloney. Hezbollah is going home for two reasons. The first is that Iran can no longer afford to foot the expense to keep them in Syria. The second is that Hezbollah is disliked by the average Syrian because part of their job in Syria is to get the civilians to change their religion to Shia Islam. The civilians had to put up with that when Bashar’s father ran Syria where individual converts were promised a crack at a government job and tribes with local economic aid. Some did only to go back being infidels after the promises from Damascus weren’t honored.

j. jaxson

nuttyahoo loves you. Schism. i hate ism’s-they take power away from the source. maybe they should convert. they will get an xtra 10 virgins in heaven. really that is not the reason at all. Hezbollah did their job. They are needed elsewhere.


Hey Bill Wilsonstein: Why not stop your complete nonsense and find something better to do. Hezbollah is never known to ask anyone to change their religion. We have one major problem in the Middle East: A white man who would love to be an Israelite an account he is circumcised. This completely alien European Jew has created hell on earth for the people of the Middle East and the people of the Middle East have no higher priority than to get rid of this International Menace.

Xoli Xoli

True Syria has been partition.By USA Altanf,Northern Syria.SDF Raqqa and Euphrates Al Omar oil fields. Turkey Idlib,Afrin and Manbij.British and France part of Der Ezzor and Hasaka province. Israel Golan Heights, Quneitra, Homs area can bomb this zones as its please.Russia Tartus and Heimeimen.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks are still buying cheap Iranian crude oil despite promising to adhere to US sanctions and end the trade, but Iranian oil is still being tracked heading to Turkish facilities. The Iranians can’t find enough buyers for their oil and are losing much needed revenue due to US sanctions, and Erdogan keeps saying his refineries are more suitable for refining the cruder type oils that the Iranians supply, so I would think that makes them quite dependent on each other atm, that could be the main reason the Iranians are avoiding conflict with the Turks and their proxies. The article says they’re withdrawing assets from Syria, but I suspect even if they are removing some units from Syria altogether, they’re also repositioning some units closer to the Israeli/Syrian border too, as you said, “tensions between hezbollah and Israel are Always there…These two are still at war with each other practically” having Hezbollah and Iranian units remaining in Syria would be strategically important to Iran so they’d keep whatever units they thought they needed to keep in Syria and just move out the ones they don’t need there. Plus syrialiveuamaps shows the Israelis hitting Iranian assets in Syria all the time, that means there’s still plenty there. Iran and Hezbollah may be reluctant to fight the Turks or their proxies atm, but they have no such reluctance with Israel, they could possibly even get some sort of covert assistance from Erdogan too, since next to the Iranians he’s become the second strongest anti Zionist voice, [the one thing in his life he did get right]. Putin hasn’t said reconciliation, ceasefire, or Astana for nearly 3 weeks now, and he’s also letting Assad pound away at the 2 Turkish OB posts in northern Hama, perhaps he forecast what the mayoral election results in Istanbul were going to turn out like and he’s decided Erdogan doesn’t have the staying power he needs from a political ally [5 year life span, possibly less]. Perhaps Putin’s reconsidering his tentative alliance with Erdogan and now looking to renew his relationship with Assad, it certainly looks like it since Putin isn’t saying a word about the SAA offensive, and his airforce is also helping the SAA bomb rebel positions only about 500 meters away from the Turkish OB post near Murak. It could just as easily be the Russians killing Turkish personnel if they’re bombing positions so close to the OB posts, Erdogan must be frothing at the mouth at recent developments, but unable to stop either the Russian or Syrians.


On a strategic level you are certainly correct. One must not forget the detrimental role Assad is playing here. Appointing bad commanders because they are yes men that belong to the clique instead of findung great commanders. Seeking to dominate a country where he does not have the firces to dominate them and where both rebels and SDF rather fight to the death than become assadist puppets and slaves.

Where he could have found reasonable compromises, he went for family and clan dictatorship. Now his impotence is clearer and clearer.

Rafik Chauhan

Hezbollah and iran should have helped SAA in dilib to finish this terriost once for all. and then they should have withdrawn. Later SAA should have handle east Syria and homs desert.

You can call me Al

Ideally yes; but Israel is upping the anti, that means the US as well. I understand that Hezbollah will go up home with all its advanced weaponry; as will Iran.

Bill Wilson

That’s not a bad idea to regain Idlib and Aleppo since that would wipe out Hezbollah and most of the SAA to leave the SDF as the last viable Syrian force to maintain control over the country.


It looks like the US is talking about getting out of Syria again:

“Netanyahu said … “The two superpowers, together with Israel, agree that we must aspire to the goal in which all foreign forces that have entered Syria since 2011 leave Syria.”

– Russia pushes back as U.S., Israel press to isolate Iran –


We will see The Second War Hez

The second war Hezbollah X Israel is just comming. And Hezbollah will win it again.

Natalia T.

It’s well known that when Arabs declare victory in any conflict, you can be sure that they suffered a devastating loss.


The Arabs removed the crusades, the British, the French, the Italians. Can you tell us how they suffered when they won those battles? They have not managed to win against the circumcised white man in Palestine and the reason is because America is on his side at all times.


Even more revealing were the comments by Mossad Chief, Meir Degan, and the head of Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, during a meeting with Prime Minister Olmert in the immediate aftermath of the war. Both men pointedly told Olmert “the war was a national catastrophe and Israel suffered a critical blow.”

We Were Caught Unprepared: The 2006 Hezbollah-Israeli War https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/we-were-caught-unprepared.pdf


Meaning their losses were higher than expected. A win never the less.


That “meaning” is your personal, and mostly irrelevant, interpretation. The outcome of a war isn’t measures in losses but military objectives. In 2006, Israel reached none.

Besides, if “national catastrophe” and “suffering a critical blow” is your definition of winning, I can only imagine what losing is.


Bonjour, ca devrait aussi vous intéresser, les mainstream medias et politiciens européens voyou Criminel de Guerre finiront bien par être acculés par leurs propre mensonges Maxime Chaix – La Grande Interview : « La guerre de l’ombre en Syrie, CIA, pétrodollars et djihad » https://www.agoravox.tv/actualites/international/article/maxime-chaix-la-grande-interview-82123

Sur l’horreur du Yemen un article un peu long, mais assez complet et détaillé faisant le point sur la Capharnaüm de la situation

Libérez le Yémen : enjeux géostratégiques, puissances étatiques et proxys (Partie 1) https://www.agoravox.fr/actualites/international/article/liberez-le-yemen-enjeux-216238


Bonjour Alex, merci pour l’interview et les articles. C’est excellent. Chaix l’a bien dit (au sujet de l’ONU): la guerre en Syrie montre qu’il n’y a plus de règles.


p.s. Je pense avoir manqué le troisième article. C’est toujours très intéressant de lire les recherches et théories de Mourey. Je pense qu’il établit une base solide que l’on doit approfondir. Le problème se trouve dans la mentalité qui a été établi au 19e siècle en Europe (et maintenant dans la plupart du monde) où les Anglo-Saxon ont réécrit l’histoire en éradiquant la contribution et l’influence phénicienne et égyptienne dans le développement du monde occidentale.


Bonsoir Omega, Il y a deux jours j’ai lu un article de Mourey qui parle des Celtes mais je le trouve un peu trop obsédé par le Judaism, raison pour la quelle je ne vous l’ai pas fait suivre… Espérons que l’archéologie moderne fera de nouvelles découvertes. Je crois volontiers que comme pour les Grecques l’influence est partie de la Mésopotamie/Anatolie/Levant et est remontée le long du Danube et Rhone depuis les Deltas. La parenté avec les Etrusques et Phéniciens est fort probable, de la a y voir des Juifs je reste réservé et demande a voir. Il me semble que l’Art et les Juifs ne vont pas ensemble… alors que la Mésopotamie, les Grecques, et les Etrusques sont impressionnants !

Au bas de l’article il y a quelques liens Nous, Éduens, Arvernes, enfants du Proche-Orient et le bafouillage gaulois https://www.agoravox.fr/tribune-libre/article/nous-eduens-arvernes-enfants-du-216442

Un Autre article sur l’invasion pourrie des Ashkénazes que vous connaissez bien… A quand un Nakba Business pour traire les Khazars comme ils l’ont fait avec ce que l’on pourrait supputer comme l’invention partiellement bancale(chut) et surtout médiatique de la Shoah… (Pour masquer l’horrible Genocide pratiqué par les Bolsheviks Ashkenazis?)

Massacres, viols, pillages et destruction de villages : comment Israël dissimule les preuves du nettoyage ethnique des Palestiniens en 1948 https://www.agoravox.fr/tribune-libre/article/massacres-viols-pillages-et-216482


Bonjour Alex. Désole pour la réponse tardive.

Je n’ai pas assez lu d’articles de Mourey pour constater son obsession avec le judaisme, mais si vous le dites, c’est que c’est vrai. En y pensant, je me rappelle d’une des phrases du dernier article: «  Une fresque de l’église de Gourdon représente l’intérieur de la pièce de l’étage, pièce sacrée, “Saint des Saints” juif ou cananéen. » Je n’y ai pas porté attention puisqu’il n’élaborait pas, mais cananéen c’est pas juif et vis versa.

La parenté étrusque-phénicienne est effectivement probable (pour ne pas dire sûre) et sinon; les liens entre eux, historiquement, est indéniable. La langue étrusque, par example, a pu être déchiffré grâce à l’existence des tablettes bilingues (étrusque-phénicienne) de Pyrgi.

L’art et les juifs ne vont absolument pas ensemble; je suis d’accord. Il ne faut que voir la médiocrité de leurs synagogues à travers le temps et/ou l’absence générale de créativité artistique. J’ajouterai que rien, en générale, allait avec les juifs [1]. Leur apparence soudaine au 19e siècle en tant que « race » supérieure et génie n’est qu’une connerie de propagande absurde élaborée à des fins géopolitiques. Étrangement, je ne crois pas que les juifs (du moins pas seuls) sont derrière cette manigance, mais ils en profitent bien.

L’invasion ashkénaze sociale/médiatique, leurs crimes ignobles (en Russie, en Turquie et en Palestine) et l’exploitation de la Shoah est à faire vomir. Le juif, c’est la victime éternel apparement. Ceci étant dit, je me demande, et c’est un sujet que je recherche depuis un bout, qui est/sont à la tête de tout ça (origine, évolution, objectif, etc). Sont-ils exclusivement juifs ou des juifs font-il partie du groupe? Je vous invite à suivre mes commentaires prochains.


[1] « The Jews, on the contrary, were ignorant of astronomy, and of science in general, and if a religion founded upon astronomy fell into their hands, it is almost certain it would be corrupted. We do not read in the history of the Jews, whether in the Bible or elsewhere, that they were the inventors or the improvers of any one art or science. Even in the building of this temple, the Jews did not know how to square and frame the timber for beginning and carrying on the work, and Solomon was obliged to send to Hiram, King of Tyre (Zidon) to procure workmen. »



Abel Bonnard Ministre de l’Education sous Vichy est un un poète intellectuel raffiné qui a écrit sur la question. Je ne l’ai malheureusement pas lu. J’ai un ami excellent littéraire qui s’est entiché de lui depuis des années…

Le drame du présent. Les Modérés d’Abel Bonnard



Bonjour Alex. J’espère que vous allez bien. Désolé pour la réponse tardive; j’étais en vacances en famille (de retour depuis hier). J’ai bel et bien lu vos commentaires mais préférais réponde qu’a mon retour. Que dire du Juif (soupir). Vous avez bien décrit la situation du politiquement correct au leur sujet; c’est insensé. Par contre, je me demande si le Juif est vraiment a la tete de la malfaisance. Si c’est le cas, ça vautrait dire qu’ils le sont depuis un bon bout de temps. Je vous invite a suivre mes commentaires prochains avec Peter.


Merci, vous êtes le bienvenu ! J’espère que vos vacances ont été bonnes.

Que dire du Juif (soupir) Question et réponse interdites, mais je n’en pense pas moins (lol)

A l’origine la Torah est faite pour un impôt auquel person n’échappe jusqu’a la mort… si l’on en croit le Dr M D Magee

Persia creation of Judaism.

Abstract: This article explain how Judaism was created by the Persians in the fifth century BCE. Colonists were deported into Yehud. Their reward was to have control of a temple state which collected taxes for Persia. Only priests of the temple state were Jews—a nation of priests to serve Persians

La ou ca coince c’est l’influence de la mauvaise graine qui a évolué en Christianisme et reprise par Constantin qui pensait que c’était un bon “System” pour gérer et contrôler son Empire. Ca nous a donné les Croisades, épidémies, plein de misères et massacres dont l’Atheism pourrait nous sauver, mais pour aller OU…. ? De toutes evidences l’Humanism et l’Ecologie deviennent une urgence criarde !

Le Roi Khazar des hordes Turco-Mongol établie au Nord et a l’Est de la mer Caspienne a choisi la Torah plus a sa convenance car plus primitive avec mutilations sexuelles traumatisantes a vie sur les enfants ! Le prepuce est le coeur de la sensibilité sexuelle ! Un sujet Tabou sur lequel meme Freud a évité d’écrire

Si Constantin est le père des Croisades, Bulan est le père des Ashkénazes qui nous ont donné a partir de la Revolution d’Octobre 17 l’extermination massive de dizaines de Millions de Chrétiens dans les Pogroms et Gulags, poursuivant aujourd’hui leur sinistre besogne avec une “Croisade” mortifère et Moyenâgeuse appelée Israel ! Que d’Horreurs pour satisfaire l’abject Colonialism UK/US pour piller the ressources du Levant…


Bonjour Alex. Les vacances se sont bien passées, merci. J’espère que votre été s’est bien passé également. Lorsque je disais “Que dire du Juif”; je voulais dire: où commencer (lol). Vous l’avez bien résumé. Quant à l’écologie, et mis apart la pollution humaine sur terre, le changement climatique n’est qu’une manigance de l’oligarchie financière à des fins spécifiques: réduire la population mondiale, ralentir le progrès scientifique, hausser les coûts énergétiques, transférer d’immenses sommes d’argents vers des investissements “verts” pour éviter (our ralentir) l’effondrement de leur système financier actuel; et surtout en faillite .


Bonjour Omega,

“Rien est simple tout se complique” comme le disait Jean-Jacques Sempé En tous cas la situation est tragique et chaotique, l’avenir incertain avec une imbécilité illimitée !

L’ été a Genève est toujours agréable le reste de l’année aussi, sauf Décembre et Janvier ou l’on manque de lumière, quoique Noel avec de la neige dans la nuit a son charme. J’ai grandi dans une campagne de famille en ville, voisine du père de la Botanique. Pour nous la Nature est atavique, au moins depuis Rousseau… Tout ce que l’on dit aujourd’hui je l’entendais deja enfant…

La Campagne de René Dumont : l’écologie entre en politique était deja une vieille Lune https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/affaires-sensibles/affaires-sensibles-26-novembre-2018

Le plomb et le mercure se déversant dans le Lac une preoccupation en 1960, ainsi que les pluies acides de la Ruhrgebiet dans les Alpes. Aujourd’hui c’est les micro bulles de plastiques et insecticides.

Pendant 30 ans je fus un mois sur deux Philippines pour faire de la plongée afin d’admirer les coraux avant leur disparition. 98% sont détruits ! Les Alpes, coeur de la Biodiversité Européenne sont devenue un Disneyland… J’étais un alpiniste chevronné pour m’immiscer dans les elements et la Nature sauvage, je me suis enfuis en 80… NB: Les ruines des Civilisations et l’Environment seront elles pour l’archéologie des Martiens ? ? ?


Go back to sewer you Hasbara bitch!


The zio swamp rats are too cowardly to admit a defeat, particularly the one in 2006 when Hezbollah gave them such a whipping they had to beg for a cease fire to get the surviving swamp rats back home safely.


Likely they won already six or seven times. Surprisingly, in all their losses Israel only gained strength.

Free man

I recently wondered where they had disappeared and why they were not helping the SAA. Apparently Russia ordered them to leave because they had stopped helping.

Xoli Xoli

Iran and Hizbollah are losing interest in Putin suppressing their operation and allow Erdogan to rule Idlib.Putin also suppressing them not to retaliate against Israel and regards only Israel safety as very important above their own safety.Soon Iran will completely withdraw.

R PLobo

Hezbollah is a relatively small force compared to the SAA. The zionist mercs have been contained within Idlib and they now have no chance of occupying Syria or for that matter marching on Damascus. As for the puppet SDF – the US will sooner or later pull the plug and Syria will be whole without a shot fired. The SAA does not need to fight the SDF – the SDF has no local support and the Kurds are simply buying time to get a better deal with Damascus. The Kurds know full well that Turkey is only in Syria to establish a buffer with them that does not bleed into Turkey proper. The real story in Syria is the war with the zionists and the salient occupation of the Golan and Palestine. Idlib and eastern Syria are non issues – it is now only a matter of time before they are re-integrated into a unified Syria. Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and Russia are focusing on containment of the zionist entity – that is the road forward. That containment by strong air-defence and counter attack measures will take the wind out of the iof – all the baby killers have left is air-power. And as demonstrated by Iran with the US – once the zionists do not have the advantage of air superiority the occultists are finished. Liberation of Palestine and the Golan is coming and it will be incremental but exponential – suddenly one day the population of the entity gets the long suppressed message and mass one way flights begin to London, New York and Paris. Only the old, poor and the fanatics will stay to greet the axis of resistance marching into Jerusalem.

Xoli Xoli

Most of commentators are CIA and M16 agents.Their believe in USA,Turkey and Israel.Fools deny reality because of this type of people fake news exist.Clearly coded in the bible their look but dont see,their listen but failed to hear.Out of their mouth comes Venom toxic and poisonous.Their put their trust in mankind and lead and mislead.

Astrid Watanabe

I don’t know about CIA, but the rest of what you say is surely true.


For .that to be even marginally tolerable, the US would have to leave eastern Syria, period.

Does anyone believbe they are going to leave?


Well of course, the war is won, FUKUS Israel Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been defeated, so the Hezbollah fighters are going home for a well deserved rest. If the SAA can’t handle the remaining terrorists they have trapped in Idlib, they don’t deserve to rule.

Rhodium 10

Erdogan have a problem..if Hezbollah&IRGC&Iraqi PMU..beside Russian Speznats..intervene in Idlib campaign..surely they conquer Idlib capital and many villages…but it means serious problems to him and can lose popular support in future elections or his defeat!..especially if we see Turkish troops fleeing and dying there!…He face also problems in Libya as LNA is gaining ground!…therefore some kind of agreement between Russia and Turkey have been signed!

Icarus Tanović

Today we have bully news, from US strikes on Idlib, Iraqi withdraw from Abu Kamal, and this bullshit by SOHR is creme de la creme of all of them. People, get yout self together, SOHR isn’t reliable source for NOTHING.




You (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here (Palestine) black and came back white. We cannot accept you!(Gamal Abdel Nasser. Former President of Egypt)


I have seen that quote many times before and I do not believe that Nasser could have said it and the reason is because I watched one of his videos where he was referring to the European Jew as his cousins and he also said Moses was born in Egypt – meaning that the European Jew was descended from Moses. In recent days I was reading the General Assembly debates by the representatives of Saudi Arabia and I was stunned because they were referring to the European Jew being the descendants of the Khazars as early as 1970. So I began to wonder if the representatives of Saudi Arabia knew about the European Jew being descended from the Khazars, why was Nasser of Egypt not aware where the European Jew was descended from.

Zionism = EVIL

Whatever these Yid scum are, they are one ugly motherfuckers…..


they need to be gone and if they can’t seem to realize the facts of the situation, they will be helped on the way to the grand final




whatever, they need to be gone (from the palestine they’ve stolen)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks are buying cheap Iranian oil because they can’t source cheap oil elsewhere due to US sanctions, and on the other hand we have Iranians who can’t easily sell their oil due to US sanctions, but for some strange reason they’re allowed to [legally according to US sanctions] sell their oil to Turkey. This has made both countries somewhat dependent on each other, and could be a reason Hezbollah and the Iranians have been avoiding any confrontation with the Turkish backed rebels.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) writing from their offices in the UK, without any presence on the ground. So what is the value of this “news”?


Withdrawal of Iranian forces, incl its proxies, is in line with reports of lack of funds. It is also in line with reports of proxies leaving with many hundreds from Al Bukamal and MERV, incl Mayadeen. Pmu’ s also leaving. With whom will they be replaced? Non available SAA? Ineffective worthless NDF? Untrained, uncoordinated tribal forces that fled in all recent battles they participated in? That have no effective command structure?

If they truly leave, within two months they will be replaced by IS. If that happens, SDF must take over in self defense as the river is no barrier to lightly armed IS forces.


If true it makes perfect sense, Hezbollah did not go into Syria to look for a fight but to preserve Assad’s Syria from falling apart and become a Jihadi wasteland. That goal has been achieved. Assad controls 2/3rds of Syria and is in no danger of falling. The SAA should be able to tackle Idlib on its own and the Kurds will be dealt with politically. Hezbollah achieved its aims. It won. No need for to continue fighting in Syria and additional Lebanese to die.


nah when the sohr is in the market telling you something it’s fake fake news coming straight out of mi6’s mouth. can be ignored fully.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Perhaps the looming confrontation with the US is the main cause of Hezbollah’s and Iran’s troop redeployment, but it’s been happening for over 12 months now, so there must be other pre existing factors contributing to Iran’s decision to pull out, not just the current threat of US/Israeli aggression.

straw walker

Iran and Hezbollah have a different agenda than Assad and the Russians. 1) Iran wants to be seen as the leader of the Islamic world and not the butcher that Assad is continuing. 2) Iran definitely wants a piece of what ever is left over so is sticking around, but is keeping a low profile along with its affiliate Hezbollah. 3) Iran does not want to be opposite in this war against Turkey..Turkey has the largest and most well equipped army in the middle east. Turkey is also seen by at least the Sunni population as the leaders and most inclusive nation of the Islamic world. 4) Israel is continuing to bomb Iran’s and Hezbollah’s forces, so moving out of Damascus was inevitable.

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