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Hezbollah Is Buying US & British Military Equipment From Free Syrian Army – Report

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Hezbollah Is Buying US & British Military Equipment From Free Syrian Army – Report

July 29, 2017 photo, a Hezbollah fighter stands at a watchtower at Wadi al-Kheil or al-Kheil Valley in the Lebanon-Syria border. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

Lebanese Hezbollah is buying US- and British-made military equipment from former Free Syrian Army (FSA) commanders in southern Syria, the UAE-based Orient TV reported on February 9.

The equipment bought by Hezbollah reportedly includes US-made TOW anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and UK-made thermal surveillance systems. According to Orient, these equipment were not handed over to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) under the reconciliation agreement.

The agreement was reached in mid-2018 following a large battle and allowed the SAA to recapture all opposition-held areas in the southern part of the country.

Local sources told Orient that the illegal arms deal between Hezbollah and former FSA commanders are being facilitated by the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate and the SAA’s 4th Division.

Over the last few months, loads of US-supplied weapons have been seized in southern Syria. However, this was a result of intensive search operations by the SAA and not illegal deals as Orient is claiming. Moreover, the claims of Hezbollah presence in the region are not backed by any evidence.

The report is an example of the repeated attempts by the Syrian opposition media to spark a new conflict in southern Syria by claiming that Hezbollah and Iranian forces are still operating to the region near the contact line with Israel.

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Expo Marker

Despite the hogwash on both sides, most Syrians remain pro-Palestinian and would put forth money and arms to be used against Israel.

Gregory Casey

Far easier to simply gift these weapons to Hezbollah. The Palestinian Battalions who have fought side by side with the Syrian Army throughout the Syrian War will return home to Palestine through the Front Door in due course ……. through the Golan and onwards to Jaffa, Jericho and Jerusalem

Gregory Casey

Given the source of this …….. UAE TV, it is hardly surprising the story is little more than a very stupid Fable. Why would Hezbollah be interested in paying even a Farthing to former FSA Commanders for their weaponry when all Hezbollah actually needs to do is send a Truck or two to the nearest SAA Depot and collect it all for free!! The Syrian Army is groaning under the weight of weapons it has discovered and confiscated from the so-called “Opposition” ……. all those foreign Arabian Peninsula Jihadi together with the poor stupid’s from France, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria & British Cities that have either disappeared over the horizon, or their bones are bleaching, and so, it makes sense for Syria’s Army to simply gift those weapons it has no further use for to Hezbollah who may need them in the event that BiBi et al decide to send Israeli Armed Forces northwards and into S Lebanon to have their collective ass kicked. Again. Nothing published in any UAE or Dubai or Riyadh-based media should ever be believed.


It also could be a desperate attempt to ease the heat on Saudi-Emiratis for handing US and co. weapons over to AQAP and ISIS in Yemen.

Fully agree with UAE, Saudi “news” sources. Any news outlet which published lies before should be treated as untrustworthy. I’d add most Kurdish (Rudaw, Hawar), MEK (publishing Israeli fabricated intel which even Israeli media won’t publish) and a couple of Kuwaiti sources (known for collaboration with Israel) to the mix.

Zionism = EVIL

UAE is a Zionist pimp and its Jew run “media” credibility is slightly lower than toilet paper..


Well said and you make sense.


Liberate all terrorists pockets from Syria and then free Idlib as soon as possible. Then liberate Palestine from Israeli terrorists idiots. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria will definitely support this important mission. Blood bath must be stopped.


Hezbollah is buying loads of US and UK hardware left from mostly dead ex Zio proxies in Syria so… US taxpayers must send more free stuff to the Zionist Entity because, why the hell not…

Zionism = EVIL

SAA and Hezbollah have captured enough weaponry according to SIPRI and other western sources to arm over 150,000 men or two army corps. The estimated haul of Americunt, Saudi and Emirati weapons captured is around $3 billion and Qatari idiots till 2016 lost another $800 million in eastern European weapons, mostly Croat, Polish and Bulgarian junk. The CIA supplied weaponry was top grade like improved TOWS and Milan, however the French mean animals have provided the headchoppers with old NATO stock discarded Milans which have a radioactive homing mechanism that causes cancer, so many of the dumb headchoppers will die of cancer in a few years. The Froggies intentionally tested these Milans on poor Italian peasants in Sardina where cancer rates are ten times that of mainland Italy.

Sardinia has hosted the war games of armed forces from the west and

other countries since sizable areas of its territory were sectioned off

after World War II.

Rome is reported to make around $64,000 an hour from renting out the ranges to NATO countries and others including Israel which uses nuclear tipped weapons on unsuspecting Italian peasants.

A recent parliamentary inquiry revealed that 1,187 French-made MILAN missiles had been fired at Quirra.
This has focused attention on radioactive thorium as a suspect in the health crisis and astronomical cancer rates in Sardinia.

It’s used in the anti-tank missiles’ guidance systems. Inhaling thorium dust
is known to increase the risk of lung and pancreatic cancer.

Another suspect is depleted uranium used by US and NATO forces on the island. The Italian military has refused to allow independent examination of this controversial material, which increases the armour-piercing capabilityof weapons.But that’s a fudge, according to Osservatorio Militare, which campaigns for the well being of Italian soldiers.

Gregory Casey

Thanks a million for sharing this info. I was completely ignorant of the fact Sardinia has been used as a testing ground for Israeli French & NATO Fuxxers Weaponry. Any chance the (for now) Italian Government will put a stop to it? Or is the Northern League too close to the Financial Elite Classes of Northern Italy? I’m wondering how long this Government will last given their refusal to join their fellow NATO-Alliance Head-choppin’ friends in recognizing the Puppet in Venezuela as “acting President” ??

Joe Kerr

Latest news is that Iran offered Lebanon all the military assistance it requires to confront Israel, which would include its own version of the S-300.


Good News if true.

Gregory Casey

Excellent news.


hope it’s on the cheap and loads of stuff so that they, together with syria, turkey,iraq and iran, can evict the squatters from palestinian land and this time there won’t be moses to save their bacon. hei squatters – here comes your next diaspora of 5000 years including a fair share of pogroms! what a larf!!

Lena Jones

I support the resistors using the invaders’ weapons against them.

Bigaess Wangmane

Even if it was true I don’t see the problem here. The only ones who have a problem with Hezbollah are those that wish to Annex the Litani as another step towards fulfilling the Oded Yinon Plan.


What a load of crap. Why would they pay millions of dollars for them and be funding the enemy in the process while they could just confiscate them after conquering them.

Zionism = EVIL

I would not give too much credibility to the UAE pimps media nonsense, but the FACT remains that Hezbollah’s technical sophistication and combined arms and ELINT capability is now far superior built on its stunning success in Syria, also thanks to the Zionist morons planting eavesdropping devices in occupied Shebba Farms and South Lebanon where Hezbollah has eyes are ears everywhere. Hezbollah captures the Zionist and Amercunt sensors and spyware some of its is disguised as rocks and road safety fences and markers and then does reverse engineering and uses them against Zionists.

Eskandar Black

What a joke, everyone buys from the black market, and there is a black market for everything that has a demand.


I don’t think you need to be present with a military force in an area in order to buy weapons. Some guys in a suit can do that. In fact I would rather have some sort of diplomat/negotiator do that, a kind of business men, then actual soldiers. Because guys in uniform tend to make potential sellers look nervous.

Xoli Xoli

Very good take all USA British weapons and used them against them.Dont destroy used them please.

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