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Hezbollah in Lebanon: US Hegemony is Over

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Written by Elijah J. Magnier@ejmalrai; Originally appeared at his blog

The policy of the US establishment towards Lebanon is evidently changing and unstable, with a President who lacks general knowledge about the Middle East and above all of Hezbollah’s role in the region. It seems President Donald Trump is willing to reduce military support to the Lebanese Army and to impose further sanctions on Lebanon, unaware that he is thereby strengthening the Axis of Resistance and throwing the country of the Cedars into the arms of Russia and Iran. While the US is imposing further sanctions on Hezbollah, in the last few months its European partners have held secret meetings with that Organisation’s leaders during the visits of their official delegations to Beirut.

Hezbollah in Lebanon: US Hegemony is Over

The US is gradually losing its hegemony in the Middle East. In Iraq, the “Islamic State” (ISIS) grew under the watchful and complaisant eyes of the US establishment in the first months of its occupation of Mosul in June 2014. Washington considered ISIS a strategic asset, oblivious to how this unscrupulous policy would backfire against its interests in the Middle East. The policy alienated Europe but above all the people of the Middle East, especially those minorities who suffered grievously under ISIS tyranny. This ruthless US policy triggered the creation of Hashd al-Shaa’bi (the Popular Mobilisation Forces). This force has now become an essential member of the “Axis of the Resistance” which rejects US hegemony and espouses an ideology of independence with objectives similar to those of Iran and Hezbollah. These national forces are generally unfriendly towards Israel and the presence of US forces in Mesopotamia.

Furthermore, the new Iraqi leaders (Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi, Speaker Mohamad al-Halbusi and President Barham Salih) have been chosen in perfect harmony with the will of Iran. If it becomes necessary to choose between Tehran and Washington, Iraq will not stand for sanctions against the Iranian people, regardless of the consequences. And if the US forces Iraq’s hand on Iran sanctions, it will lose Mesopotamia to the advantage of Iran and Russia. Indeed, Moscow is sitting today, along with high ranking Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian military advisors, in one single operational room in Baghdad,waiting to pick up the slack if the US moves away from or slows down military support to Iraq, but also to ensure that ISIS doesn’t return to occupy any city in Mesopotamia.

In Syria, the US – and its European and Arab partners – aimed for regime change and became identified with a policy of deliberate destruction of the Levant, with the goal of removing President Bashar Assad from power. Qatar alone is said to have invested over 130 billion dollars for this failed objective. Today, the lowest estimate of reconstruction costs for Syria ranges between 250 and 350 billion dollars. The war imposed on Syria has resulted in the formation of many Syrian groups trained by Iran and Hezbollah who have naturally shared their warfare experience with their ally. These groups, if Assad so wills, will form a strong alliance with the “Axis of Resistance” that has grown up in Iraq, and which has existed in Lebanon for decades.

In Palestine, Hamas joined the regime-change campaign against Syria at the beginning of the war in 2011. The political leadership declared its animosity to Assad and many of its fighters joined al-Qaeda and others joined ISIS, particularly in the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, south of Damascus. These Palestinian fighters shared with Syrian and other foreign fighters their guerrilla experience learned from Iran and from Hezbollah training camps. A few of these carried out suicide attacks against Iraqi security forces and civilians in Mesopotamia and against the Syrian army and its allies, including Hezbollah, in the Levant.

But the US establishment decided to distance itself from the Palestinian cause and embraced unconditionally the Israeli apartheid policy towards Palestine: the US supports Israel blindly. It has recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, suspended financial aid to UN institutions supporting Palestinian refugees (schools, medical care, homes), and rejected the right of return of Palestinians. All this has pushed various Palestinian groups, including the Palestinian Authority, to acknowledge that any negotiation with Israel is useless and that also the US can no longer be considered a reliable partner. Moreover, the failed regime-change in Syria and the humiliating conditions place on Arab financial support were in a way the last straws that convinced Hamas to change its position, giving up on the Oslo agreement and joining the Axis of the Resistance.

The 48 hours battle in Gaza with Israel November 12-13 showed unprecedented unity between Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and many other Palestinian groups (13 groups in total have united in one single military operational room for the first time ever), and their closeness to Iran and Hezbollah, indicating, once again, the failure of US policy in the Middle East.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah has gathered unique and mind-boggling war experience during the last five years of war against the extremist groups of al-Qaeda and ISIS, fighting alongside two classical armies on multiple fronts: the Syrian Army and the Russian superpower Army. The US now seems willing to increase pressure on the Lebanon to further cripple its economy. These sanctions will likely affect Lebanon more than Hezbollah itself.

The US put on its “terrorist list” the owners of currency exchange offices in Lebanon known to have exchanged Euros received from Iran for dollars. It has arrested a well-known businessman who benefits from Hezbollah sympathy and who offers a discount to Hezbollah militants and their families when selling his flats.

Also, with the collaboration of the ex-prime minister Haidar Abadi, the US got Baghdad to freeze over 90 million dollars due to a Lebanese constructor who has fulfilled contracts in various Iraqi cities, but who is accused by the Americans of being close to Hezbollah.

Moreover, the US Treasury Department is forcing the Lebanese Central bank to provide an impressive amount of information and databases on civilians – under the heading of fighting terrorism – and managed to freeze the accounts of many Shia, including those who have nothing whatsoever to do with the organisation.

And finally, the US administration put on its list of terrorists the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, his deputy, and various top leaders. These men will thus never be able to visit Disneyland or enjoy the wildlife in Las Vegas!

The US seems unaware that both Iran and Russia are eager to see the US lift their conditional support to the Lebanese Army and government. In coordination with the Lebanese government, Iran can build many factories in Lebanon, benefitting from its experience in various fields, mainly in the pharmaceutical domain, car production, domestic utilities and military industry. In parallel, Russia is already actively establishing connections with Lebanese officials, inviting them to Moscow, which will increase its presence and foothold in the Lebanon.

There is nothing the US can do to reduce Hezbollah’s military power today. Sayyed Nasrallah is said to be ready to unleash his precision missiles against Israel to show his strength and, above all, to prove how weak Israel will be in any future war. There is no doubt that Israel has an impressive military machine with a great capacity for destruction. Nevertheless, since 1949 Israel has never been subjected to precision missiles with hundreds of explosives on each of their warheads, capable of covering the entire Israeli territory and of reaching any target.

If Israel’s Iron Dome can intercept 80% of Hezbollah’s missiles, the consequences of 2000 missiles (out of 10,000, of which 8000 were intercepted) hitting their targets with 400-500 kg of explosives each are inconceivable for Israel. That means an equivalent of 1.000.000 kgs of explosive if Hezbollah were to limit its use to 10,000 missiles and no more than that (Israel claim Hezbollah has 150,000 rockets and missiles).

Hezbollah represents a sizeable chunk of the Lebanese population. It is not a conventional organisation, but one that has become part of the “hearts and minds” of the population–an old strategy that Hezbollah adopted so as to integrate with the population and the society it is living in.

Hezbollah did use force domestically on one occasion, in the May 7, 2008 episode when the group took the Lebanese capital by firing only a few bullets-much less time than it took Israel to occupy Beirut in 1982. Hezbollah doesn’t need to use military power to control Lebanon. But the Lebanese Shia are no longer alone in the Axis of Resistance. This axis won’t hesitate to turn tables on the US if pushed to take control of the country: which may happen if the US continues efforts to submit Lebanon to its hegemony.

Proofread by:  Maurice Brasher and C.B.

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Not only for the middle east, this president lacks any knowledge a man in his age would have acquired during his life span.

Seems the pursuit of money, luxury and women has taken his toll over Trumps very own faculty of judgement.


look at where trump comes from….where his wealth came from…..it was meyer lanskys group, hence the coscha nostra, which control organized crime since 1931 in the usa, the upper echelon includes the bronfman family!!cosa nostra always TAKES orders from their jewish superiors…once in a while an italian doesnt play ball..eg. anastasia,genovese,luciano,gotti,galante..they were all taken out by the jews….the upper echelon of organized crime is always jewish…..a good example is the gotti case.the man that became government informant, the 21x murderer gravano, given only 3 years then out into the witness programm, created the biggest extasy ring in the mid west.The extasy came from ISRAEL.


and if u check the dealings surrounding the taj mahal. it all goes back to the infamous “mary carter paint company”..thomas e dewey, meyer lansky changed to resorts international and then sun international.

You can call me Al

I would generally agree, BUT HE IS from the US of A.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Trump inherited a clusterfuk. And is allowing the military industrial complex to withdraw from ME. So they can go to Africa

You can call me Al

Too late, Russia, China and indeed Iran are well established – I didn’t know that either until yesterday.





https://www.iied.org/mist-clears-china-african-forests <<<<< something to read




https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1600/1*686pc4sJmBMGV-GSg_Ilrg.jpeg (this was 2010)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

One belt road initiative is driving the force behind peace in the ME. China’s first overseas military base is in Africa. Africa is where the USA hope to send all their ISIS fighters next.

You can call me Al

It is also there listening post in Africa and oversees (Eastwards) – maybe drone ops as well.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

if people have goods and transport then they wont be sitting in dirt huts believing every story that comes along for war. China is profiting from the civilising influence of commerce without a freakshow of monsters like the US Military Industrial Complex driving ALL foreign policy. New Development Bank is giving low sustainable infrastructure loans out while a lot of the chinese business deals actually involve China developing roads and infrastructure within the countries they are working with. As china’s military increases the one belt roads extends a little further, if their needs to be heavy lifting within places like the ME. Then Russia steps in Chinese navy and military can provide a lot of security for their trade


or trump and company really are complete short sighted morons


Your right you can’t blame the decades of American tyranny on Trump, but he like all the other Presidents the American people elected to enslave the world is guilty. The American people are also guilty, for without their support the Presidents would not be able to commit their gruesome crimes.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Somebody had to take the job to fix things tho. trump doing ok. People forget Military Industrial Complex would have him shot on the spot if he dont tread very careful

Vince Dhimos

What America needs to know is that perhaps the majority of Lebanese Christians — who witnessed the destruction of Lebanon under Isreali attack — love their saviou Hezbllah. Here is a famous Lebanese Christian singing the praises of Hezbollah.



The audience is certainly enthusiastic. The invaders will soon fertilize your land with their blood.

Liberty equality fraternity,



Lena Jones

No, you cannot destroy Hezbollah. You can destroy their buildings but you cannot destroy them because they are the absolute best and most successful resistance group that’s ever existed. They are deeply loved for their righteousness and their courage in facing and defeating evil itself: the jewish klepto-Apartheid state.

This is israel’s nightmare.

And will remain so till it’s final day.

Lena Jones

Christian zionists are not real christians: they’re talmudic christians. Just like wahabis are not real muslims but talmudic muslims.

The prophets: Jesus and Mohammad were anti the genocidal content of the talmud. It’s why the talmudic jews tortured and killed Jesus. It’s why they also attempted to assassinate the prophet Mohammad – but they failed with him and got a huge blowback when Mohammad’s army fought against the conspiratorial ancient jews of Mecca and Medina and crushed and expelled them from these cities.

Tommy Jensen

Wrong, US hegemony just begun.

Syria need $-300 billion in Western usury loans to build up again what we destroyed. Iraq ditto. Yemen ditto, Ukraine ditto. Libya ditto.

Lebanon will also be dependent of usury loans when we are finished with sanctions and creative destruction plus none of you guys are able to see what we really do, because you dumwits only see your military victory over ISIS. We Americans won again………………………………………LOL.

Tony B.

What do you mean “we”? You speak only for fork-tongued neo con Zionists and their evil, greedy, creator and owner, the Rothschild cabal in its City of London, not Americans. How much are you paid for these comments?

Tommy Jensen

Is it true or is it not true that the winner are the banks?

Tony B.

What difference would that make in my statement? “The banks” are not American. They are franchises of the federal reserve which is itself a Rothschild cabal franchise.


Yes the beast is dying, but now is not the time to celebrate. The beast must be stabbed a million times, and the body burned. Never turn your back on the beast until it is ash.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

a very interesting nice and accurate article


Romans killed Jesus and any other Judean insurgent. Blaming Jewish for execution of Jesus only benefits fanatic Zionists. Zionists in the Untied States fund many pro Imperialist Christians. The only one country that defends Christians in the Middle East, including Catholics, is Russia who supports a multi confessional society.

John McClain

I was part of the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) that was sent in to Beirut in 82, to prevent a full scale confrontation between the IDF and the Palestinians, led by Arafat. We landed, essentially, right between the two forces, and it wasn’t until the Syrian Army also landed, on our right, the IDF decided it couldn’t win a battle there and retreated, while our predecessor MEU ferried the Palestinians back to the Territories. For about a week, we and the Syrians worked side by side, clearing streets of the dead, working to prevent “wildfire disease spread”, and was very pleased to have a professional, solid, force covering our back, because it looked like calculations were turning toward “maybe we can, anyway”, when we landed. I’ve held great respect for the Syrians, and their strength of character, and restraint. I’ve spent many years studying the issues of the middle east, and see nothing but power, profit, and oil, no principles, no rule of law, only “cui bono”. I am totally disgusted with my government, consider it a threat to the world, but it had to come to this, we took a wrong turn almost two centuries ago, and every turn since, has led this way. I was personally welcomed by the Lebanese Parliament, one of an hundred Marine Guests at their Christmas Dinner, and deeply honored to be selected, and have opportunity to meet each member, spend a bit of time with in conversation, mouth and hands, LOL, and now, the U.S. is entirely on the wrong side, given all that Lebanon has contributed to the world, far more than most ever notice. I am excited and pleased to see them forging ties with a Christian Nation, Russia, I hope to see Hezbollah ultimately, formed as their “formal Military”, or at the least, a professional Army formed, and much out of the experienced fighters of Hezbollah. America has been completely deceived by the government, everything they consider good is evil, and vice-versa, I was there, I spent two decades as a Marine, fighting the “official narrative”, having been on the ground, and have continued to fight my government for the twenty odd years since. I will be most pleased, when Beirut, and Lebanon are both secure, and restored as “the Jewel of the Mediterranean”, and “Lebanon” restored as a primary trading nation, without an ever constant threat from Israel. It’s long overdue Israel be forced to abide with international law, as other nations are. God Bless the Peacemakers, Semper Fidelis, John McClain GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC, USA

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