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Hezbollah: Hundreds Of Civilians In ISIS Buses Will Die If US-Led Coalition Does Not Let Them Move

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Hezbollah: Hundreds Of Civilians In ISIS Buses Will Die If US-Led Coalition Does Not Let Them Move

On Saturday, Hezbollah released an official statement saying that hundreds of ISIS family members are still trapped in the Syrian desert because of US-led coalition warplanes.

The civilians were on their way from the Western Qalamoun region to al-Abukamal city in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside as a part of an evacuation deal between ISIS and Hezbollah.

According to the Hezbollah statement, the buses are carrying ISIS fighters but also hundreds of women, children and elderlies. The buses are even carrying injured civilians and some pregnant women. Hezbollah said that the buses can’t move. Moreover, US-led coalition warplanes bomb anyone approaching the buses.

Hezbollah warned that the civilians will end up dying if they were not allowed to move or at least offered humanitarian help.

Hezbollah added in the statement that it holds the US-led collation the responsibility if these people were bombed or died because of the US-led collation siege.

In the statement, Hezbollah stressed that it and the Syrian government are no more responsible for the safety of the buses that left the government-held areas. However, Hezbollah said that it will take care of the passengers of the 6 buses that are still in the government-held areas.

The statement doubted the motives of the US-led coalition. Hezbollah said that this behavior have nothing to do with fighting ISIS.

Hezbollah called on international organizations to help in solving this situation and to rescue the civilians there. So far, not a single humanitarian organization has offered help. However, days ago the US proposed a ceasefire in Raqqa city.

In August 2016, 2,000 civilians and hundreds of ISIS fighters withdrew from Minbij city under the eyes of the US-led collation, according to a deal with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In December 2016, the US said it couldn’t stop ISIS convoys heading to attack the historical Palmyra city because there was children with ISIS fighters.

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What about air droppings of food and water?

Divesh Kumar

Air dropping food and water to whom…??? Those head chopper scums…… Noooooo way


Deal making has always played an important part of the advances of the Syrian Army in the last year. So I think it is important for the SAA to keep its promises – not only by the letter but also by the spirit.

A second consideration is that it is Syrian government policy to show kindness towards the opposition outside battle situations. They clearly have in the back of their heads that soon they will need to live together with those guys in peace. A revengeful attitude will bring nothing: the killing of some guys will only make their brothers, parents and other sympathizers more hostile.

Take also into account that Uqayribat might have fallen by now without this American obstruction. In the given circumstances no ISIS fighter will make a deal with the government to leave the area.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The deal making by the US and SDF at Manbij ,Taqba and Raqqa have been why the SDF advanced without those deals they would be still trying to fight them. The Uqayribat pocket might be cleared now, but very sad they used women and children in SBVIEDS , disgusting and repulsive action by scum.


Nice try but big lie. There were and are no deals in Tabqah and Raqqah. Are you a troll?

SDF made one deal, SAA made dozens, Turkey made several. At the present, say the last year, only Turkey and SAA have made deals.

Those deals have been reported extensively, you even referred to several yourself. No denial is possible.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There were plenty of deals half of Raqqa council are ISIS emirs , try to feed me another one about lies. Brett McGurk is the one who negotiates these deals as he is been doing this a long time now.

Turkey and the Syria have no deals and Bashar Assad even hates having them part of the negotiations as they betrayed the negotiations by entering into Syria via Operation Euphrates shield.They consider Turkey “persona non grata” something you can’t understand they detest them as much as the rest do.

The US and SDF deals are only talked about online , where the deal the SAA offers is fight us and die or you can leave, nice way to deal. Bet you wish the US/SDF/Iraqi Army had those same negotiating skills. The US/SDF to ISIS is you can go fight the SAA or lose your weapon shipments, GREAT DEAL MORE WEAPONS!

The only one being oblivious to all information is you , if you can’t find it , then likely it is your search engine or you are extremely lazy in finding information. There are plenty of ex military contractors and ex intelligence officers who have their own sites, who still remain in contact with the community.

Solomon Krupacek

there is no civilian jihadist

Boris Kazlov

For once I agree.

Boris Kazlov

But you don’t know jihadists first hand as I do.

Solomon Krupacek

fortunately i have better family


Thru the years, decades, since the last Lebanese war, I have to admit one thing, remarkable as it is, been shown to everyone, that people and orgs can in fact mature, grow in wisdom and above all, show it in actions.
That Hezb is an light in an else dark world, of back stabbing, treason, lies and propaganda an mass, but Hezb and all the rest, no expeditions, and have shown spirit we all can envie.
And raise our glasses for those that fell.

Have pity on those that was fooled, its easy to judge another mans faults the day it becomes obvious, and to then regain trust from the fools, you need to show it, not talk about it, talk is cheep, costs nothing, but actions, do it and that will be noticed.
Have mercy upon their revelation of the truth, because the treason committed to even our enemy, from what must be an humiliating experience, witch they have now realized but will pay their foolishness by their own life’s and family’s life.

No, I agrees fully with the Hexb and Gov. of Lebanese on letting them go, peace is after all, the main goal, and it was and is been hold, what more than that could be better for the people of that region, to know that walking out door is safe again.

Again, I hope the Arabs, despite their inherent differences sees this, the last desperate attempts of an dying empire to create more wars, and flat out occupy another lands recourse’s to an extent so open one is slack jawed.
The psychopaths have no more and no shame, nothing other than greed and violence, to make deals with.
How medieval.

There is only one path to walk Arabs, unification, divided you will fall, united you will take back whats your and use it on the people, remember Gaddafy, one of the last good dammed heroes left on this bloody planet, and now they are following His steps, but I gess that is an minor comfort, after all, maybe he didn’t die in wain.
Oh Libyans, what have you done.
May the lord have mercy upon you all.


Divesh Kumar

Soon these scums shall be meeting their share of Virgin goats


Only American republic can move terrorists ISIS from Iraq to Syria. America and UK establishment are worst than Hitler.

chris chuba

Who are driving the buses? I hope that they aren’t Syrian or Lebanese govt personnel which is often the case with these transport deals.


Turn the buses around and send them to Idlib province!

Robert Duran

I agree..Let ISIS and Al Qaeda battle it out there…lol

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Send them back to Iraq they came from there.


The deal was made … honor it , or live with out honor .


Hezbollah has honored the deal , but they can’t enforce it.
So maybe send the convoy to the Yarmouk pocket next to Israel and Jordan?
I am sure Israel will supply them with whatever they need.
Soon Al Bukamal will be bombed by all forces, no safety there.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US what a bunch of hypocrites didn’t want to bomb the convoys because of children going to Aleppo , Raqqa and elsewhere in Syri but they bomb them with pregnant women and children and wounded returning home to Iraq.

Brother Ma

Yes. Too true.


In fact, the US did not bomb the convoy at all, they only prevented it from going to the Euphrates Valley by bombing the road and a small bridge.

So all this posturing is much ado about nothing. In fact, IS is using their families as human shields. As IS do not care about any civillians, I suppose there is not much reason to let the IS go free because of their families.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There is another story here on Southfront.org that actually disputes your claims in regards to bombing , they bomb any one that comes near the buses.The US had to make an Airdrop even they won’t admit to it, since that would show them only blustering and acting like a madman.

ISIS is not doing any posturing other than the US since they want no type of reconciliation, because this would eventually dissipate all that hatred they spent trillions on developing. They can’t have that at all with all the money they spent it would be wasted by coming to terms , which this whole entire world needs to learn to do or they will face destruction based on Hatred.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are Iraqis they should at least be able to return home or close to it, Syria is fed up with Iraqis and foreigners there.


You mean they want Hezbollah, PMU’s, Afghans, Iranians and Russians to leave?

What would happen then to Assad?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They just want the uninvited foreigners interfering in their country to leave especially the Iraqi ISIS they can go back home to Iraq , the others they invited are fine. Wonder what would happen to the YPG with no political leadership and over half their forces gone back to Iraq and Turkey and without the US/Coalition. The same could be said with the FSA ,HTS, Ahrar al Sham and along with the other terror groups.

Seems Syria and the middle east would be a lot safer and the Kurds wouldn’t be a US proxy anymore in the middle east.


The Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTFOIR) has issued a statement that it will not allow the convoy to further approach Iraq’s borders.

Jens Holm

If those busses should move anywhere ISIS should let 5.000 civilans out of Raqqa.


The US has not to date shown ANY reluctance whatsoever to bomb and kill civilians.
They are unlikely to start now – it is not in their nature.


Once again Hezbollah shows that it acts with impecable honor, even to its enemies.


You mean to say it is honor to dump your enemies on your (hopefully) other enemies but maybe on your allies or host government?

As in honor among thieves?

Dealing with scum like IS does not give or entails honor.


I still think that these ISUS members are from an isolated enclave near Israel and do not have a strong connection with the main body. US know or think that they, and their families, may actually be in danger if delivered to the main ISUS body.


Civilians? so why in the world, if they are so civilian, didnt they just surrender to Hezbollah and thats it. Sorry, this is just BS. These are the worst SS-ISIS Bitches which have tortured other women to death – and so the sword will fall down on them.

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