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Hezbollah Drone Buzzed Israeli Forces During War-Simulation Exercises In Border Area Near Lebanon

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Hezbollah Drone Buzzed Israeli Forces During War-Simulation Exercises In Border Area Near Lebanon


An unmanned aerial vehicle operated by Lebanese Hezbollah managed to cross into Israel’s north and monitor the Israeli military drills dubbed “Lethal Arrow”, Lebanese media affiliated with Hezbollah reported on December 3. The incident allegedly took place on November 26, on the second day of the drills.

The Israeli side promoted the drill as an exercise to put to the test a strategy based on network-centered warfare bringing together the capabilities of ground, air, naval and cyber forces to quickly eliminate hostile targets in the event of the conflict in the area.


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    1. Jakke1899 says:

      I bet the Mexican drug cartels are quite jealous of these tunnels…
      They could use them to funnel humanitarian aid to the hungry gringo’s.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Those has been expolred too. No bonzai and banzai mexicans was hiding from them. ´But we never know. Hesbollah has imported cactus dor tequila too.

        Some say it could be a start for a navy as well or hidingd fir the asylum of Netayanhu https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/716d4c6ea7540ca888c74aec9611260e207b14f6d888d526a8f727d3c1a71454.jpg

    2. chris chuba says:

      Mono-rail, electric skateboard, hovercraft, Chunnel? I didn’t see what Israeli MSM was claiming.

      Not a chance this is an infiltration tunnel. There is way too much investment in infrastructure for something that would likely be demolished. I could see Hezbollah investing in advanced tunnels in Southern Lebanon, safely on their side of the border in order to move men and supplies around to stop an Israeli invasion, but for infiltration. No. That would make no sense but would play into the Israeli meme of the mad Arab.

      The IDF plays their own citizens and the U.S. public for fools because we are fools. We are a nation of Brian Kilmeades.

      1. Ali says:

        True. Plus a tunnel at this scale can not infiltrate Palestinian terriotory without alerting underground radars. And it makes sense considering Hezbollah never said it does. nevertheless, easier/faster/stealthier transportation of troops, AFVs and weapons will lead to easier/faster inflitration. So different concepts but similar results.

          1. Golda says:

            The bottom one is not a loitering munition. It is an anti-tank missile with video guidance

          2. tzatz says:

            Golda knows … lol

          3. Golda says:

            Shalom Tzatz, thank you for taking time away from your Bar Mitzvar to reply to my comment. Mazel tov . .!

          4. Ashok Varma says:

            Iranian missile arsenal is very impressive. Hezbollah has access to all of it.

          5. Ernest says:

            Some are more advanced copies of captured Zionist munitions from Syria


          6. Ernest says:

            His information is more accurate it is the Qaem smart precision munition and the newest generation of Qaem-class bomb, an electro-optical guided weapon with pinpoint accuracy. It has a TV camera attached to the warhead. The smart bomb with controllable fins that extend its range, and is equipped with the inertial navigation system (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance system which boost its precision.

      2. The Objective says:

        These tunnels won’t survive America’s bunker-busting bombs.
        Let this last ditch attempt at deterring an attack not discourage U.S and Israeli forces. They’ll still have to face it at some point anyway.
        I heard Trump is withdrawing US diplomats from Iraq.
        I do hope that the U.S dismantles this terror-militia infrastructure across the Middle East.

        1. tzatz says:


          Let the Arab vs Arab vs Arab War continue …. lol

          Each death of Muslim on Muslim violence brings ‘final victory’ nearer … sh-sh

          1. Jimmy Jim says:


          2. Golda says:

            You stupid fool. Don’t you know how much Zyklon B costs these days? Go back to your vodka, you idiot of idiots . . .

          3. dontlietome says:

            ………….A car exhaust will work just as well, your mouth is big enough to fit round it.

          4. Golda says:

            It was supposed to be a joke about how they are not worth wasting the cost of Zyklon B on pal . .

    3. Vox Populi says:

      Hezbollah is a class act and that is the reason the Zionists are petrified. Hezbollah capability is a thousand fold of what the Azerbaijanis had in terms of firepower, drones, loitering ammunition and above all true grit.


      Hezbollah drones over northern Occupied Palestine.

      1. tzatz says:

        I have 2 words for you:

        ‘Bunker Busters’

        They are NOW part of the IDF arsenal …. lol

        Ride your mini bikes ya monkeys

        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          I have 4567 words for you: those bombs shower to your ass and wait there with those bombs.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Most things cant be solved by bombs at all.

          2. Golda says:

            jens, I sometimes wonder if a bomb could solve our problem with you . . .perhaps?

      2. Jens Holm says:

        The Zionists are not petrified at all. They are just not mañana mañana. .

    4. The Objective says:

      All this is an attempt to deter an Israeli attack. Let this should not dissuade the IDF forces. They’ll still need to fight Hezbollah in the future whether they like it or not. When Hezbollah gets as strong enough as it wants to, it’ll initiate war regardless of whether Israel provokes it or not. Paying the price now would be much cheaper than paying it later. They fact they are trying hard to deter an attack means they have a weakness that’s making them less confident.

      1. Shia man says:

        They fact they are trying hard to deter an attack means they have a weakness that’s making them less confident.

    5. Ashok Varma says:

      Hezbollah is better armed than most NATO militaries and that has petrified the Zionist regime used to beating unarmed women and children. Next war Hezbollah will the ruthless.

      1. Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm says:

        When thousands of Palestinian youths throw grenades instead of stones in the streets of Tel Aviv, the Zionists get something to think about. Burning an atomic bomb in your own head is not so smart, but illiterate worshipers are dangerous people.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Its so funny reading this. Very good to haveseatbelt on my armchair. hahaha.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        They are the mainers for ruining Lebanon. The Lita is hardly money.

    6. ro.niccolosi says:

      better not to share this intel. The one who filmed this and posted it online should be shot on the spot

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    They probably wanted to demonstrate they can get close enough if they want to.

    1. Vox Populi says:

      Iran has benefited immensely from impotent Zionist airstrikes over Syria and has accumulated a plethora of technology and experience as demonstrated at its recent exhibitions and the Moscow defence meet. Hezbollah is now producing precision loitering ammunition in Lebanon and Syria.


      1. tzatz says:

        Nifty … Do they come boxed for Xmas?

        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          Stick to your x boxed stuff.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I agree with him. Its pure crap. You are just creating the deep dark state by Yourself by that and has no chance against normal people and nations.

            Jews there do as we do too. We are raised from birth to learn and dispute and go to school. Next we take an education and find Our skills.

            We then are paid pr and the salery is related to, what we do and work hard for.

            AS long as You are not even allowed to debate about education and why You keeep women even more stupid, then Yourself, You will be behind in most things and remain there, because You insist Yourself.

            Dont blame fx Jews and Americans. We are no chilcarecenter for people prefaringto live in the past apart from some museums here and there.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        So funny. I can a good one too.

        How do You recognize a Hesbollah ? Well, they mainly has no leg and half a brain.

  2. Cheryl Brandon says:

    100,000,000 First Peoples of US murdered by Europeans.
    63 MILLION RUSSIAN Orthodox Christians murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks
    27 Million Africans ripped away from Africa for enslavement by good Chrsitian capitalists
    6,000,000 and more PALESTINIANS from 1946 by Zionists
    2 Million Armenians murdered by the Turks
    20,000,000 Chinese killed by Japan.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      You left out 80million Chinese killed by Mao.
      Also that 63million killed Chrisians is CIA propaganda it doesnt add up with later population numbers.
      9million tops.
      But thats bad too…

      1. tzatz says:

        Holodomor was estimated to be 2-3 million TOPS … I’ve been to too many lectures on the topic to be fooled …. AND not all were Christians! Jews suffered as well in the Ukraine from Stalin’s forced collectivization .. eh?

        It’s history …

        1. Ernest says:

          Holohoax was a Hollywood creation. Get over it.

          1. tzatz says:

            Holocaust Denial is for slugs … sluggo

    2. tzatz says:

      What’s your point?

      Humanity is bad … hello?

      6 million and more Palestinians? Where’s your proof?

      What about the Muslim Mongol Invasions?

      The Muslim conquests of India?

      Where’s your proof that 63 million orthodox Christians were killed by Jewish Bolshevism? Referring to the Holodomor …. hello?


      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        What a bunch of lies. I did expect more of you.

  3. chris chuba says:

    Can’t wait to see how this will be covered on FOX.
    ‘Israel thwarts terror attack from Iranian drone with sophisticated Iron dome system. Foils Iran’s first attempt to avenge death of scientist believed to be developing nuclear weapons.’

    1. Free man says:

      Indeed, that is a good enough reason for a massive American attack on Iran.

      1. Frank says:

        LOL, keep on trolling.

        1. Free man says:

          Humor is the answer, since you guys don’t understand reality.
          You have the mentality of losers.
          So you lose.

      2. Lamumba says:

        Remember what the Iranians said about the military bases surrounding it? It affords the Iranians to annihilate so many of its enemies with little effort. You believe those limp-wristed gulf state dictators are going to openly side with the USA?

        1. Free man says:

          When one wants to hurt you he will find the excuse.
          In the case of the mullahs regime, many elements will help it, although in retrospect they will express solidarity and condolences.
          An attack on American bases in the Gulf is suicide.

    2. tzatz says:

      Dreaming in technicolor? lol

      Iran hitting Israel on its own soil … hello?

      That would bring an overwhelming IDF response ….

      1. Pave Way IV says:

        Israel’s response will be a little tempered once their deep involvement in the 2020 U.S. election fraud comes to light. Something damning and irrefutable that Trump, the DNC or The Swamp couldn’t suppress despite every desire (and orders from all levels on both sides) to do so. They have to maintain the charade of fairest elections ever. I don’t know quite what the bunker buster of truth will reveal yet, but there seems to be an extraordinary amount of kvetching about doom in the beltway. Big Tech’s manic, intense social media suppression of testimony by credible witnesses shows they’ve always been in the thick of it. MSM goes first, Supreme court second.. When it all blows wide open, we’ll discover the rats under the floorboards. Either Gantz or Netanyahu will be thrown under the bus by an outraged U.S., maybe both. Pollard returned to israel because after the shit hits the fan, he wasn’t going anywhere.The U.S. military – no matter how much they suck up to Israel – will not join the fight. Actions have consequences.

      2. Lamumba says:

        Wrong. There will not be an overwhelming response. You only fight the weak, not one that can break you.

        1. tzatz says:

          Right … lol

          The nuclear chief Fahrblonget was killed a week ago … the response?

          Another 19 Shia Brigades killed a few days later at Syria/Iraq border … the response?

          Paralyzed with F E A R … that’s Iran’s leadership … LMAO

          Without the NUKE … Iran feels NAKED and HELPLESS … they ‘think’ that a NUKE will save their regime … eh?

          The Jews/Zionists/Israelis ARE NOT the South Koreans or Americans … hello?

          Iran will be HIT if/when the ISRAELI INTEL ‘smells’ a breakout …


          1. dontlietome says:

            The response wasn’t slow in coming……………….
            Confirmed, Fahmi Hinavi, operational chief of Israel’s Mossad, was
            killed by an Iranian Hit-team inside Tel Aviv on Thursday night.He was
            discovered in his car riddled by 15 rounds. Hinavi is thought to be the
            force behind the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist a few
            short weeks ago. It is suspected that others connected to the murder of
            the Iranian civilian nuclear scientist have been liquidated as well.

          2. tzatz says:


            So YOU didn’t heare this was FAKE NEWS BY AN IRANIAN ON TWITTER?


      3. dontlietome says:

        ……………Hey monkey boy, hiding behind your mamas skirt again………..We haven’t forgotten the “Liberty” you fucker !

        1. tzatz says:

          ‘We’ … sh XT for brains?

          Are those voices getting louder?


    3. Jens Holm says:

      After 9 hours its nothing. Longbeard is there and some corona in Gaza.

  4. Free man says:

    Apparently this was Hezbollah’s response to the killing of its active, about four months ago.
    They always said they would respond.

    1. tzatz says:

      Lame response …

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Scared, aren’t we?

        1. tzatz says:

          Scared of Hezbollah ?

          Israel is unafraid of Hezbollah … they’re just preparing for the inevitable clash …. eh?

          50 F-35’s capable of hundreds of missions per day? 200K dead Lebanese in the first 48 hours … the surrender flags will be flying … eh?

          BUT … if Nasrallah is in his underground lair …. no surrender will do … he’ll be dragged out like Saadam and Gaddafi … and eaten by dogs while he’s alive … Game of Thrones-style …. lol

          Scared are we?

          1. Cromwell says:

            200k dead,htats what you gangsters do best attack civilians,when yo face soldiers like Hezbollah its a different ball game

          2. tzatz says:

            Hezbollah will be defeated … their missiles are located in / around residential environs … their underground lairs under homes in South Lebanon … the Lebanese signed their death warrants went they allowed Hezbollah to do this … hello?

            Civilians? lol

            The Lebanese are complicit … ‘We are all Hezbollah’ is their meme


          3. Icarus Tanović says:

            Labalabalaba blahblahblah. Hahahahaha.

          4. tzatz says:

            Like all braggarts … a mumbling fool

          5. Icarus Tanović says:

            Now, that’s how do you sound.

          6. Lamumba says:

            Oh dear. Such bravado. It’s been nearly 15 years ago that you went into Lebanon to do your two-yearly ‘mowing of the lawn’. What happened? Scared of another hiding?

          7. tzatz says:

            What’s happened with Hezbollah?

            In 2005, Hezbollah attacked … hello? Israel responded …. has Hezbollah dared to come back for more?

            The vile Hezbollah thugs keep on talking but haven’t done much … eh?

            • Tunnels were discovered and destroyed
            • Hezbollah’s attempt at providing another front on the Golan has been thwarted
            • Hezbollah has been hit time and again in Syria

            Nasrallah has fled to Iran apparently fearing he’s next on the ‘Death List’


          8. Frank says:

            The Zionists Frankly are pussies and tend to lie a lot. They killed 1400 Lebanese civilians and a couple of dozen Hezbollah fighters and lost 167 IDF cowards. Next war Hezbollah has passed the message, civilian for civilian and building for building.

          9. The Objective says:

            I don’t like this idea of targeting Lebanese civilians. It’s inhuman. There are many Shiites who don’t like Iran.
            Israel and America should just destroy or severely weaken Hezbollah. That’ll be a great gift to Biden. He only has to concentrate on the nuclear deal when Iran’s terror militias are destroyed.

          10. Icarus Tanović says:

            LMFKAOOOO, coo coo.

      2. Free man says:

        Don’t you understand cynicism?

        1. tzatz says:

          Excuse me …. Free man ?

  5. Mark M. Nobelman says:

    hahahahaha. What is this a joke? Monitor is that the best they can do? Rumours has that the Hezbollah leader fled Lebanon to Tehren what the F

    1. Free man says:

      Why do you disdain? This is a tremendous achievement and revenge against the Zionist enemy for the killing of the Hezbollah fighter in Syria 4 months ago and the killing of the Iranian scientist.

    2. Jim Allen says:

      And why would Nasrallah “fled to Tehran” ?

      1. Vox Populi says:

        The poor troll’s grasp of English is not that great either :)

        1. Golda says:

          He’s more than likely a homeless man that they “hired”to troll various forums like SF. They give them a kosher meat pie and a few shekels to post comments. When his usefulness is over, they will return him to his homeless shelter or the bridge that he has been sleeping under . .

          1. tzatz says:

            Golda … dribble dribble

        2. tzatz says:

          his English is fine …

          Nasrallah on the other hand is absent …

          What’s that about?

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            Are you in love with lovely Golda?

    3. The Objective says:

      I read a reputable source that Iran’s militia leaders have gone under-cover across the region in anticipation of a US attack. LOL

    4. Lamumba says:

      Not thinking straight hey? Too much foreskin removed?

  6. Cromwell says:

    They should have unleashed some missiles.

    1. tzatz says:

      BUT … BUT … they’re so precise … eh?

      What’s stopping them?

      Anything … ?

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Be patient and behold.

    2. Ernest says:

      Hezbollah will go tit for tat retaliation this time starting with Azrael Tower in Tel-Aviv built with US taxpayers dollars.

    1. Free man says:

      it’s coming.
      There will be an attack against Iran and/or another action in Iran and/or an attack against Iranian forces/Iranian militias in Arab countries. It is not a question of if but questions of when and at what intensity.

      1. Frank says:

        LOL :)

        1. tzatz says:

          Soleimani … Fahrblonget

          Whose next? lol

          1. Icarus Tanović says:


      2. The Objective says:

        I think it’ll most likely be on Iran’s militias. They are the most urgent challenge right now. Those guys need to be destroyed or severely weakened.

        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          You don’t think you can’t because you’re not smart enough to think anything “objective”little wahhabi Zionistic pig.

          1. The Objective says:

            We’ll see

          2. Ernest says:

            ‘All terrorists receive their education in schools sponsored by Saudi Arabia’ US Congressional Report on Saudi funding of Wahhabi madrassas.

      3. Icarus Tanović says:

        Just shut the fuck up.

        1. Free man says:

          Calm down little man.

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            You calm down, slave.

  7. Squeeth says:

    “…network-centered warfare.”? Isn’t that the nostrum which worked so well during the good hiding they got in 2006?

  8. Frank says:

    Frankly. Hezbollah 3:0 has got the Zionists running scared like cuckolds.

    1. tzatz says:

      Running? lol

      The Jews/Zionists/Israelis are locked and loaded … aiming for a Showdown

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Run run run, with your little gun, you can’t do me, you can’t do me none.

      2. Lamumba says:

        Against unarmed Palestinian women and children. You’re despicable.

        1. tzatz says:

          Spare me … have you noticed the conflicts in Yemen / Syria / Nagorno-Karabakh / Libya / Ethiopia?

          Women and children are IMPACTED … war is cruel and deadly … full stop

          The IDF are the most professional armed forces in the Middle East with the best values …


          1. Lamumba says:

            Stop deflecting.

            You may repeat to yourself a million times your own false mantra of the idf being the most moral army with exceptional values. The reality is that everybody in the world knows that you are amoral. And when the time comes when you have to pay for your sins, and that time will come, no-one will raise a finger to come to your aid.

            You have scored and debased the rest of the world in your maniacal believe that you’re the ‘chosen race’. You will continue with your rapacious ways and you will ‘win’ big but your gains will be pyrrhic. Your demise will be spectacular.

          2. tzatz says:

            Ah … admitting DEFEAT already … no wonder

            Using the ‘chosen race’ meme of anti-Judaism HATERS … thanks

            Your fate is sealed …


    2. The Objective says:

      I disagree. They killed several Hezbollah fighters and nothing happened despite Hezbollah promising fire and brimstone.

    3. Ashok Varma says:

      Hezbollah is the most battle tested force in the region and has rotated thousands of fighters across the region and fought very successfully in Syria with minimal losses. This is huge achievement that keeps its enemies in fear. That is why Macron failed to destabilize Lebanon. Hezbollah is Lebanon.

  9. Ashok Varma says:

    What has gone totally unnoticed in MSM is the growing Iranian soft power in Central Asia. Afghanistan for the first time in its history now has a railroad connected to the Iranian blue water port of Chah Bahar on the Gulf of Oman. This is also great news for India and its access to the region.

    Iranian railroad opens into Afghanistan

    HERAT CITY: Two trains carrying imports and Iranian officials have
    arrived in western Afghanistan for the first time¸ Afghan officials say.


  10. Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm says:

    In Iraq, people were pushed into containers and let the sun and lack of oxygen do the shit job. Bulldozers removed the waste elegantly under meter-thick soil. Not like stupid Germans who made gas chambers and crematoria at a time when the war machine needed all the raw materials. Seems to me that when people living in Israel go into the containers someone will say that they are Russians or Poles and they are only in Israel to work. Etc.

  11. Potato Man says:

    military drills are wet dreams to some point….you fuking never know what the other side gonna do.

    “to quickly eliminate hostile targets”
    Zion wants to kill themselves? They started all the war with Lebanon and these shithead want to talk about “hostile” and they enter and kill some people…how would they know they not gonna get rain on by rockets again.
    Hezbollah is no longer a small group anymore.

  12. ro.niccolosi says:

    When can wel cal the USA the UZI, United Zionist States From Israel?

  13. dontlietome says:

    Confirmed, Fahmi Hinavi, operational chief of Israel’s Mossad, was killed by an Iranian Hit-team inside Tel Aviv on Thursday night.He was discovered in his car riddled by 15 rounds. Hinavi is thought to be the force behind the assassination of an Iranian
    nuclear scientist a few short weeks ago. It is suspected that others connected to the murder of the Iranian civilian nuclear scientist have been liquidated as well.

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