Hezbollah Declares Victory In Syria. Russian MoD Says 85% Of Territory Regained From Militants


Hezbollah Declares Victory In Syria. Russian MoD Says 85% Of Territory Regained From Militants

FILE IMAGE: Hezbollah members

On Tuesday, the Lebanese Hezbollah movement declared a victory in the war in Syria while the Russian Defense Ministry announced that pro-government forces have liberated from ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other militant groups 85% of the war-torn country.

We have won in the war [in Syria],” Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said commeting the current situation in Syria, according to the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar. Nasrallah added that “the path of the other project has failed and wants to negotiate for some gains.

Recently, the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance has liberated a large area from ISIS terrorists in central Syria breaking the ISIS siege on the strategic city of Deir Ezzor.

“To date, 85% of Syria’s territory has been cleared of the militants of illegal armed groups,” the Russian military group’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Aleksandr Lapin told media on Tuesady.

According to the general, ISIS is still in control of about 27,000 km2 of Syria’s territory.

The statements from the two key Syrian allies came amid the ongoing race for eastern Syria where the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hezbollah and their allies were involved in a competition with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the oil-rich countryside of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.



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  1. Livingstone

    Praise be to God through Jesus Christ in the power of the holy Spirit, for he is the chief commander of war , truly God is able, now Syria SDA must still remains in the area zone for the rebels in order to gain along term victory. Soldiers of war you must have confidence in God the almighty.

  2. stringball

    Keep your powder dry, fighters. RF is still playing nice with the Shtetl “State”. Least, that’s what it looks like. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. LynFSN

    That´s how a glorious victory looks like? 90% of the Syrian-Turkish border still under the control of foreign powers? No relevant gains achieved in Ayn Tarma and Eastern Ghouta for months…..(e.g. the capital NOT secured)….US military bases scattered all across the country… Important oil fields potentially gone, even Hasakah lost to the YPG long time ago…..I could go on…Well, at least Tiger forces are crossing the Euphrates now…

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Heard more rebels in Idlib and elsewhere are siding with the Syrian government , those that will be left will be foreigners and some are already running. Hasakah has a SAA presence and Arabs will likely cause a rebellion and neuter the US in the region as they will be required to stay in their bases as will the others during this time.

      • LynFSN

        That sounds like a reasonable solution, let´s hope such an optimistic scenario will eventually take place in the near future. Yet, I am not sure. The USA is unpredictable, and the Kurds are acting very hostile lately.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          They lost the initiative and the SAA has a lot of new equipment, armor vehicles, tanks and helicopters.This will be interesting to see how it plays out and it was 5 factions and 10 commanders from Idlib , others are talking about leaving everyday. Looks like the Russians are better negotiators than the US would like to be.

    • Gary Sellars

      Compared to 2015, its a magnificent victory! Syria is SAFE as an independent sovereign state, the foreign-backed terrorist regime change attempt has FAILED, and now its all about mopping up.

    • LynFSN

      They were about to lose in 2015, could not get any worse at that point. I do not want to sound pessimistic, but for me it is too early to declare victory. Eventhough former rebels might reconcile, the root causes of the civil war remain unsolved (including radical ideologies and a fragile nation state). And don´t forget- once the USA establishes itself in Syria they will not go. That´s the reality. I am not sure how many countries host US bases. americans come to stay, permanently violating the Syrian airspace and interfering with internal affairs. That´s what an empire does.

    • Vitex

      I think Hez is just happy that the Lebanese border has been sanitized. And they’ve done more than the Syrians could ever have asked to free key areas of Syria

  4. EmilyEnso

    “To date, 85% of Syria’s territory has been cleared of the militants of illegal armed groups,”

    Is that including the Golan or not?
    The Golan is Syria – under international law and the UN
    Syria will not be whole again until the oil rich Golan is reclaimed.
    They need that resource to rebuild.

  5. Trustin Judeau

    The remaining rebel area are Ghouta,Rastan,Daraa ,Al Tanf,East Qalamoun and Idlib . I guess after ISIS is done , the gov. forces will began dismantling Rastan ,East Qalamoun and Ghouta . Another thing is SDF . What will happen there

    • Manie

      I suspect some kind of political settlement or negotiations that See’s all of Syria come under central government control.However, thats the optimistic view. In reality negotiations will fail or even never start in the first place for several reasons …..and result in A war between SAA allies and SDF/YPG and allies. Turkey,Iran,Iraq will also not accept a Greater Kurdistan. Iraq Parliament has already defacto Declared war on the Kurds if the go ahead with Referendum.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        The Barzani-Zebari weasels deserve no less as some opposition groups are opposed also. They could always nail them for corruption which they could do but that would just make some Kurds mad.

        Syria the Kurds even want the PKK commanders and political leders gone from their country. Just don’t be surprised if they try and regions claim their right to remain in Syria.

    • Kell

      Yep perhaps Nassralla has got wind of some Israeli action against Lebanon and is preparing to pull his forces back to deal with it.

    • Justin

      proxy war 2!
      Kurds are literally ISIS 2.0!
      Islamic State with US, Israeli and KSA support
      Kurdish state with US, Israeli and KSA support!


  6. G Jetson

    Don’t celebrate too early, the war is not won yet.

    Keep up the good work, now go finish the job.

    • gustavo

      Exactly, until all the terrorists be under total control or death, and the war be decleared officilly over, then, we can celebrate. However, this looks not so soon….how to solve SDF (kurds, USA-puppets) problem and Turkey problem. Right now, there is not time to wast SAA must cross Euphrates river and protect its oil field in Omar and to stop SDF. If SDF wants war (also USA), o.k. just destroy them.

    • Kell

      Yep the Mad Dog isnt finished yet, I wouldnt be celebrating until its six foot under and buried with a silver steak through its heart.
      Perhaps the Hez are getting ready to pull back to lebanon to face a planned Israeli invasion?

  7. BL

    Please deport every last Kurd from Syria. Send them all back to Turkey, if you don’t they will eventually lay claim to the entirety of Syrian land and will claim it is part of “Historical Kurdistan”

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      That’s a laugh “Hysterical Kurdistan” never existed and this was done by actual historians and not some Kurd writing a thesis based on opinion and not facts and evidence..

    • Wahid Algiers

      Dirty kurdish gypsies. They came in the 1920s with nothing and claim now for land they never owned. This filth killed armenians on the behalf of the Turks and is now land grabbing on the behalf of the zios/US. One is clear: these donkey shit eaters need a master.

  8. Mountains

    lool we? Russia, USA, Iran and the EU has won. Not you and you were nothing more then a puppet and a hired gun

    • Gary Sellars

      sup hill-billy? Upset that Hezb have again proved themselves to be pound-for-pound the best fighters in the ME? Upset that the US loses again as its terrorists have been routed and delegitimised?

      I suggest you console yourself with your favourite pig. Don’t forget to share ‘ole Gerty with yer brothers Cleetus and Billy-Bob.

  9. dutchnational

    SDF controls some 50k kms2 of Syria, some 30%.

    IS still holds territory, HTS and other rebels, Turkuy has its new colony. Altogether another 20%.

    So now 135% of Syria is held by somebody?

    Glad I do not have those guys in a primary school. Maybe they also believe 135% of all Assad tells them.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Turkey has made deal to return the region to Syria and not with the government but with Russia, and Arabs control 70% of the SDF territory, Afrin has no intention of leaving since there is no way future, that leaves the small enclave by itself. Looks like they should have never conspired with the US, there are always repercussions for their actions.

      • dutchnational

        Funny man.

        If Russia and arabs controll 70% of SDF territory, why all this ranting on kurds, SDF.

        Suppose you are right, even then Hezbollah counts to over 100% of Syrian territory as 135% less 70% of 30% remains 114%.

        Of course you are not correct to claim arab held part of Northern Syria means they are under Assad control.

        SDF arabs are, like the whole of SDF, pro Syria, against an unitary arab Syria and are definitely not under Assad or Hezbollah control.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Just don’t be surprised what will happen and don’t cry there are more Assadists among the Kurds than you think and why those work with Syria as they are Syrian first. Happens when people have pride in their nation, if you don’t hold Family ,friends and neighbors first then you are ready to become a slave to anything.

          • Gary Sellars

            douchenational puking his usual anti-Assad screed…

            You have to admire the tenacity of his special brand of stupid.

      • dutchnational

        Another ass oriented fool here.

        There are sites better suited to your inclinations. Better go there, you might like the company more.

    • Moussa Saab

      Guys guys, he said from militants, which is from IS and the so called ‘moderate rebels’. They are excluding SDf

      • dutchnational

        The ways the gu(a?)s are ranting here, they are not excluding SDF and kurds at all.

        I just give (dis) credit where (dis) credit is due.

        Like I say to so many islamists I encounter, if you want respect, start by giving respect. Something many of those fools here have never learned. They give no respect, so they get no respect.

        Several of the regulars here seem to be ass oriented. Do they have a secret dark community here?

        Pityful really.

  10. Langaniso Mhlobo

    Hezbollah and Syrian fighters are really special fighters.Any fall of any of their fighters give them more courage and determination into never retreat forward ever mode.

  11. osazeone

    Clean all desert rats and Yankee rats out of Syria!!! Rebuild and allow all Syrians to return home!

  12. Vitex

    Well, Israel (for their trouble) has provided battlefield training for Hezbollah (who were highly trained to start with) as well as Liwa Al Quds (who were not). Now two of Israel’s sworn enemies can field battle-hardened soldiers with exactly the right skills to make life extremely difficult for Israel next time they get any expansionist ideas.

    • Moussa Saab

      And now Hezbollah has the support of Christians after liberating key Christian villages in Lebanon and Syria. Hezbollah has even got more soldiers now than before the war!

      • Vitex

        Christians and Muslims have a lot more in common than Christians and Jews. Both await the return of Isa to defeat the dajjal. Hezbollah is a good example of two faiths united against a common enemy

  13. gustavo

    Not so fast my friend, let the celebration until the war is over, and the war is over..until it is over.

  14. Cheryl Brandon

    Details shocking …. US secret way to arm its allies in Syria!

    A report by the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime
    and the Balkan Press Investigations Network reported that the Pentagon
    spent more than $ 2 billion on arms purchases for the Syrian opposition.

    According to the report, the Pentagon is sending Soviet-style weapons
    to the “Syrian Democratic Forces” detachments and other insurgent groups
    fighting the Syrian army.

    The authors of the report note that
    arms factories in the Balkans and eastern Europe have failed to meet the
    demands of their large size, so the Pentagon has resorted to new
    suppliers, particularly from Kazakhstan, Georgia and Ukraine.

    authors of the report reached these conclusions after having examined
    the procurement documents, official statements, and also through emails
    in their possession, as well as the outcome of interviews with sources
    in various bodies.

    The report shows that arms purchases began in
    September 2015 under the administration of former US President Barack
    Obama. By May 2017, the Pentagon had spent more than $ 700 million on
    the purchase of automatic rifles, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars
    and ammunition.

    According to the contracts, at least $ 900
    million will be spent by 2022, and an additional $ 600 million has been
    allocated, budgeted or demanded by the Donald Trump administration.
    According to the report, the Pentagon plans to spend up to two billion
    and two hundred million dollars on the weapons of its allies in Syria.

    The report reveals that the US Department of Defense is purchasing
    weapons through two channels, through the United States Special
    Operations Command Command (SOCOM), and through an obscure military
    research and manufacturing facility in New Jersey, Picatinny Arsenal.

    The equipment is transported by sea and air from Europe to Turkey,
    Jordan and Kuwait, and then delivered, by land and air, to US allies in
    northern and southern Syria.

    The authors of this report note that
    these supplies are not linked to the CIA’s program to train the
    so-called moderate Syrian opposition forces, which were earlier
    developed by Trump.

    The journalists involved in the preparation
    of this report found that Washington used ambiguities in legal
    documents, so that the final destination of weapons did not appear to be

    Experts believe that such practices threaten to abort
    international efforts to combat illegal arms trade. Moreover, the
    authorities of the Eastern European States that sell arms and ammunition
    may be criminalized for violating international law. They wonder who
    will use the munitions and what will happen to them after the
    elimination of the “Daash” organization.

    “The Pentagon, in arms
    procurement documents, is trying in various ways to get rid of evidence
    that weapons are eventually being transferred to the Syrian opposition,”
    said Ivan Angelowski, a co-author of the report.


  15. Cheryl Brandon

    The Historical Review PO BOX 2739 Newport Beach, CA 92659 USA/ For information on the SHOAH Business/ The Deaths in Germany’s work camps/also named Holacaust, which has raked in millions! Think about it; Had the Palestinians used their real Ethnic Cleansing experience as a money making scheme-would we be happy to pay REAL victims trillions????

  16. Kell

    Nice, indeed they have the zios on the ropes but remember you are dealing with a mad dog here and its cornered, keep your eyes peeled in every direction these people are insane and will stop at nothing to implement their genocidal schemes.
    Expect the unexpected and utterly outlandish – they are called the Empire of Chaos for good reason.

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