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MARCH 2021

Hezbollah Official Says Two Israeli Drones Fell In Beirut (Photos)


In the early hours of August 25, an explosion rocked Beirut’s Southern Suburb, the stronghold of Lebanese armed group Hezbollah.

Local sources said that several ambulances and a firetruck were dispatched to the explosion site, which was reportedly secured by local fighters.

A few minutes after the explosion, a source in Hezbollah told the Reuters news agency that two Israeli drones crashed in the Southern Suburb. The source didn’t provide any additional information.

Photos of one of the Israeli drones surfaced online. The photos show a small quadcopter equipped with an unidentified device.

The incident came a few hours only after a series of Israel airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. Sources close to Hezbollah said that at least four fighters of the Lebanese group were killed in the airstrikes.

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