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JUNE 2021

Hezbollah And Syrian Army Capture 70% Of Mira Crossing Area At Syrian-Lebanese Border

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Hezbollah And Syrian Army Capture 70% Of Mira Crossing Area At Syrian-Lebanese Border

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On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah captured 70% of the Mira crossing area including the main crossing on the Syrian-Lebanese border, and reached the Sin Fikhah crossing, according to Lebanese sources.

Hezbollah and the SAA also captured the Qarnaht Sha’abat al-Bahsah area and Harfush and Ismail heights in the Western Qalamoun region.

ISIS commander Moufaq al-Jirban “Abu al-Sus” in al-Hamaiam was also captured by the SAA and Hezbollah.

From its side, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) announced that it’s preparing to launch the 4th phase of its operation soon. On August 22, the LAF captured 100 square kilometers out of 120 that had been held by ISIS in Ras Balbak and al-Qa’a areas.

On Wednesday, the LAF command said in an official statement that there will be no ceasefire with the terrorists and emphasized that the LAF goal is to exterminate ISIS in the Lebanese territories.

It’s believed that the operation may be finished before the end of August thanks to the rapid advance of the Hezbollah, the SAA and the LAF.

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Cheryl Brandon

Hezbollah and SAA always make a dynamic duo and, they always seen to have positive results! Well done SAA/Hezbollah! Warriors/heroes/Liberators the pair of you! Keep fighting the foreign funded terrorists!


Very good progress. This plus the success against IS retards om central Syria is finally paving the way for the annihilation of ISIS, and after them… “FSA” is next.

John Brown

Good news it will free up more soldiers for the assault to liberate Idlib in October.


“Ooh-aah Hezbollah! Sing ooh-aah Hezbollah!”

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