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Hezbollah And Its Alies Advancing Against Terrorists At Syrian-Lebanese Border (Video, Map)

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Hezbollah And Its Alies Advancing Against Terrorists At Syrian-Lebanese Border (Video, Map)

A screenshot from the video

On Monday, Hezbollah backed up by the Lebanese Army and the Syrian Arab Army continued its operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and ISIS in the Jaroud Arsal area at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Hezbollah units advanced in Sarj al-Ajram, and captured Wadi al-Khayl, Wadi M’aysara and Qal’at Husn.

Hezbollah And Its Alies Advancing Against Terrorists At Syrian-Lebanese Border (Video, Map)

Click to see the full-size map. Source: https://twitter.com/EmmanuelGMay/

Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army have repeatedly called on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members to surround in the area and to avoid further clashes. However, the terrorist group has decided to fight agains Hezbollah and its allies.

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Long Live Hezbollah Long Live Syria Death to zionist entity

Nigel Maund

Good work to the SAA and Hezbollah! Keep going and good luck lads. The quicker this can be achieved the better as its gives Israel and the US Deep State less time to dream up their next nasty little game.


Good stuff, wish them well in a swift end to these idiots once and for all.

Pave Way IV

These have to be some seriously brain-damaged head-choppers. First, they try to negotiate passage to Lebanon (like that’s going to happen), then they take on the forces that arguably have the best mountain-fighting skills: units of the Hez and the Lebanese Army.

Granted, the head-choppers have a stash of ATGMs, but it’s not like they’re going to be able to pick off mountain troops that know that. It would be different if the Nusra/ISIS guys there were mountain fighters too, but they sound like random head-choppers that got cut off of the rest of head-chopperistan. The mountains are a good place to hide, but not if you’re fighting the equivalent of the Houthis on their own turf. This isn’t going to end well for the thousand or so ISIS/Nusra left-overs. They are going to be ground into dust soon.


Congratulation to Syria army and Hezbollah, good luck and keep going. I wish you the best and do not stop till the end of terrorists (moderated and hard).

Manuel Flores Escobar

HZB seems a well trained forces with good war tactics!…well in fact I Think they use Spanish guerrilla handbook used by Spanish guerrillas vs Napoleon forces!…”la avanzadilla” it is to fast and retreat attack from different places at the same point!..one by one and terrorist think they are outnumbered!…”” la zorra y el zarzal”..it is to attack 4 points and leave one without attack…terrorist think the 4 is a safe zone and everyone moves there…but obviusly is a trap!…”el tambor de bruch”..ambush in a mountain zone with artillery deployed in x points…the purpose is to take advantage of the echo…in order the enemy think there are more artillery than in reality!..


All together now, “Ooh-aah Hezbollah! Sing ooh-aah Hezbollah!”

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