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Hezbollah And Hamas Leaders Met In Lebanon’s Beirut

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Hezbollah And Hamas Leaders Met In Lebanon's Beirut

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The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

On Wednesday, Hamas’s deputy political chief Saleh al-Arouri met with Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah in Lebanon’s Beirut.

The two sides discussed the recent developments and situation in Gaza in wake of the recent Israeli actions in the the region and emphasized the need of solidarity and unity in front of the Zionist aggression.

They also discussed the Palestinian national reconciliation and the situation in the region.

Narsallah gave condolences for a number of dead Palestinian resistance member by Israel army attack on their tunnel east of Khan Yunis, in an area south of Gaza strip.

In this regard, Hasan Nasrallah spoke with Ramadan Shala, a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement, and gave condolences for the dead resistance members during the recent Israeli attack.

Condemning this action, Nasrallah praised the resistance and sacrifices of the resistance forces in Gaza, especially members of the PIJ.

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Serious Dude

So Hezbollah gives condolences to dead Wahhabis. Nice!


All this sectarian BS really has got to come to an end. It is just another way to further divide Arabs/Muslims and induce hatred and war. Take a look in the Religion Reform that took place in the 16th century in Europe and created the third dogma of Christianity, the protestants. Although the current regimes acted violently against it at first, it took Europe a little while to assimilate the project as an indigenous, acceptable one and move on. I think at the time the West decided that religious wars were not the way to go if they wanted to achieve world dominance. Hence, such differences were set aside and the western civilization was able to focus on global economic and military superiority over the whole world in the next few centuries. Now take a look in the Muslim schism. Check out when it occurred and how long it has been a primary reason for bloodshed and destabilization in the whole Muslim world and even further. If only Muslims could see what unity would bring them and end sectarian division…

Moussa Saab

They are not religious wars, any war in the Middle East from 1900’S to now was never a religious war. All of it is for money and power.


Of course they are not. That’s exactly my point. Foreign powers have been stepping up the violence and intervention in the region using the religious divisions to promote economical interests and to increase influence in the area. That’s how strong a weapon religion is when used with the right pretext.

Moussa Saab

Right, religion was not a cause for wars but just for pretext for Western intervention. The Sunni-Shia conflict is BS.

Serious Dude

You are correct, however, Hezbollah claims to fight Wahhabis in Syria while they are supporting them in Palestine!

Moussa Saab

Hamas is not wahabbis.


Hamas have shown they are untrustworthy for both Syria and Hezbollah. In 2012 Hamas went all in with their parent organization, the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood and its state sponsor Qatar, and formally backed the sectarian Sunni armed opposition against the Syrian state leadership. Now that the Syrian state is on verge of victory, Hamas who backed the losing side are just trying to come crawling back.

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