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Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan

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Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

…”In 2016, we lost 64,000 Americans to drug overdoses:  174 deaths per day.  Seven per hour.  We must get much tougher on drug dealers and pushers if we are going to succeed in stopping this scourge.

My Administration is committed to fighting the drug epidemic and helping get treatment for those in need.  The struggle will be long and difficult — but, as Americans always do, we will prevail.” (Trump State of the Union, emphasis added)

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan

Trump brings to the forefront the story of the Holets family of New Mexico:

“Ryan Holets is 27 years old, and an officer with the Albuquerque Police Department.  He is here tonight with his wife Rebecca.  Last year, Ryan was on duty when he saw a pregnant, homeless woman preparing to inject heroin.  When Ryan told her she was going to harm her unborn child, she began to weep.  She told him she did not know where to turn, but badly wanted a safe home for her baby.

In that moment, Ryan said he felt God speak to him:  “You will do it — because you can.”  He took out a picture of his wife and their four kids.  Then, he went home to tell his wife Rebecca.  In an instant, she agreed to adopt.  The Holets named their new daughter Hope.

Ryan and Rebecca:  You embody the goodness of our Nation.  Thank you, and congratulations.” (Trump State of the Union, emphasis added)

Beautiful narrative. The Nation weeps, Ryan was interviewed on CNN. While he and his family take a courageous stance against heroin addiction, Trump sheds crocodile tears.

While Trump acknowledges that “there’s a drug epidemic the likes of which we have never seen in this country”, his national public health emergency plan fails to address the underlying causes. Getting “tougher on drug dealers and pushers” involved in the retail sale of heroin does not resolve the drug crisis.

The unspoken truth is that the surge in heroin addiction in America has been spearheaded by the US led invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001.

Afghanistan under US military occupation produces approximately 90% of the World’s illegal supply of opium which is used to produce heroin. The production of opium in Afghanistan registered a 49 fold increase since 2001. In 2017, the production of opium in Afghanistan under US military occupation reached 9000 metric tons.

The Taliban Opium Eradication Program

Barely acknowledged by the mainstream media, in 2000-2001 the Taliban government with the support of the United Nations (UNODC) –  implemented a successful ban on poppy cultivation. Opium production which is used to produce grade 4 heroin and its derivatives declined by more than 90 per cent in 2001. The production of opium in 2001 was of the order of a meagre 185 tons.

It is worth noting that the UNODC congratulated the Taliban Government for its successful opium eradication program.

This year’s production [2001] is around 185 tons. This is down from the 3300 tons last year [2000], a decrease of over 94 per cent. Compared to the record harvest of 4700 tons two years ago, the decrease is well over 97 per cent.

Any decrease in illicit cultivation is welcomed, especially in cases like this when no displacement, locally or in other countries, took place to weaken the achievement”

(Remarks on behalf of UNODC Executive Director at the UN General Assembly, Oct 2001)

The Taliban government had contributed to literally destabilizing the multibillion dollar Worldwide trade in heroin.

What motivated the US-led war on Afghanistan, which had been planned several months prior to the 9/11 attacks?

Did the US-NATO led War against Afghanistan serve to restore the illicit heroin trade?

Immediately following the invasion (October 7, 2001) and occupation of Afghanistan by US-NATO troops, the production of opium regained its historical levels. (a more than nine fold increase in 2002). Since 2001, according to UNODC, the production of opium has increased 49 fold, reaching 9000 metric tons in 2017. (See Figure 1 below)

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan

Heroin Addiction in the US

There were 189,000 heroin users in the US in 2001, before the US-NATO invasion of Afghanistan. By 2012-13, there were 3.8 million heroin users in the US according to a study by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Extrapolating the 2012-2013 figures (see graph below), one can reasonably confirm that the number of heroin users today (including addicts and casual users) is well in excess of four million.

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan

In 20o1, 1,779 Americans were killed as a result of heroin overdose. By 2016, the number of Americans killed as a result of heroin addiction shot up to 15,446. (see graph below)

“My Administration is committed to fighting the drug epidemic” says Donald Trump.

My message to Donald Trump: Those lives would have been saved had the US and its NATO allies NOT invaded and occupied Afghanistan.  

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan

Source: National Institute of Drug Abuse

Since 2001, the use of heroin in the US has increased more than 20 times. 

Is there a correlation between heroin addiction in America and the dramatic increase in opium production which occurred in the immediate wake of the US-NATO October 2001 invasion?

Who is protecting opium exports out of Afghanistan?

Amply documented, the opium economy in Afghanistan was set up by the CIA in 1979.

As revealed in the Iran-Contra and Bank of Commerce and Credit  International (BCCI) scandals, CIA covert operations in support of the Afghan Mujahideen had been funded through the laundering of drug money.  “Dirty money” was recycled –through a number of banking institutions (in the Middle East) as well as through anonymous CIA shell companies–, into  “covert money,” used to finance various insurgent groups during the Soviet-Afghan war, and its aftermath. According to a 1991 Time Magazine report:

“Because the US wanted to supply the Mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan with stinger missiles and other military hardware it needed the full cooperation of Pakistan. By the mid-1980s, the CIA operation in Islamabad was one of the largest US intelligence stations in the World. `If BCCI is such an embarrassment to the US that forthright investigations are not being pursued it has a lot to do with the blind eye the US turned to the heroin trafficking in Pakistan’, said a US intelligence officer. (“The Dirtiest Bank of All,” Time, July 29, 1991, p. 22. emphasis added)

Alfred McCoy’s study confirms that within two years of the onslaught of the CIA’s covert operation in Afghanistan in 1979,

“the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands became the world’s top heroin producer, supplying 60 per cent of U.S. demand. In Pakistan, the heroin-addict population went from near zero in 1979  to 1.2 million by 1985, a much steeper rise than in any other nation.”

“CIA assets again controlled this heroin trade. As the Mujahideen guerrillas seized territory inside Afghanistan, they ordered peasants to plant opium as a revolutionary tax. Across the border in Pakistan, Afghan leaders and local syndicates under the protection of Pakistan Intelligence operated hundreds of heroin laboratories. During this decade of wide-open drug-dealing, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in Islamabad failed to instigate major seizures or arrests. (Alfred McCoy, Drug Fallout: the CIA’s Forty Year Complicity in the Narcotics Trade. The Progressive, 1 August 1997).

Heroin: “Supply Creates its Own Demand”?

While the number of heroin users in America has increased about 20 times (2001-2016), the cultivation and production of opium used to produce heroin increased 41 times (2001-2017):8000 hectares in 2001 rising to 328,000 hectares in 2017.

In 2017, ironically coinciding with the influx of more US troops into Afghanistan, the areas under opium poppy cultivation according to UNODC increased by 83 percent in a single year, (see Figure 1 above)

While the supply-demand relationship is complex: the dramatic increase in the consumption of heroin would not have been possible without a concurrent increase in the production of opium from 183 metric tons in 2001 to an estimated 9000 metric tons in 2017 (a 49 fold  increase in relation to 2001).

It stands to reason that the increase in heroin usage could not have occurred without a corresponding surge in opium production.

Needless to say, the drug trade is a multibillion dollar operation which has been supported by successive US administrations. The unspoken truth is that US foreign policy is supporting this lucrative trade:

The heroin business is not  “filling the coffers of the Taliban” as claimed by US government and the international community: quite the opposite! The proceeds of this illegal trade are the source of wealth formation, largely reaped by powerful business/criminal interests within the Western countries. …

Decision-making in the US State Department, the CIA and the Pentagon is instrumental in supporting this highly profitable multibillion dollar trade, third in commodity value after oil and the arms trade.( Michel Chossudovsky,The Spoils of War, Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade, Global Research, May 2005)

The UNODC confirms in its 2017 Report that: “Only a small share of the revenues generated by the cultivation and trafficking of Afghan opiates reaches Afghan drug trafficking groups. Many more billions of dollars are made from trafficking opiates into major consumer markets, mainly in Europe and Asia.” The earnings generated by 9000 metric tons of opium are colossal, in the hundreds of billions. 9000 tons produces 900 tons of pure heroin.

These global proceeds accrue to business syndicates, intelligence agencies, organized crime, financial institutions, wholesalers, retailers, etc. involved directly or indirectly in the drug trade.  Moreover, a large share of global money laundering as estimated by the IMF is linked to the trade in narcotics.

Drug trafficking constitutes “the third biggest global commodity in cash terms after oil and the arms trade.”

Are US military planes being used to export opioids out of Afghanistan? US occupation forces have been instructed to turn a blind eye? According to Abby Martin,

“…there is no conclusive proof that the CIA is physically running opium out of Afghanistan. However, it’s hard to believe that a region under full US military occupation – with guard posts and surveillance drones monitoring the mountains of Tora Bora – aren’t able to track supply routes of opium exported from the country’s various poppy farms (you know, the ones the US military are guarding).”

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan

In the words of researcher Timothy Alexander Guzman: “who owns the planes and the ships that transport 90% percent of the world’s heroin from Afghanistan to the rest of the world in the first place? It sure isn’t the Taliban”.

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“Ryan was on duty when he saw a pregnant, homeless woman preparing to inject heroin..”

Ahhh yes, they adopted the baby, but what assistance for the homeless woman?

Opioid crisis, the next bogus diversionary tactic. Maybe one could look at the over 47 million homeless (and rising) in the US as the reason for the increase in demand; you know, market economy principles of supply and demand. Here’s a thought, concentrate on providing an environment where people aren’t one paycheck, or even A paycheck, away from homelessness; could start by curtailing the war business and using that money for the development of the country, rather than the destruction of peoples all over the world including in the US. As for the CIA, it should have been abolished as JFK was about to do before Dulles had him assassinated. Where/when will Americans find a President with the b*lls to take on the Deep State and win one for themselves and the planet?

Graeme Rymill

“47 million homeless”????

Latest 2017 report to Congress gives a total figure of 554,000 homeless.


I meant below the poverty line with homelessness on the increase…. oops.


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Tommy Jensen

the 47 mio is the figure for people on food stamps, social clients.

Graeme Rymill

42 million on food stamps [ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ] in 2017 https://fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/pd/SNAPsummary.pdf

“The official poverty rate is 12.7 percent, based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 estimates. That year, an estimated 43.1 million Americans lived in poverty according to the official measure.” https://poverty.ucdavis.edu/faq/what-current-poverty-rate-united-states


I support the US war in Afghanistan, I hope the supply of opium doubles every year the US remains in Afghanistan, I also hope drug use doubles in the US as the war continues. It is the only way for the world to be rid of this warmongering parasite called JewSA

Mr. Costelol

The CIA-Gambino-Rudaj organization is currently expanding from the east coast to Chicago and the rust belt. These Albanian drug pushers, earn money for the CIA, ensuring perpetual war. The US sheep are incapable of rebellion, hence the warmongerer will continue with its demonic ways until Armageddon.


In May of 1973 , Rolling Stone Magazine did an expose of the CIA ( Air America ) getting busted bringing in a plane full of heroin . The following month , Rolling Stone Magazine , was no longer a family owned business , but was owned by Zerox Corp.. When Chavez kicked the DEA out of Venezuela , he made a statement , “the DEA uses the war on drugs as camouflage to hide their own drug smuggling “. Venezuela (and Columbia ) are cocaine “involved” economies , so the US government is the major exporter-importer of both heroin and cocaine .


It’s called ‘controlled channel’ ? But well both DEA and CIA feed on it’s profit that’s arguably needed to sustain their operation. Except one or two of their agents keep going rogue most of the time.

Graeme Rymill

The reality is that the province in Afghanistan growing the most opium and experiencing the largest increases in opium production in recent years is Helmand province. It grows 44% of Afghanistan’s opium by area planted and increased the acreage of opium poppies by 79% in 2017 over 2016.

Helmand province is a province where almost all districts are controlled by the Taliban or are heavily contested by the Taliban.

Tommy Jensen

Opposite. Helmand is where US Coalition have most bases and troops located and where Taleban has least controle.

Graeme Rymill


Tommy Jensen

Not saying it gives the full picture, but it gives a clear view of where US interests lies. Note Taleban banned opium in year 2000 lowering the fields to just 8000ha in 2001. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/746a11bb14223a5e6cdfe934f7dee1a88fa6a3122482d178aa9e3a6ee2b63a99.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e4910dea17a2bd8cd321daf1913ea4e95cf2e3bbf39d0f6465d0e96a80426ff.png


Great article, thanks for sharing it.

Carol Davidek-Waller

The Taliban, for good or ill, cut opium production to nearly nothimg. Then US invasion destroyed the economy and infrastructure, among other things, forcing farmers to resort to poppy again. Production has never been higher. The CIA has a penchant for the drug business. It would not surprise me if the Afghans were ably assisted by them. Addiction is another matter. It has much to do with the ills of our society and inequality as with chemical interactions. The refusal of the US to provide treatment and support more than the .001% is as much to blame for ruined lives as substance abuse.


The addition come since Korea war, Viet Nam war, and Afganistan. The DEA cartel control most of the drug in the World.

Tommy Jensen

1800 dead Americans in 2001 and 60 000 dead Americans from overdosis in 2016. 190 000 American heroine users 2001 and 3,8 mio American heroine users in 2016. 128 000 American vets committed suicide since 2001 to 2016.

Summary: 300 000 Americans died from Afghan heroine overdosis, 3 800 000 Americans are Afghan heroine users, 128 000 American Vets died from suicide because: Assad had to go……………….LMAO. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54b2955d2dc279140caaa1fc9594dc4b01b78a452d1a8ee9300f4f2314dda19a.jpg

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