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Heroes And Villains: Mainstream Media And Western Establishment Against Medical Aid From Cuba, China And Russia


Heroes And Villains: Mainstream Media And Western Establishment Against Medical Aid From Cuba, China And Russia

IMAGE: Antonio Calanni/AP

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the health infrastructure of many countries around the world. Desperate to contain the outbreak, hard-hit countries, including even NATO member states, have reached out for expert medical help from China, Cuba and Russia.

The situation, when the so-called ‘united and democratic’ Western world has to ask help from surprisingly effective (as always) ‘non-democratic states’, led to an outrage among mainstream media outlets, pro-NATO think tanks and the Western propagnada in general.

NATO affilated structures and anonymous sources already started spreading reports that the large-scale Russian help to Italy is ‘not effective’ and Moscow is just pursuing ‘political goals’. Same media outlets are fueling anti-Chinese hysteria and discrimination over the US campaign to lable COVID-19 a “Chinese virus’, blame it for the outbreak and sue it over the US own failures to contain the crisis (despite this Beijing offered help to the US in the battle against COVID-19).

Cuba, which deplyoed over 50 medics in Italy, and helps many other countries to contain the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak also became a target of Western propagnada.

According to recent remarks by a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mariya Zakharova, Washington is waging an information war against Cuba in an attempt to demonize its humanitarian efforts.

“I would like to recall that of the many Caribbean countries, including members of the British Commonwealth of Nations, only Cuba agreed to accept (40 km from the capital) the British liner MS BRAEMAR on March 18-19, which had five confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection on board, 52 people with symptoms of this disease. As a result of this humanitarian operation, more than 1,000 passengers and crew members were sent to the UK.

Aware of all the risks to her citizens, Havana answered the call for help from Italy, sending 52 doctors to the Lombardy region. In addition, Cuban doctors are already saving lives in Venezuela, Grenada, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Suriname and Jamaica. There are ongoing  deliveries of positively proven, in particular in China, medicinal drugs, including those produced in Cuba, “Interferon Alfa 2-B””.

Zakharova added that unfortunately “not everyone is distinguished by such noble qualities and perform such worthy deeds.”

“I will not list all accusations against Cuba from Washington because of the fact that Cuba supplies humanitarian aid because it is unworthy to reiterate it all. This is humiliating for the authors themselves. It is clear that someone left an unpleasant aftertaste from the gratitude expressed by the British Government for saving people. Although it is strange for humanity of the XXI century. As if by order, from the capital, the US mainstream media unanimously decided to ignore this event, not to mention the assistance provided by the Cubans to their neighbors.

Unfortunately, in any situation there are heroes and antiheroes. Today we see them. It seems that we really live in the period that has been described in many feature films. These days, I often recall the phrase: “all out of the shadows.”

Once again, we urge you to change your mind and take the side of unity of all mankind in front of the impending common threat. We urge you to think again of those who, in this difficult global situation, are trying to work “minus”, are trying to pursue a policy of aggression and destabilization.”

It should be noted that the Washington establishment is not alone in an attempt to sacrifice lives of people for own political interests. On March 28, French President Emmanuel Macron called on Europe to not overestimate help from ‘wrong countries’ like China and Russia. Instead, he proposed to pay more attention to help from Germany and France.

“There is a lot of talk about Chinese or Russian aid, but why don’t we say that France and Germany have delivered 2 million masks and tens of thousands gowns to Italy?” Macron said. “It is not sufficient, but this is just a start and we must not let ourselves be intoxicated with what our international partners and competitors say”.

So Macron proposed to ingore columns of Russian medical equipment and military specialists, Cuban doctors, and Chinese medics and aid sent to Italy, and pay more attention to “masks” from France. Did he really believe that distorting facts by media in the favour of the Euro-Atlantic establishment will help ordinary Italians to suervive the pandemic?




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    As I said, they are spiteful arseholes who are stuck in playing fuckwit ego games while their dumbass brainwashed people suffer and die in the streets. The Americunt shitheads unleashed this virus and now they and their EU arselickers are reaping the whirlwind. Karma is a bitch named Trump and Pompeo.

    • Lone Ranger

      You know U.S. healthcare is bad when you have Americants going to Cuba for medical tourism.
      Many Americans cant even afford daily insulin let alone hospital.


      They did not but rather from eu-epp/canada/uk neo-liberal facist maggot kuntz!
      As if trump after signed the true peace keeping trades acts with communist china,please you luciferian soros floggeds,who only have fake,phoney and false stocks to share intelligence!
      No worse pathedic than aids infested societys like you fugly retards and your kweer genders!

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Are you a closet faggot? since you are obsessed with “kweers”. Only two things come out of your hometown steers and queers and I don’t see any horns on you :) little boy!

    • Ashok Varma

      Racist vestiges of a long dead imperialism based on self-anointed “exceptionalism” at the expense of humanity are hallmarks of US savages.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, why the bloody hell are we not surpriced, the same scumbag regimes are spewing bullshit and havent stopped at all, and the despecable MSM is stil pimping irrelevancys and flat out lies.
    So, SF I will again give you some sense, and this time I encurage you to read the coments to.
    Like, think about this for an second, have you seen any, and I mean any kind of prof this is indeed an massive flow of people whom is infected, when our MSM managed to find an 16 year old girl whom died of corrona, in the entire europa, etc, and not one image of crammed Hostpitals, have you.
    And what is the facts.
    Well, the headline says it all.

    The number game.

    Well, you will NOT read this in the MSM, because its corrupted and people stil dont get it, and makes me wounder, are we entering an age is zombies, the dawn of the brain dead, scared shitless because they cant think for them selfs anymore.
    I am ashamed, and I have to agree with Bismarks wise words, when He said that the more time spent with people, the greater His respect arouse for His dogs.
    Couldnt agree more.

    And while we are at it, in this times of eh… epidemics and selfimposed exiles, and what on earth to do.
    I have an humble recomandation, since I am an old timer and sci-fi fan, was, to be correct, but have watched the TV lately, not the news but serials, and can recomend one, since I usualy dont do this, I will do this with two clues, Carbon and Zyberpunk and a little bit music an serial whom is doing everything right, spectaculare images, – play, and – music.
    Hats off for the boys and girls behind, and in, this serial, I really, really like it.
    Dmitri Shostakovitch Jazz suite, Waltz Nr.2. the best version.


  • Lone Ranger

    CIA trolls and hasbarats are crying and raging.
    Maybe instead of giving $16trillion in 12 years to the banksters and the MIC the U.S. should have spend a lil on healthcare too.
    Russia, Cuba, China have 2-3times more hospital beds, more doctors and more nurses with more supplies.


      You know the bad smells,pretty good,how is it they all try to pretend they are the opposites?
      No brainer really,these pathedic excuses of lgbtq/soros stinktanks assume they fooled truth,
      well the least they can do is thank you for giving them each a vital lesson is life,maybe some day they can be prepared for their inevitable soros/eugeddon,coming real soon,thank christ!

  • Rbivoje

    It’s all nice and cool Mrs. Zakharova. But, you are forgetting a bit of your own history when your president Putin and your country treated the Cubans, your longstanding allies and, by the nature of the arrangement, your protectors, like manure. With your sneaky dagger you stab them in the heart in 2001. You made the “friend” G.W.Bush a happy man. Should I also mention how you sold out others like Libya, Serbia, East Germany, NK, Vietnam etc… Do you really think that by betraying those who are close to you you can buy the friendship of your enemy. Why do you think that anybody should trust you? To hell with your fake morality and goodness.

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    COVID 1984. A poem

    You thought you had it all figured out,
    That you wouldnt go down
    With a whisper,
    and a whimper,
    in the fight for your future

    And when it came to the crunch!

    ‘They’ fisted the whole economy elbow deep
    Created tens of millions of debt slaves in a matter of weeks

    When they told you to stay at home for incubation
    If you dont incubate there is arrest and prosecution.

    You all fell into line,
    You all stepped aside,
    ‘nobody told us!’ you cried
    ‘We believed MSM lies’

    Start the fightback against COVID 1984.
    They demand a reason why you went out your front door

    You need to reply

    ‘what for?’

    So spread the message from the sane few
    The ones dubbed crazy by the crazy mob rule

    CIVIL disobedience
    Leave your home without good reason

  • James Adams

    China started the Virus because of their Communist practises in the 50’s, 60’s etc. Now you are complaining that the “west” is villainizing China? Shame on you. 28,000 people would be alive if it wasn’t for China.

    • John Wallace

      The only shame here is your ignorance and unbelievable stupidity.

      • James Adams

        What’s your evidence then? Don’t say Russian and Chinese state owned TV.

        • John Wallace

          The only shame here is your ignorance and unbelievable stupidity.

    • Luke Hemmming

      Turn off the tv that you have set to CNN and Faux News and put down that tv remote and back away slowly back to your bed and go back to sleep sheeple.

      • James Adams

        What’s your evidence then? Don’t say Russian and Chinese state owned TV. If you hate the west so much why don’t you live in China?

    • Occam’s Razor
  • Trap Is Not Gay

    At the same time if some Israeli farts the US claims ‘the genius of Jews’.

    • Gary Sellars

      Trap is Gay you dirty faggot.

  • Occam’s Razor

    Fort Riley is believed to be the origin of the world-wide epidemic that killed millions, said Robert Smith, director of the museum division at Fort Riley.
    “It was probably the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen,” he said. “They (researchers) think it killed between 2 and 4 percent of the world’s population. It was even greater than the bubonic plague back in the 14th century.”


  • Ashok Varma

    US is an arch villain of diabolical proportions, wars, greed, exploitation, terrorism and inhumanity are its forte.

  • Kilgore Trout

    FUCK ameri3ka!!! I hope you bastards lose a couple million people. Maybe it’ll knock some sense into. I doubt it though.