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Help SouthFront To Stay Afloat!

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Since February 1, we’ve collected 100 USD. This is about 2% of the monthly budget needed to continue SouthFront work and further.

Help SouthFront To Stay Afloat!

We appeal to all our dear readers and viewers who care about the fate of SouthFront, with a request to continue your support using our NEW crypto addresses:

BITCOIN (BTC): bc1q2u872wf5t6tunuzxc5jq6wzz5jwr3ew2q8htxw

Help SouthFront To Stay Afloat!

BITCOIN CASH (BCH): qqrjde2cq9g473687utlwh4p7ngdaacca5wdraxat

Help SouthFront To Stay Afloat!

MONERO (XMR): 8332UX6Ero53cnz2dKzmfRYtDa5DZ9wRsBfKHcYPHzTvBTTSgLGaC8f8Eo8QsmaoRsCosURvfjv4uiyFcm2WHEf5TfuRYY9

Help SouthFront To Stay Afloat!


PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION etc: write to info@southfront.org , southfront@list.ru

We urge you, DO NOT USE crypto.com, coinbase.com, bitfinex.com. Your transfers will be blocked.

SouthFront recommends using ‘COLD WALLETS’.

These wallets are set up on your devices (PC or mobile devices). Thanks to ‘cold wallets’, your crypto funds are kept on your devices only and nowhere else.

We recommend the following most famous ‘cold wallets’:

  • for BTC: https://electrum.org/#home
  • for BCH: https://electroncash.org
  • for XMR: https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/

The safest crypto currency is MONERO (XMR).

To buy crypto you may use crypto exchanges like:

  • https://bittrex.com, https://www.kraken.com
  • or services like https://www.portis.io/
  • or even this very simple exchange only service: https://prostocash.com/en/.

In order to support the activities of SouthFront through PayPal, Western union or other traditional means, please write to info@southfront.org , southfront@list.ru.

We stay still to save the vestiges of freedom of speech and to show you the real face of the world most dangerous crises.

Support SouthFront


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