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Hello, Nick! Lukashenko’s Scandalous Recordings Unveiled


Hello, Nick! Lukashenko’s Scandalous Recordings Unveiled


On September 3, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko claimed at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin that the statements on the poisoning of politician Alexey Navalny with a substance from the Novichok group were falsification. Lukashenko stated that, a few days earlier, the Belarusian intelligence service had intercepted a conversation between Germany and Poland, which proved that there was no poisoning of Navalny. He promised to pass the recording to the the Federal Security Service of Russia.

On September 4, the Belarusian telegram channel “PoolPervogo”, which is close to the Presidential press service, published a recording of this conversation.

Warsaw: Hello! Good afternoon, Nick. How are things going?

Berlin: Everything seems to be going according to plan… The materials on Navalny are ready. They will be transmitted to the Chancellor’s office. We are waiting for her statement.

Warsaw: Is the poisoning confirmed for sure?

Berlin: Look, Mike, it’s not that important in this case… There is a war going on… And all methods are good in war.

Warsaw: I agree, we must discourage Putin from prying into the Belorussian affairs … The best way is to drown him in internal Russian problems, and there are a lot of them! Especially,  they have elections in the near future, voting day in the Russian regions.

Berlin: That’s what we’re doing. How are things going in Belarus, in general?

Warsaw: To be honest, not good enough. President Lukashenko turned out to be a tough nut to crack. They are professionals and well organized. It is clear that Russia supports them. Officials and the military are loyal to the President. The rest is person, not on the phone.

Berlin: Yes, Yes, I understand, then see you later, bye.

Warsaw: Bye.

The submitted materials caused a wave of criticism. Apparently, Lukashenko hastened to publish the recordings without sufficient background technical data. Several questions raise, such as Who are the callers? What communication channels the conversation was conducted on? Whether the conversation was encrypted? All this information is not disclosed.

It is likely that Lukashenko, who chose the path of rapid integration with Russia, had such a strong desire to please President Putin that he hastened and, as a result, neglected the quality of the provided information, having published the data without waiting for the examination of the Russian Federal Security Service.

In general, this conversation corresponds to the current international agenda. One side claims to have found a substance from the Novichok group that had poisoned Navalny, without providing objective proofs to confirm its statements. At this time, many questions arise about the “irrefutable evidence” provided by the other side. Of course, both opponents, making such loud statements, pursues a common goal, to influence as much of the audience as possible. It seems that the modern information society has moved to a format where there is no objective reality anymore.




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