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Helicopter Mi-38 Is Testing for Flights in Arctic

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Helicopter Mi-38 Is Testing for Flights in Arctic

Photo: russianhelicopters.aero

Additional certification tests of the helicopter Mi-38 began at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. The main purpose of the tests is an extension of the conditions of the helicopter’s operation, including Arctic conditions, the Russian Weapons information website reported.

“Russia’s medium multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38, fully assembled from Russian components, made its first flight as a part of additional tests, conducted in order to expand its application possibilities. This will increase the range of performed tasks of the Mi-38, and allow to use the helicopter for passenger transportation,” the holding Russian Helicopters reported in its statement.

During the tests, the resource will be gradually increased; a number of additional programs will be executed, and the take-off weight and flight speed will be multiplied. Flights in icing conditions and extreme low and high air temperatures are also permitted.

According to the press service of the holding, the development of a passenger and offshore version of the Mi-38 will be the next stage of work. The passenger version of the helicopter Mi-38 is designed to carry 29 passengers, accompanied by a one flight attendant.

In August 2012 the helicopter Mi-38 set a new world record for altitude of the flight. It overcame the height of 8.6 thousand meters. By the way, the previous record height of 8.5 thousand meters was also set in the flight tests by Russian pilots.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and the holding Russian Helicopters has taken the decision about the order and terms of the receipt of Mi-38 helicopters by the Aerospace Defence Forces of the Russian Federation.

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