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Helicopter Crashed In Afghanistan’s Kandahar

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Helicopter Crashed In Afghanistan's Kandahar

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Afghan media reported that a helicopter belonging to Taliban forces crashed in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province. The accident took place on January 3.

No detailed information was revealed, no casualties were reported as well. The accident was likely a result of some technical error.

The province of Kandahar is currently facing large floods. According to videos from the region, an important damage was caused by heavy rains, as rivers overflowed their banks and flooded the local settlements.

The video shared by Daily Post news agency confirmed that military helicopters were deployed in the area for rescue operations.

Thus, it can be supposed that the helicopter crashed during the rescue maneuvers.

The former U.S. reporter in Afghanistan claimed in Twitter that the rescue operation is carried out by the pilots from the 777th Special Mission Wing of the former Afghanistan’s special operations aviation force.

“Taliban thugs claimed it was their pilot — it’s a sheer lie. Those guys were from 777 Special Mission Wing. A few remaining pilots are from Helmand & Kandahar who willfully stayed and are flying rescue missions such as this, in spite of the existing dangers & hardships of life.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban is trying to return aircraft from neighboring countries, where Afghan pilots escaped following the country’s fall under the Taliban’s control.

On January 3, TOLO news reported that Islamic Emirate officials have been in talks with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

According to the Islamic Emirate spokesperson, Inamullah Samangani, over 40 aircraft have been flown to neighboring countries, especially Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The negotiations at a high-level over the return of the aircraft. The exact number of the aircraft flown to the Central Asian states is unclear.

Earlier, the governments of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan reportedly asked Washington to let them have custody of the aircraft. The US responded that it will consider the demand.


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Chris Gr

Maybe Tajikistan and Uzbekistan should attack the Talibs?


Why don’t you? Talk the talk, walk the walk. Oh wait…

Again and again, stupid fuking people like you don’t understand that with peace comes prosperity. Afghanistan never really had peace and most of it was thanks to greedy moronic people. Over time and with peace Afghanistan will change and become more open to the world around it. They have “backward” or very religious people due to the wars that they had. Once these “soldiers” become useless they have to get a real job and after their economy grows they need more workforce which here women come in, they start becoming more and more in power.

Ofc, there are morons like you who suck Zion dry.

Chris Gr

LOL the freedom fighters of Taliban who had the support of Iran and Pakistan. Very patriotic indeed! Iran and Pakistan want to oppress Balochs and Pashtuns.

Peter Wallace

Had the mujahedeen not squabbled and fought each other for the spoils of Afghanistan after Russia left then maybe the Taliban would have not taken over almost all of the country with their extremist views. But of course the US methods of splash the cash corrupts even those that weren’t before hand. The US still hasn’t learnt that money doesn’t buy everything because in the beginning it does . In Iraq the money paid for Saddams troops not to fight and they didn’t until the cash ran out. and then they turn to the insurrection against the US and corrupted Iraqi’s. The Taliban rule Afghanistan for better or worse and as it is their country whether we like it or not they have a right to run their country as they see fit … until and if they attack their neighbors.

Chris Gr

They have the right to do to their country as they see fit … especially in headchopping and stoning.

Peter Wallace

Do I hear you objecting to Saudi Arabia or Israel at all. Is it about what countries your country supports or still butt hurt over an embarrassing exit. I was objecting to the Taliban long before the US invaded but in the end it is up to the people living there to decide , not us.

Chris Gr

I object to Saudis.


Add in Russia and China as well buddy, why don’t you. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said, “The nature of our relations with governments depends on the nature of their relations with us.” Iran also trades with UAE and Qatar. Ofc, they don’t see eye to eye in many other things.

You can cry and make a lot of things in your head without any proof of it. It surely seems that you are one of those people. I could agree that Iran had some support for the “good” Talibans. A.K.A the ones who fought Zion terrorist pigs in their country and wanted them out. Also, I remember a local Taliban that talk “shit” about Iran and said mad things such as when the Taliban take over they are going to bomb Tehran and Mashhad. He got a new brain a day or two later.

Taliban is an extremist Sunni group, but they are also not Wahhabi. With time and other countries’ help, they move away from their extremist ideas. Yet, that doesn’t make you happy you Zion fuk want war and death.

I said this not long ago, but you jump like a donkey when you are in a corner. Why are you now talking about Balochs and Pashtuns?

If you want to cry about Balochs go after British apes, as they are the ones who draw up those borders – not Iran or Pakistan. Most of Balochistan is in Pakistan, not Iran or Afghanistan.

Oh yeah, Pashtuns… good joke buddy. Most Taliban are Pashtuns and if you are saying Iran and Pakistan “support” them how can they at the same time “oppress” them? You rtded Zion. “The Taliban are a predominantly Pashtun, Islamic fundamentalist group that returned to power in Afghanistan in 2021 after waging a twenty-year insurgency.”

Again you holding your piss and can be clear about what you are talking about. Are you talking about Pashtuns In Pakistan? Have you heard about TTP?

I’m not going down that rabbit hole. I tell you what if Balochs and Pakistani Pashtuns take their land just from Pakistan, Pakistan as we know would be 1/3 if they are lucky. Do you see why Pakistan “oppresses” them?

Again this wasn’t the topic.

Chris Gr

LOL Balochs exist in Sistan and Balochistan. And what zion and bullshit like that you are talking about? Taliban are Pashtun jihadis. Normal people hate them.


May God help me. I’m talking to rtded kid, wtf are you even writing/saying? Balochistan is not what google Maps show you in Pakistan, moron. To Balochs, Balochistan INCLUDE Sistan (Iran) AND part of Nimruz, Helmand, and Kandahar (province of Afghanistan). Why didn’t you include Afghanistan? You can’t even google? BTW, most Balochs live in Pakistan and about 1-2 million/s in Iran, and some in Afghanistan (about half a million).

THIS IS WHAT I SAID: “Most of Balochistan is in Pakistan, not Iran or Afghanistan.” You can’t read? Tell me how? How can you be so stupid? My God. What is wrong with you? You can’t read?

What is Kurdistan to Kurds? It includes SYRAI-IRAQ-IRAN AND TURKEY. It is the same case for Balochs. How stupid can you be? Let me guess you thought I meant Balochistan in Pakistan? Didn’t you. To me, that tells me how clueless you are…

“Taliban are Pashtun jihadis. Normal people hate them.” You have no clue about Afghans, don’t even try bitch. You are the most fuking rtded bitch right after to jens. Taliban are Pashtuns – Pashtuns are a racist fuking ethnic group in Afghanistan. Did you know that it was the Pashtuns king that order the killing of 60% of Hazara in Afghanistan? “Pashtun colonization of northern Afghanistan”. Taliban are Pashtuns.

Did you even read what Peter Wallace said to you?

“Had the mujahedeen not squabbled and fought each other for the spoils of Afghanistan after Russia left then maybe the Taliban would have not taken over almost all of the country with their extremist views.”

Pashtuns control most of Afghanistan and most Taliban are Pashtuns.

P.S. Thanks for the laughs.


Excellent comment. “with peace comes prosperity.” You are 100 % correct. After decades of continuous war, the Afghan people do not need any more death, destruction, terror and misery. They need reconstruction and national development. On much larger scales, just look at the economic development of Germany after World War II after it was destroyed and China since 1979 after its last war (with Vietnam). Any sane person knows that it isn’t the number of aircraft carriers, combat aircraft, tanks, guns, etc. a country has that matters, but the standard of living for its people that matters. I just have to laugh when you compare the living standards in most European countries – especially the members of NATO or the EU – and the US. Most Europeans live in much safer, less crime ridden countries with better social policies and systems compared to the self-designated “police boys and girls of the world.”

Peter Wallace

Agree on most except the China- Vietnam war was only a minor border short term event which was a continuation of hundreds of years of animosity between the two. Had the US supported the north as recommended by the CIA then Vietnam might have been a different story . China changed from closed communist system to opening up special areas to develop business in a western capitalist way which have been successful and expanded to what it is today .It was a changing of political power in China after Mao died 1976 that changed the course in China.

Chris Gr

Yes you are correct except that Taliban will ruin Afghanistan.

Peter Wallace

They have enough of their own problems to handle without trying to take on the battle hardened Taliban. Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan together have been fighting their own insurgents long before the US invaded Afghanistan.

Chris Gr

Those countries are Turcophiles for sure but still better than the Talibs.

Peter Wallace

Wasn’t Erdogan voted the most popular and respected leader in the Muslim world. How or why I have no idea. Maybe because he doesn’t like Israel. Anything , except the Saudis , would be better than the Taliban but the people didn’t fight hard enough to keep them out. Too many became more interested in the free dollars than actually fighting for what they believed in.

Chris Gr

Yeah but I am Greek so?

Peter Wallace

ah. Yes Greeks and Turks are not the best of friends from a long time ago. We are friends with both and have sons of ours buried in both countries that are now sons of those countries.

Zionist losers

Two Israeli military pilots were killed and a third severely burnt on Monday night after their military helicopter suspiciously crashed off the coast of Haifa in northern parts of occupied Palestine. The French supplied Eurocopter AS565 Panther was apparently hit by a surface to air missile as it attempted to land on a frigate. The aircraft is used primarily for missions at sea as it is capable of landing on Navy ships, specifically Sa’ar-5class models, which have been successfully targeted by Hezbollah in 2006.

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