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MAY 2021

Heightened alert in the United Kingdom

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Latest investigations have revealed that the possibilities of suffering terrorist attacks in the UK are significantly high.

Heightened alert in the United Kingdom

An armed British Police officer outside the Houses of Parliament Reuters

According to declarations of Western officials, the believed ringleader of Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, could have had connections with other jihadists in the United Kingdom, namely in Birmingham.

Investigations have shown that one the attackers of November 13th in Paris traveled to Birmingham earlier this year, and shortly before the shootings, calls were made to contacts in the UK.

Authorities are now investigating whether or not British citizens were involved in the incidents in the French capital and also if there are any jihadist cells in the UK related to the terrorists that perpetrated attacks in Paris.

The UK’s senior counterterrorism officer, Mark Rowley, said while speaking before lawmakers last week that authorities and security agencies are working hard on this issue, but still no details can be revealed of the investigations.

It must be mentioned that until now, no one has been arrested in the UK in regards to the Paris terror attacks; however some individuals have been apprehended in Birmingham for having links with Daesh (formerly ISIL) and other terrorist cells in Algeria and Morocco.

Many countries in Europe have heightened their alerts, but there’s a significant possibility that retaliatory attacks could take place in the UK due to the its latest intervention in the airstrikes against the terrorist group in Syria earlier this week.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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