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JUNE 2021

Heavy Gunfire Reported In Saudi Capital (Videos)

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UPDATE: Local sources report that a gunman opened fire outside of the royal palace. The government has deployed security forces.

Heavy gunfire have been reported in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

The reason of the alleged gunfight is unclear.

The situation is developing.

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Dmitry Lunyov

Houthis, time for rocket strike ))


Time will tell what is happening of course but it would be wonderful if it is the beginnings of a coup and civil war


However bad their regime, I can’t celebrate the apocalypse that might follow


I would make an exception with the US/Israel,Saudi Arabia, Gulf States at the very minimum :)


Because there’s no civil society to speak of in Saudi Arabia and the gulf states, the most likely way the government there would fall would be via a military coup. The general that takes over will be just as pro-US as the Saudi family, because he will also depend on the US to stay in power.

Israel is somewhat different – an overthrow of their government would probably be replacing the amoral, gutless, populist racists they have now with religious/nationalist fanatics who would order the army to drive the Palestinians into Egypt and Jordan, and then invade Lebanon and Syria again.

So I can’t be optimistic about any revolutions at the moment. No idea who would take over America in a revolution or coup.


You might not celebrate but I and many others don’t give a sod about it as they have contributed to the deaths of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people.


Perhaps some of the Jihadist in Syria are returning home. :D




Could be an actual civil war, instead of a bogus one that we have been following for several years.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Had warned about the potential of this happening in Saudi Arabia can’t imprison princes and steal their wealth. Apparently thousands of rounds fired and they said it was a drone they shot down but bin Suliman wasn’t even in Riyadh.


Yes, I watched and listened to the firefight and I somewhat doubt a drone was involved :)

Angelo Cinarelli

The evil kingdom is at the end.

Igor Dano

1. Houtis
2. Bashar
3. MbS friends, who have been on vacations in Ritz last autumn
4. MOSSAD+CIA throw MbS under the bus.
5. Shia with Iranian support.


I was thinking option 1 or 4


And heavy storm in Moscow.


Are you in Russia again?
I warned you not to travel there.
Now Putin can have you arrested and sent to work camp (where Solomon K. currently resides) :D


That’s the best damned bedtime story I’ve heard in ages!

Tudor Miron

That one made my day :) Lol


you know, i am untouchable in russia :P

i laugh on such idiots like tudor miron or his english dog florian :DDDD


Solomon K. also thought he was untouchable, and now he is helping with vodka production in work camp.
I think he visited there 10+ times just like Raptor Head. :D

Ivan Freely

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.


Some kids with a toy drone.

Amine Mansouri

hahah that was just a drone flying over king salman palace


Did any of the two (father&son) SOB dead yet..?

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