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Heavy Explosions At Aden Airport: Newly-Formed Saudi-Backed Yemeni Government Receives ‘Warm Welcome’ (Videos)

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On December 30, at least three explosions rocked Aden International Airport shortly after a plane carrying the newly-formed Yemeni government arrived from Saudi Arabia.

One of the explosions targeted the airport arrival gate, while the two others took place on the runway. However, the Yemeni government’s plane was not hit.

The plane was carrying all 24 new ‘Yemeni ministers’ as well as Prime Minister Moein Abdulmalik. The government was formed earlier in December putting an end to a year-long crisis between the UAE-allied Southern Transitional Council and pro-Saudi Yemeni parties.

Undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights, Nabil Abdul Hafeez, said many people were injured or killed as a result of the explosions. According to Yemeni sources, the explosions claimed the lives of more than five people.

The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV confirmed that the Yemeni PM and the ministers are not among the casualties. According to the channel’s sources, the senior Yemeni officials were taken to a safe place after the attack.

The explosions were reportedly caused by unidentified projectiles and a drone was allegedly spotted flying over the airport seconds before the explosions.

The nature of the target suggests that the attack may have been carried out by the Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah. Nonetheless, the Yemeni group has not commented on the attack yet.

The attack highlights the failure of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies. Five years into the war in Yemen, Saudi-backed forces are still unable to secure their self-proclaimed capital.


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Lone Ranger

Get some…

Lone Ranger

Is it democratic to install a puppet govt from another country while genociding the local population? Where is the outrage by the U.S., UK, UN? Oh I forgot they are too busy helping them kill the local population. Saudisis will fall soon.

Jens Holm

I think You should turn that one upside down.

Lone Ranger

I think you should quit LSD… Lets make it a new years resolution…

Just Me

The Ansarallah are producing loitering munitions and have forces inside Aden now, which will fall soon. The Saudis have just received 3,000 bombs from the US, before Trump is relegated to the garbage can of history. Yemen is a dead loss for the Saudis, supported by entire NATO and Zionists. Not a very awe inspiring government or confidence building spectacle when the airport VIP lounge is blown up as the puppet regime arrives from Saudi Arabia.

Kenny Jones ™

Must be the UAE, they’re jealous they were left out, two Gulf states rivalry

Furkan Sahin

Good job Houthis ;) :D

Jens Holm

My Danish TV, which is reli8able, says

Mindt 16 mennesker har mistet livet, og 60 mennesker er blevet såret –

Thats at least 16 dead and 60 wounded.

cechas vodobenikov

dirty dane/amerikan grifter has no culture—only bad cheese culture

Jens Holm

I just tell facts about it.

If we had no culture, we would not exist. I certainly doint hope Yoirs is widespread. If so its not strange, so many kill each other.

cechas vodobenikov

oxfam reports backward uncivilized Dane bank w jens as shareholder finances weapons sales to Saudi/yemeni cretins—dirty vultures

Proud Hindu

Desert circus continues lol


Hope cow piss drinkers get destroyed.


Frankly, you are low life and an idiot. You Hindu sewer rats are stupid as well. While the Chinese kill you roaches every day, you monkeys are dying of frostbite and lack of clothing. Here is mighty Indian baboons in Ladakh without even shoes.


Just Me

Quite sad, how backward and primitive India is, not even fit for the Raj cannon fodder anymore.

Potato Man

A very warm welcoming for Zion Wahhabi dogs…enjoy.

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