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Heavy Clashes In Idlib City Claim Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Security Commander (Video, Photos)

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Heavy Clashes In Idlib City Claim Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Security Commander (Video, Photos)

Illustrative image.

On October 2, heavy clashes broke out in the Wadi al-Nasim neighborhood in Idlib city, the center of the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, when security forces of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attempted to arrest a gunman.

The gunman resisted arrest and opened fire at HTS militants, killing a security commander. Opposition activists identified the slain commander as Anouar Hamoudi.

In an attempt to subdue the gunman, HTS locked up the entire neighborhood and deployed reinforcements, including heavy weapons.

Eventually, the gunman was killed. Some activists claimed that he was a small time criminal. However, others said he was an “independent Jihadist,” meaning he was operating in Greater Idlib without the consent of HTS, the de-facto ruler of the region.

Such confrontations are quite common in Greater Idlib where chaos continue to prevail under the rule of HTS and its leader Abu Mohamad al-Julani.

HTS’ security forces are widely hated and seen by many in Greater Idlib as a tool of oppression. In a recent incident, the group’s security forces arrested, tortured and humiliated three children who attempted to smuggled a few packs of cigarettes from the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin to Greater Idlib.

The mainstream media, MSM, turn the blind eye to HTS’ oppression, so does Turkey which keeps a large force in Greater Idlib that shields the terrorist group from Russian and Syrian government forces.


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Rat on rat violence,keep it up you Apes.


i love displaced people in Idlib haha

Chris Gr

Displaced people are the only innocent.

Chris Gr

HTS and Taliban are the same. The same thing happens in Afghanistan. Things have gone downhill when monarchies were put down. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey were far better with monarchies.


and Murica is going to inject ARABIC DEMOCRACY …

Chris Gr



talebs themselves are just afghani resistance fighters but yes htey have takfiris in their ranks and iran will see that they will either die or that they will be atleast moderated and reintegrated or locked away because either way iran doesnt allow takfiris in this region to get power be it daesh al qaeda or all these groups they are miserable zionist tools and they will be wiped out but hwen it comes to both syria and afghanistan iran will not allow balkanization because one nation balkanizing means like dominos more will fall and iran will not allow that to happen it will seize that territory if it borders iran or it will resist and when it comes to taliban the usa helped them to power by their retreat and basically arming htem they did the same with daesh but talebs as soon as they entered near the iranian border they knew they cant mess with us and have to listen to us and those of htem who still dont know lets say they might become wiser maybe in this world maybe in the next

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat
Chris Gr

The Uzbek Taliban are fighting in Idlib.


to make it simple the terrorist networks have to be dismatled by the talebs or we will do it and i mean here those foreigners specially the al qaeda if they continue to exist than yes iran will take action against afghanistan in future but they were given time so we will patiently wait and see what the idiots do and if they think they can fool us than they will end up as fools once again but this tme around it wont be america but it will be us who will make sure that there isnt any al qaeda and other takfiris left if they cant do it

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat

red lines are balkanization and usurpation of lands which is why iran came in to straighten the issue out on armenian border so that goods can flow through the border but even so nakhjavan is a total issue of its own baku cant keep it its iranian so this issue is really soviet collapse chaotic ruinous consequences getting somewhat fixed by everyone drawing the lines which are realistic and its unrealistic for turk turk fools to believe that they can invade armenia that wont be allowed even in their wildest dreams neither will be iraq nor syria nor yemen balkanized nor anyone else and zionists cant be but cornered so baku uae bahrain all of those who work with zionists and create land bridges will have to change or feel mistaken

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat
Chris Gr

Baku is close to Turkey and good with Iran. UAE and Bahrain dislike Iran and Turkey.


unlike the 200 zionist the 200 saudi and the 10000s of american bombardments iran just needs a dozen of operation to defeat its enemies comprehensively and on top oversaturate them with unseen unheard needles stings to bleed them to death from outside and within


if you are armenian and sore let me tell you we helped you to survive so you can come back stronger another day and the bridge from armenia to europe is open there is where you have to gather your power to come back so dont whine to us we are just making clear you survive and more than that christianity survival but at the same time the issue of karabakh was shameful the usurpation continued as a stain so baku as idiotic as it is had a point but at the same time one day in future armenia might have some points towards turkey because its them who took your lands since you are already at the most easter edge of armenia and we just make sure that no armenian murder happens as turkish religion is nothing but armenian murder

Chris Gr

I am Greek

Chris Gr

Turks, Iranians, Azeris and Kurds are occupying Armenian lands. But you don’t care since they are not Zionists. They were helped by Zionists in the past to curb down pan-Arabism though.


know you have alot of issues with turkey rather than idiots in baku that you have unsolved
“aslong as one stone is usurped inside a house the entire building is destined to collapse”hazrate emam ali
we saved your building from the rot and its still corrupted just look at the government there but at the same time the building itself is not going to be torn apart or collapse in armenia while it might do so in turkey

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat

turk proxy swine dying for nothing, nice work.

Assad Defeated Zionists

May the Corona lay waste to Idlibistan’s Wahhabi-Saracens and their supporters wherever they’re from.

Chris Gr

Wahhabi Saracens hahahahahaha


these terrorist commanders will all die and turkey will have no proxy left


Today news year on exercising border with Azerbaijan bomb their own soldiers 9 dead
8 injure they are critical condition . poor mullah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lance Ripplinger

Gang banging tribal warfare. The goat f****r’s can all wipe each other out, and save the SAA the trouble.

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