Heavy Clashes At Salamiyah-Itriyah Road. ISIS Attempts To Cut Off Only Government Supply Line To Aleppo City

On March 19, ISIS terrorists advanced in the Wadi al Azeeb area, forcing government forces to close the Salamiyah-Ithriya highway. This ISIS attack was likely aimed to draw the Syrian military’s attention away from the Palmyra countryside.

While terrorists were not able to deploy enough forces to pose a major threat to government sites in eastern Homs, they reached their tactical goal and at least temporarily cut off the only governemnt supply line to the city of Aleppo.

Pro-ISIS sources claimed that ISIS units had destroyed a battle tank and two armoured vehicles belonging to the Syrian army.

On March 20, an intense fighting continued in the area amid multiple airstrikes delivered by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces against ISIS targets.

ISIS pictures from the Salamiyah-Itriyah road allegedly show burning government military equipment:

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  • Thegr8rambino

    RUSSIA!!!! SYAF!!! HIT EM!!!!!

  • Kim Jong

    After its failed/blocked air offensive Israel seems to drop everything into battle what it has

  • Luigi

    Im afraid that, when the battle of Deir Hafir beggins, they will attack Khanasser to close the only road access to Aleppo and to open a road access between Idlib and Ar-Raqqah.