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MARCH 2021

Heavy armory production increases in Russia


Three-shift basis operation has become necessary in order to satisfy the requirements of Russian army in Syria.

Heavy armory production increases in Russia

Tactical Missiles Corporation workshop

Tactical Missiles Corporation is the name of the company supplying Russian army of Kh-29L high-precision air-to-surface missiles and KAB-500S guided bombs. These weapons are being used in the campaign against the Islamic State in Syria.

The mentioned company has had to implement a three-shift operation to cover the high demand of its products since the starting of the airstrikes held by Russia in Syria on September the 30th.

Eight cargo vessels were urgently bought from Turkish ship operators to carry the load of weaponry to supply Russian Forces deployed in the region.

Russia started its operations in Syria by request of Bashar Al Assad, president of the Islamic nation, in order to support their army to fight against the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL) occupying territories all over the country.

The advances reached in the fight against the terrorist group are remarkable since it’s been reported that 819 ISIS targets have been destroyed in 934 maneuvers held by Russian offensive.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter




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