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Heartbreaking Story About Girl Ripped By Kiev’s Shells At Threshold Of Her House

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Heartbreaking Story About Girl Ripped By Kiev's Shells At Threshold Of Her House

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On July 5, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed a 10-years-girl in Donetsk. Badina Veronika died during the shelling near her house. 

You may watch her heartbreaking story in the video:


On July 27, the Day of Remembrance of Children victims of the war in Donbass was celebrated in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The day of mourning was established by decree of the head of the republic in order to perpetuate the memory of the little residents of the Republic who died under the fire of the Kiev’s forces during the 8-year-long war.


The same day marked 8 years after Ukrainian Grad missiles killed Kristina, 23, who was holding her 10-month-old daughter, Kira. The mother and daughter were walking in the centre of Gorlovka, DPR, when Ukrainian troops struck the residential areas on July 23, 2014.

The horrific photos of the young mother in blood, with her leg torn off, but cradling her little girl in her arms, has become a powerful symbol of the Donbass people’s pain. Kristina has been called the ‘Gorlovskaya Madonna’.


Killing of children in the Donbass became the goal of the Kiev regime 8 years ago.


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Don’t worry little angel you are in heaven now. We will capture your killers and revenge your death. RIP.

John Tosh

Wonder why Western arms seem to kill children more than anyone else. Remember the child in Syria? Iraq?

No wonder the G7 is the Dragon with seven heads.


So many jihadists have been killed that there is a shortage of virgins in paradise.

Little girls are virgins and they must be killed so dead horny Islamists get their promise fulfilled in paradise.

tranny sawyer

Muhammad for profit only excited by children under 8; my rectum only used by nazis

tranny sawyer social worker

you are normal amerikan tammy—if you are frequently sodomized then you will be qualified for 100,000 $ salary as pedo police in topeka

The Lord of the Pimps

They sell such in the EU… Yes, exactly such Ukrainian girls are for sale in the EU. But black people are for sale in Libya.


Fuck the Nazis.Send them to hell. All of them and the clown of Kiev.

Florian Geyer

Well said.

Slava Rossiya

jens holm

Very strange only Russian friendly medias bring this.

kogda mi byli na voinye

that’s why many western citizen are brainwashed

The Crunge

Though not as strange as your ideas. Like “if I fuck 7 dogs or if 7 dogs fuck me, either way you know what I’m saying.” That was a Jens Holm’s classic. Never would have thought of that in a 1,000 years Jens. Good job!

Last edited 12 days ago by The Crunge
mike l hutchings

may the UK-NAZI-US and British killers burn in hell

kogda mi byli na voinye

god bless you little angels, god ‘s justice never failed to send these criminals in hell

FSB stooges

Cheapfront deleting the comments it doesn’t like is just the confirmation of it’s cheapness.

And the cheapest part of Cheapfront is its child propaganda.

The Lord of the Pimps

But nobody cares about the thousands of Ukrainian girls who were sold into sex slavery in the EU. Some are less than ten years old. That the EU has patients and psychopaths.

Stephen Obi Emekekwue

We Will Never Believe That The DPR And LPR People As Well as the Russian People Have Acheived ⚖️ JUSTICE For These Heinous Crimes.Until The U.S. EU/NATO Puppet-Slavic-Traitor-Male Whore Pervert-Zelenskyy is Either Captured Alive And Taken back For Trial With All His UkroNazi Scum Cabinet-Adviser’s And Accomplice Minister’s And Hanged Till His Filthy Neck Brake’s!!.The U.S.A. is A Hypocritical-Imperialist Criminal Enterprise-State.BUT ITS DAYS ARE NOW DRASTICALLY NUMBERED IT WILL BE DEFEATED BOTH FROM WITHIN AND WITHOUT!!!.

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