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JULY 2020

Head Of Ukraine’s National Oil And Gas Company Says His Country Is “Classic Failed Case”


Head Of Ukraine's National Oil And Gas Company Says His Country Is "Classic Failed Case"

The face of the “Ukrainain democracy”

Head Of Ukraine’s national oil and gas company Naftogaz Andrei Kobolev has admited that Ukraine is a “classic failed case” and his country has almost no chances to get a successful developing economy, according to the Ukrainian media outlet Novoe Vremya. He further noted that these already low chances are only falling. Thus, Ukraine is not able to be competitive on the global stage.

According to the top Ukrainian official, one of the key problems is a lack of skilled people and the Ukrainian economic model is collapsing.

Kobolev’s remarks are in contrary to an official attitude of the Poroshenko regime, which claims that Ukraine is a rapidly developing “democracy” with “high chances” of the economic success. However, it seems that even top managers of the Ukrainian state corporations do not believe in this.



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  • Tudor Miron

    This scum is actually proud of how well he did his job (helping dissipate another part of Russian world). He hopes that his masters will reward him abundandly. This colledge graduates are like chicken. They think they are fed because they are “chosen”. They can’t remember past a dozen of years and can’t see that they are just that – food and disposable instruments.

  • chet380

    An oldie — Why wasn’t Christ born in Ukraine? … Three wise men or a virgin could not be found.