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Head Of Turkish-backed Jaish al-Suqour Assassinated In Idlib

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A series of military incidents and assassinations continues in the militant-held part of Syria’s Greater Idlib.

On June 15, the head of Jaish al-Suqour, Abu Husain, was assassinated south of the village of Ariha. Another militant commander, Abu Usama, was injured in the incident. Usama is a member of Liwa al-Hansa. Both militant groups are a part of the National Front for Liberation, a coalition of Turkish-backed militant groups.

On June 14, a drone strike eliminated two senior commanders of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din – Qassam al-Urduni and Bilal al-Sanani – in the western part of Idlib city.


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Russia needs to force the Turks into neutrality in Syria, appeasing the Turks is appeasing ISIS/al-Qaeda, and since they claim to be fighting for the “liberation” of Syria from “butcher” Assad, any ceasefire can only lead to continued low-intensity, guerrilla-style war against the SAA over an extended period of time. Syria is giving Russia a foothold in the Middle East and should be pressuring Moscow for more weapons and support, the last campaign in Idlib saw the Russians sit idly and not reacting for weeks in Hmeimim while Syria was taking the full brunt of the Turkish airforce and suffering huge, unreasonable losses for a supposed “ally” of a military world power as Russia’s supposed to be. North Cyprus and Libya is already giving Turks way too much leeway to let them do as they please in Syria.

Brother Ma

All true not to mention stupidly allowing ex Russian Jewish soldiers steal info on their iskander rockets in hmeinein and giving it to Mossad!


Only military info? Lol. How about gold and diamonds too, Russian billionaires are fervent tourists in Israel.


If Putin hired you few years ago as military adviser, Russia would have conquered most if the Arab world by now.


Don’t be such a stupid cunt, Russia has no reason to conquer the Arab world and the political nature of Russia’s lack of military action for weeks while Syria was getting played with like a rag doll by Turkey in the last campaign was something the Russians didn’t hide.

Liberal guy



it’s a delicate situation as you realize Russia also has economic ties to Turkey due to the Turkish Stream pipeline. It’s also a NATO country, a selfish one that would gladly call in American and British soldiers to die to support their stupidity. Russia has transferred over new fighter jets as well as the S-300. Theres not a whole ton more Russia can do without starting WW3. They’ve done a lot to help Syria as it is.


sry dude RF isn’t to blame. im would love them to give me some air support as well but they are kinda busy trying not to get buried in crap themselves. they might look like they are sitting pretty with 4 walls but if one goes down, the rest will follow and they will be pounced on with nobody to hold back the zio nato terror squad

Liberal guy

Was it the syrian intelligence???


Russia has betrayed all its few allies like Serbia and Syria, nobody is going to take Russia for serious anymore. Even Americans don’t bother anymore about Russia, is considered a treath only because it supplies Germany and China with gas

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I wonder what the score is now, HTS 100 and the Turkish backed operations room 0, LOL.
The salvation government and the Interim government aren’t getting along so well anymore, and since it’s members of the pro Interim government ending up dead all over the place I’d say HTS is much more appreciated by the locals than the followers of Turkish backed Interim government are.
Poor old Erdogan isn’t as popular in Idlib as he thought he was, even the Interim government he supports isn’t playing ball with him anymore, they’ve allowed the HTS Salvation government take over many of the districts the Interim government used to control, and HTS is ending up with the lions share of everything now, except for casualties that is, the Turkish backed forces are definitely the biggest winners there, they’re losing 100 times as many supporters than HTS, LOL.

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