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Head Of ISIS Cell In Syria’s Daraa Assassinated

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Head Of ISIS Cell In Syria’s Daraa Assassinated

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Late on July 10, head of one of ISIS’ main cells in the southern Syrian governorate of Daraa known as Tahir al-Masri was assassinated.

According to local sources, al-Masri was traveling on a road between the towns of Elemtaih and al-Taebah in eastern Daraa when he was stopped by several gunmen. The terrorist was executed on the spot. The gunmen also burned his corpse.

Syria 24 revealed that al-Masri, originally from the town of Om Elmiathin in eastern Daraa, was one of ISIS’ prominent security commanders in the southern region.

“Tahir was a prominent commander of ISIS, he was the leader of one of the security cells which are taking shelter in the area of al-Nakhlah south of Daraa city,” the pro-opposition outlet’s reporter said.

Following the assassination of al-Masri, ISIS terrorists attacked a unit of the Military Intelligence Directorate near Elmtaih. Heavy clashes broke out. However, no losses were reported.

The assassination of al-Masri was most likely a security operation by the Syrian intelligence, or an act of revenge by local fighters. In the last few months, ISIS cells killed many Syrian service members and locals in Daraa.


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His pals at the CIA must be very upset …….

??Hudson Bay

Wrong never met cia look at map.isis is not HTS
These are reconcile vermins who allowed to keep light arms..now they turning AGAINST saa
Main leader in tafas surrounded if enter be a massacre..slowly be pick off


Great, now track the rest of the rodents down and liquidate them

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…

Black Waters

Great, fantastic, molto bello, a CIA operative cell wiped out.

Zionism = EVIL

About 6 months ago there was no alCIAda or ISIS in Daraa, as soon as the Americunt losers occupied the Syrian oilfields and started smuggling oil to pay for rebranding and recreating their headchopper proxies all over Syria, terrorism made a huge comeback near Damascus. This situation can only be reversed by kicking the Americunt arseholes out of the region, surprisingly there has been no resistance so far, just look at the Ansarallah IED’s wreaking havoc on the Saudi cunts, Syrian terrain is far better suited for asymmetrical warfare.

??Hudson Bay

Qaeda never departed
Muted for.security reason
Now alive

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The simple fact that they took extra time to burn the body suggests they weren’t really worried about being apprehended by the local authorities, so that could imply they were government agents or at least working for the government.
But why burn the body, was it a statement of disrespect, or was it to hide revealing wounds that could prove he was tortured before he died, God only knows.


ISIS, Dashes, Al Qaeda, etc are all Muslim radicals that want to kill Sunnis and Shias who don’t follow their twisted views. Unfortunately, they didn’t have ability to participate politically in an open and free society so everyone has a say. When they see that only 1% vote for them then they realize is them and not others. Without democracy and liberty then gov’t and terrorist are at fault.

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