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JUNE 2020

Head of Hezbollah Leader’s Bodyguard Team Spotted in Aleppo City


Abu Ali Jawad, a person close to Hezbollah Leader, Hassan Nasrallah, was photographed in the southern part of Syrian city of Aleppo when he was visiting Hezbollah fighters deployed there.

Abu Ali Jawad is head of Nasrallah’s bodyguard team and is married with the leader’s daughter. His visit to southern Aleppo confirms a high presence of the group’s members there and confirm reports about the recently deployed reinforcements to the area.

Head of Hezbollah Leader's Bodyguard Team Spotted in Aleppo City



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  • Olayinka Abdulgafar

    I don’t think Abu Ali alone came to Aleppo I strongly have a feeling hezbollah came around. Just a hunch though.