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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Turned Looting Of Humanitarian Aid To Displaced Civilians Into Profitable Business

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Turned Looting Of Humanitarian Aid To Displaced Civilians Into Profitable Business


Submitted by Khaled Iskef

Officials of the Humanitarian Camp Management in Idlib affiliated with the Al-Nusra Front (currently known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), are involved in corruption, bribery and theft of UN aid, according to private sources. This situation undermines the humanitarian situation and further and increases the suffering of displaced civilians.

The sources said that the Al-Nusra-run Camp Administration is the main distributor of relief aid to camps. It demands from officials from local councils to hand over a part of the aid to Al-Nusra officials.

In particular, sources revealed that camps in the town of Mashhad Rouheen affiliated in the area of Deir Hassan north of Idlib, recently received an aid in the form of financial vouchers ($150 each). The head of the local council in the city of Maarat al-Nu`man, which includes Deir Hassan , had to pay $30 for each voucher to Al-Nusra.

Camps involved in these corruption schemes receive continuous relief support, while neighboring camps live in difficult humanitarian conditions. People lack even minimal necessities of life such as water and bread.

There are public commercial stores that sell UN aid and relief aid in Idlib. Sources confirmed that the aid trade has become a permanent source of revenue for the Al-Nusra terrorist group, amid the continued suffering of displaced civilians in camps and their denial of access to any real assistance.


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Just Me

The headchoppers are learning theft from the US and Zionists. The Tunisian PM has officially stated that Jews are stealing his country blind, so this is a regional kleptocracy going on. The CIA is running a oil theft operation of a industrial scale to finance Wahhabi terrorism in the region. $40 million worth of Syrian oil is being stolen by CIA in cooperation with Turkey and Erdogan family. Time for unknown loitering ammunition and IED to get busy.


USSR was making a business from stealing Red Cross help for all the countries from East Europe, sent from US after WW2. Things that will never be forgotten.


Are you a disgruntled Ukrainian living in the US?


Let’s find the Putin pallace, this Saturday :) tik tok, tik tok


HTS needs to be carpet bombed round the clock.

Jens Holm

And who will make all those carpets :)

Jens Holm

Yes We even wrote the holy Choran, wrote the Haddits and made a totally impossible Muhammed Economics, which keep You people down, so we hardly can steal from You :)

Proud Hindu

Shia vs sunni lol.Thats what happens in your shia shithole iraq ,iran amd yemen lol.Get ready sunnis are gonna tear you shia terrorists apart hahahahha.


How very primitive and stone age of you.comment image


That was before the failed decoup,you know Erdogan just arrested another 276 odd turkish solidiers whom were part of gulen/cia failed sting operation no?
You should!


The CIA has hired some of the worst criminal terrorists as proxies and as they see their end, their crimes get worse. Russia and Iran need to bomb them to kingdom come.

Jens Holm

You could make reforms including much more people.

You could have a western economy, so You could pay them not too.

…And what the Heck do You expect. Nice Syrian people for many years has tryed anything else for normal changes for innovation and devellopment but they have only see the few named Baathosts do the opposite.

They are not even to devellop more incomes and corruption for themself.

So nice was out and today too. USA hired ISIS too because nice was out. They stopped support and took in SDF as second choise.

Millions in Syria dont see things are ok and they has to be under in most things not being a part of the private property. Those are very visible as refugees and displaced.

How can You ever support that.

Proud Hindu

Shia terrorist mamtu sunni win lol

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly those things are done my many. Assads systematicly has had or maybee still do deny to those people by taking all anestesia and advanced instruments given by UN, Red Cross and NGO`s.

It has been or is same thing hfor Houtis in Yemen. The have taken, what they need themself and SOLD what was given for free to civilians.

Unfortunatly any kinds of crisis raise crimes and more, if there in wartime is no effective Police. Anything having some value is for sale. Weapon, drugs, mens and childrens prostituion are only some of them.

Its well known SDF fight drugs hard but they also find soldiers of their own involved. Oil for drugs might be a good bad one.

chris chuba

“It has been or is same thing hfor Houtis in Yemen. The have taken, what they need themself and SOLD what was given for free to civilians.”

No. The Houthis have taken some of the aid for themselves as a tax, less than 10%. Where is your source that says that they take everything and then SELL it to the civilians?

But at least Pompeo is on top of it and had stopped giving aid to Al Nusra controlled areas, oh wait, he hasn’t said a thing about that, he only forbids aid to Yemen because he’s a genocidal lunatic.

Proud Hindu

It has been confirmed.10 Chinese miners sent to hell while 15 are trapped.Ashok assholes friend died ;)


I didn’t know they allowed computers into an institute for the criminally insane.

Proud Hindu

85000 Chinese died in 2008 earthquake lol.


atleast 500k indians die of hunger this year

Proud Hindu

Millions of shia dead whe n ottoman kicked your a$$ lol

Willing Conscience (The Truths

HTS split from Al Nusra Front many years ago and now openly fights them, and practically the only groups still affiliated to Al Nusra are the Turkish backed Jihadi factions.

LOL, HTS is actually stealing aid from the Turkish backed Syrian opposition Interim Government, which might mean they won’t be able to feed their own people properly now, how sad for them, but HTS will put it to good use, they’ve been trying their hardest to impress their own people lately and will make sure it goes to where it’s needed most, hungry HTS supporters, not hungry Erdogan supporters, :]
I feel a bit mean delighting in the possible suffering this may cause innocent civilians but if any innocent civilians do have to go hungry I hope their in the Turkish zone of control, not HTS’s.

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