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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Terrorists Clash With Locals In Northern Idlib (Video)

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On March 12, heavy clashes erupted between Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) security forces and locals in the town of Saramada in the northern Idlib countryside.

According to opposition activists, HTS terrorists attacked an elderly local, Sa’ad Niyah, because he hit their checkpoint with his car by accident. The terrorists insulted the old man and assaulted him with the buttstocks of their rifles.

The incident provoked the locals, who launched an attack on HTS checkpoints around Saramada. After a few minutes of clashes, the terrorists withdrew from some of their positions.

Saramada is now witnessed high tension, with reports of new reinforcements of HTS arriving in the town’s vicinity. The terrorist group could attack the town at any given moment.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated HTS is ruling over Idlib with an iron fist. Over the last year, the terrorist group imprisoned hundreds of locals for political reasons. The group also tortured activists and was reportedly behind some assassinations.

New attempts to rebrand HTS as a moderate group are underway with support from Turkey. Ankara is trying to blend HTS and other al-Qaeda factions in Greater Idlib with its own proxies to form a new group that could be regarded as “moderate opposition.”


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Tim Williams

Moderate head chopper terrorists … preposterous


I am perplexed ,Tim.
For years the Western Media has always portrayed HTS Al Qaeda ‘ as moderate ‘rebels’ who are the saviours and friends of all the civilians in Idlib. And kittens as well.

I now find out that HTS are just thuggish brigands.

My faith in the Western Media , especially the BBC is shattered. Surely there must be a mistake. I must ask the White Helmets for ‘on line remote counselling’, they will cure my angst. :)


And it is because al-Qa’ida are moderate terrorist that they were selected to do 9/11.

David Parker

The Jews did 9/11. That was a MOSSAD operation with the collusion of the CIA and permission of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.


There is a good chance Mossad did it as you describe, but it will never be proven. The ziofascist garbage dump is allowed to do anything to the US (e.g. the USS Liberty) with impunity.

The al-Qa’ida guys were pigeons whose lives were deemed useless and expendable.

Willy Van Damme

An agent working for the Mossad, Belgian Moroccan Abdelkader Belliraj, had earlier that year private contacts with Bin Laden in Afghanistan. He was an informer for Belgian State Security and mainly the Mossad. It’s in the official report published by the Belgian Senate at that time. Later on he was arrested in Morocco for setting up a Salafist terror group and supplying them with weapons. He got life. He also killed the main representative of the Jewish community in Brussels years earlier.


Unfortunately the Mossad scum who were pulling his strings got away scot-free, as usual.

Willy Van Damme

As expected. And no Belgian newspaper reported on this link. As expected.

David Parker

Agreed. Goyim killing goyim and paying the Jew to manage the slaughter is the Jewish dream.


Is that to chop limbs and heads of ‘sinners’ in a moderate way ?


Getting chopped down by a plane or jumping from the 20th storey of WTC could be conceived as being more moderate than 1st getting your neck prepared then get it chopped off. But then again, I am not a good judge of that considering I don’t have the experience ;-)


If you do have such an experience, please share it with us :)


They only cut your head halfway off.

Willy Van Damme

like this.

Al Balog

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham are a big sham, as their name suggests. They never cooperate on anything. They’re nothing more than a bunch of f*cking ugly green headchoppers.

Furkan Sahin

Houthis Yemen is 100 X better than Fsa and Hts


Tyrannical Terrorist Dictatorship is the best people can hope living under the boots of this Satanic Sharia Cult.

Liberal guy

Hahahahaha even old men doing dummy suicide attacks on the most insane cowards monsters

Tim Williams

THE RATS have been fighting each other for hours ever since this incident ….


Willing Conscience (The Truths

They have long memories over there, disputes are sometimes intergenerational, it’ll probably take at least 150 years to forget this one little incident.

Xoli Xoli

Arm the citizens and let Russian bomb the HTS reinforcements.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s only been a few days and they’re already having problems, LOL, in a few months time this will become a daily occurrence and back page news, the front page news will be way more entertaining than this is now.

The SAA has to liberate all the rest of Northern Hama now, HTS is located there and not part of the ceasefire deal, if the SAA can take control of what’s left of northern Hama it’ll put them right on the edge of the new 6 km Turkish/Russian patrolled buffer zone, that’ll give any pro Assad civilians trapped in the north a better chance of escaping across the highway to government secured areas on the other side.
I can see the SAA are still attacking HTS in Hama with their artillery and Erdogan still hasn’t complained about a ceasefire violation, that can only mean they’re no longer considered a protected species and not covered in any way by the new deal, even the moderate opposition aren’t rallying to their aid or even complaining about the SAA’s continued bombardments on their old allies.
I think HTS’s days of occupying any territory below the 6 km buffer zone are numbered, though it does appear the SAA have slowed down considerably yesterday and today, sadly just a few artillery strikes with no ground engagements at all, but hopefully that’s just the calm before the storm really hits, I’d love to see the SAA smash these bastards out of Hama completely, then Hama would be liberated from top to bottom and be completely under SAA control, :] I hate unfinished business.


Methinks the “civilian” population might’ve had enough of these turkeys and are turning on them. Woohoo


turkeys and Turkeys.

David Parker

If only they had guns.


Don’t think they’re in short supply eh

David Parker

The people don’t have any, just Daesch.

David Parker

Are you telling me the “locals” have guns?

Then why are there any terrorists left alive?

cechas vodobenikov

apparently even the turks despise these amerikan created/funded primitives—they r transporting them to Libya so as produce more misery there

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