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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Storms Town Of Maarat al-Nu’man In Idlib Proince


Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Storms Town Of Maarat al-Nu'man In Idlib Proince


On June 8, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) stormed the town of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in the southern Idlib countryside and attacked the headquarters of the 13th Division – one of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups. Intense clashes continued until Friday and HTS managed to capture the headquarters of the 13th Division and most of the group’s positions in Ma’arat al-Nu’man, and took control of Corniche Street.

HTS closed down the main streets and deployed checkpoints inside the town of Ma’arat al-Nu’man. HTS fighters also raided the house of the deputy commander of the 13th Division, Colonel Taysir al-Samahi, and the house of the commander of Al-Sham Corps, Marwan Nahas, and the house of Ali al-Samahi, who was killed a month ago in clashes with one of the commander of HTS “punishment” prisons. Moreover, HTS killed Col Taysir al-Samahi during the raid.

As a result of the clashes and HTS siege of 300 women and orphan children in a hall on the northern street, civilians demonstrated and demanded HTS to withdraw. However, HTS fighters opened fire on protesters, killing and injuring many according to opposition sources.

The town of Ma’arat al-Nu’man is one of the last strongholds of the FSA in the province of Idlib, where the Al-Qaeda-linked HTS succeeded in 2017 to take control of the majority of Idlib province.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    What a complete mess and all this misery has been caused by US and her partners in terrorism in Syria..

    • stevenclark1977

      When has USA backed al queda or al nusra never

      • goingbrokes

        Like from the beginning!

      • RGtz98

        Since the 1980’s

  • Free man

    Jihadist ideology is a cancer. They will always fight those who do not think like them, that’s the meaning of Jiad. It does not matter if they are Sunnis or Shiites.

  • VGA

    How many times have the islamists taken TOWs from “moderate” groups after defeating them? It has happened again now, great …

    • stevenclark1977

      Totally agree they beat them then take there arm’s then because Saudi Arabia gave them good weapons , the then pin it on American​ or Israel government ,we all know America has gave arm’s to some groups but not the amount that everyone thinks they get the blame for everything which is to easy.

      • VGA

        Yes, anyone that wants to learn more, read this:

        Whole stocks of weapons were captured some time ago. And now … it happened again!

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        2 billion US petro dollars worth are unaccounted for , please explain this could be an accounting err , not!!

  • Ono&Dsz

    To many head choppers on the small territory….must be chaotic situation !!

  • mark123456

    Serves fsa and ahrar and faylaq right for letting al qaeda join them and grow in idlib!!!! When it was still nusra, they should have seen to it that they were in charge and not vv, and not let them get so big!

  • mark123456

    This is not good. These are the preparations for upcoming offensives pretext in aleppo latakia hama and daraa! Since hts is not part of ceasefire deals. Bad for the saa and for all of us supporting them too!!!

  • DJ Double D

    Terrorists Killing Terrorists. What a great News.