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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Repels Syrian Army Attack In Northern Lattakia, Decapitates Syrian Soldiers (Map)

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has repelled a new attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on its positions near the strategic town of Kabani in the northern Lattakia countryside.

The terrorist group’s news network, Iba’a, claimed that HTS fighters killed 4 Syrian soldiers and injured 7 others during the clashes in Kabani’s outskirt.

Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Repels Syrian Army Attack In Northern Lattakia, Decapitates Syrian Soldiers (Map)

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HTS fighters captured the bodies of two Syrian soldiers, who were killed during the failed attack, and decapitated them. Supporters of the terrorist group released photos of the brutal act on social media. However, SouthFront chose to avoid sharing this kind of footage.

After the failure of the attack, the SAA shelled HTS’ positions inside and around Kabani with heavy artillery and rockets. Syrian warplanes also targeted the town with few airstrikes.

Last week, HTS repelled a similar attack by the SAA. Back then, a source in the 4th Division, that’s leading the attack in northern Lattakia, told SouthFront that the army will continue its operation to capture Kabani. The town is reportedly being used as a base for rocket attacks on Russia’s Hmeimim airbase.

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Empire's Frontiers

‘Repelled’ at what cost?

It’s not always the goal of an attacking force to take territory.

Murdering a contingent of front line jihadis while observing their interior troop movements, radio transmissions, and panicked activity from the air is something they can’t defend against.

‘Repelled’ but was it really?

Alejandro Bonifacio

wise comment


Agree. Of course SAA would like to take Kabani on the first go, but it is a key location, fully identified as such by Israel, US and NATO special forces commanders, and it simply must be defended to the last. The best HTS troops are there and the mountain is full of dug in defences, tunnels (helping to take the attackers in the rear), kill-zones and bunkers with deep ammo storage rooms. And let’s not forget the radio equipment to receive satellite intel updates from NATO. It will be most interesting to see a map of the defence of Kabani afterwards.


The SAA commander failure in that area. Without map and location study ordered for advance to the soldiers.

Zarko Ciric

Who is commander in that area bro?

Rhodium 10

I dont know…but SAA only have a trusty commander “the Tiger” and also had Isam Zahredine(RIP)…the others are very bad commanders..thats why they always need “the Tiger” .. as they are unable to advance one inch…


Also the commander od Desert Hawks(?) was good.

Rhodium 10

Desert Hawk was remove after Palmyra operation…and was a NDF branch not SAA!…..in fact the only NDF with offensive ability!..the other militia with the same ability ( but not member of NDF) is the SSNP..Syrian Social Nationalist Party… it is a Far right party and have a good armed militia which have been fighting in almost all fronts along these years!…4º armour division is good but only to support with artillery and tanks…infantery have failed in many fronts like Latakia or Aleppo!…another militias with acceptable ratio are the Palestine fighter groups…ISIS hunters have been always fighting with the support of Russian PMC and Shia militia…


Never mind.


Good that “SouthFront chose to avoid sharing” decapitation!


4 dead and 7 injured troops ant a big loss in a battle tho the lifes of Syrian soldiers are 1000x more valuable than jihad scum. Its tough terrain but i am confident it will be liberated soon.

klove and light

what can i say/write….those motherfuckers had enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh time to regroup , rearm and dig themselves in…. MONTHS…… because of a great working Agreement between Turkey and Russia…….. and a large percentage of those jihadi mkotherfuckers were cornered in months and xyears ago already by SAA and hezbollah in aleppo,douma etc…. but by great Agreement they wer let to go freely with light arms and their motherfucking families to travel to Idlib and Latakia.
SAA is now paying the heavy Prize of deal makings and Agreements with fucked up degenerate head chopping mother fuckers……

ps. and i still remember…when the battle of aleppo was over by Agreement…and hezbollah and other shiite Groups were furious at this bs , and decided to attack several buses of These pricks when they were leaving aleppo, knowing very well, that they will have to fight These mother fuckers again in the future.They were 100% correct.The Videos and photos were also available at southfront..


Yes, Putin like to please Erdogan, and that is really a big problem. On the other hand, where are the Russian planes supporting this offensive ?

Gary Sellars

The world is more comopicated than that. Its important that Turkey continue its current trajectory away from being an Atlantacist stooge, and Russia needs to carefully manage the liberation of Idlib. Push too hard, and they alienate Turkey and give the US an opening to draw Turkey back into their clutches. Russia is giving the Turkish-backed jihadi groups time to allow them to hang themselves, and demonstrate to Ankara that their Syria project is a bust. Once Ankara finally loses interest and abandons the plan, Russia and Syria can move in earnest.

Russia is playing a long game. Murica is seeking profit on a weekly basis. Russians play chess. Muricans count upvotes on Instragram.

Tudor Miron

“SouthFront chose to avoid sharing this kind of footage.”(c) Wise move. There’s no point helping ratrs spreading their anti human propaganda.
On the point of this article – It takes a bit more time than we’d like to but it would not change the final outcome – rats are walking deads.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

inshallah this is the last year HTS WILL EVER EXIST!!!! HTS WILL BE EXTINCT SOON!!!!


Surround Kabani, and then slaughter them all, no prisoners this time.

Gary Sellars

Soften them up first with piles of Grads and arty and air-strikes.


You forget grads merely skim the battle-field with oven like searing heat without producing maximum potential as when built-in with bunker/cave buster munitions. Russia proved the most effective way of destroying such targets at the very beginning in 2015.


These Western backed jihadis persist in desecrating dead bodies. May that hang over their heads as long as they live (probably not long).

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