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JUNE 2021

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Recaptures More Positions From Syria’s Liberation Front

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Recaptures More Positions From Syria’s Liberation Front

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On February 22, a battle between the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and Syria’s Liberation Front (SLF) continued in southern Idlib and western Aleppo. The HTS-linked news agency Iba’a reported that HTS fighters had recaptured the towns and villages of Kafr Nabl, Urum al-Jawz and Kafrshlaya in southern Idlib from the SLF.

The HTS also continued its advance in the heartland of the SLF, the western Aleppo countryside, and captured the town of Kafrnaha, according to Iba’a. HTS fighters killed several members of the SLF and captured dozens others, according to pro-HTS activists.

A general commander of the HTS, Abu Ibrahim Salamah, called on the fighters of the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, which is a part of the SLF, to defect in an interview with Iba’a. He also said that this group is working to “end the Jihad in al-Sham [Syria].”

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria revealed that over 17 fighters and commanders of the HTS had been killed by the SLF during the last 24 hours. The source added that “Abu Islam al-Taman’a”, a general commander of the HTS, was also injured in the clashes with the SLF.

Pro-SLF activists claimed that the new armed group had been able to capture the villages of Ihsim, Iblin, Balyun, Bara, Jouzef, Marata, Arnaba, Ein Laruz, Mozra and Kansafra in eastern and western Idlib from the HTS. However, the SLF official Telegram channel didn’t confirm any of these claims.

The ongoing clashes between the HTS and the SLF will likely spread into new areas in northern Syria in the upcoming days, as a ceasefire agreement between the two groups appears to be impossible now.

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Terence Silvestre Jr.

Very good news.
The enemy killing each other while the Honorable Syrian Arab Army dedicates its valuable resources and energies in other places where they are most needed.
Very nice news.


What the hell is SLF ???

Terence Silvestre Jr.

It is simply a vile common and current attempt to change a name of characteristic denomination, while remaining in the background the same old trash and crap of always, my son.

Valery Grigoryev

The same headchoppers.


S. L. F. = Sharia-terrorist Loaded-with-scum Fucker-of-goats

Richard M

Salafist Lamb F-uckers


Al Zinki has joined, so I guess they are moderate be headers.

Karol Maksymowicz

Ahrar al sham and nour al din al zenki


It’s crystal clear now.


Syria’s Liberation Front??
Where do they find these names, Monty Python?!

Valery Grigoryev

Very good. Just continue, guys – until the last fighter:)


The best solution = terrorists executing themselves!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The SLF is the merging of 2 of the worst terrorist groups fighting in Syria, and you’ve probably seen some of the videos they love to post on line, 10 year old boys throats being sliced, dead Kurdish women’s bodies being desecrated, eating the liver of dead SAA, just to mention a few.
Now they have the backing of Erdogan and are about to start a new proxy war between the Turks and the SAA in IDLIB province. Erdogan has already placed his Turkish observation posts right between his new SLF army and the SAA making it impossible for the SAA and Russia to continue advancing in IDLIB, and now he’s trying to consolidate as many of the rebel factions he can into one large army. HTS must not have gotten on board with Erdogan’s plan so is in the process of being destroyed by the SLF, and once that happens most of the small factions as well as any remaining HTS members will just join the SLF. Then they’re going to turn on the SAA and Russia, and try their very best to take back IDLIB first, and maybe Aleppo city as well if they’re victorious in IDLIB. I think Putin is starting to realize just how badly Erdogan has shafted him and by God I hope he’s really pissed.


That would be a dreadful twist for things in Syria. If things go bad between Turks and Russians this could end up in a NATO war against the broader RU allies. Iran would certainly get involved, but so would China ultimately.

Potato Potato

Thought those were US soldiers for a second.

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